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  • Luke Willoughby
    What amazed me about hunted was that they cared about my experience and showed passion for the company they were representing. I would urge anyone who wants to find a new opportunity to use these guys before anyone else. Seriously happy with the service I've received.
    Luke Willoughby
  • Jake Rudman
    I have been approached by so many Rec2Rec's on Linkedin that I was initially very daunted by the process of moving to London and looking for another job. That all changed after finding Hunted. Thanks to the team and the tech I found my dream role!
    Jake Rudman
  • Rob Booth
    Hunted was by far and away the best platform I used in my search. The clients and opportunities available were on point and I found my current role at a fantastic business due to the insight their Hunted profile offered.
    Rob Booth
  • Arran Furgerson
    Excellent platform. Friendly and helpful start from start to finish. Better than a Rec2Rec.
    Arran Furgerson
  • Mary Dunlop
    I would 100% recommend Hunted to any recruiter. The app was easy to use and was especially beneficial for me as I was moving from Belfast to London. Once I created my profile and said what type of companies I was looking for - within a matter of minutes I was contacted by some great brands that were perfect!
    Mary Dunlop
  • Sam Foster
    Hunted made connecting with agencies a smooth and tailored process. It only takes 10 mins to download the ap, set up a profile and talk to companies directly. Within two weeks I had an offer on the table. Completly anonymous if you're worried about people knowing you're looking.
    Sam Foster
  • Alex Jenkins
    Would recommend Hunted to any recruiter! The app is amazing and makes the process really easy. You can pinpoint exactly which companies suit you and start anonymous, direct conversations with companies.
    Alex Jenkins
  • Tom Soleihac
    I knew Hunted as I've followed Ed Hunter for years. I did the whole process through my phone. I refined my search by swiping. Within 24 hours I was already getting responses. It’s a no brainer. Use Hunted!
    Tom Soleihac
  • Johann Nathanielsz
    Hunted was a great discovery. Extremely easy to use and good response rate of companies applied to. The Hunted TAs were amazing. Great platform and service. Thank you Hunted!
    Johann Nathanielsz
  • Michael Newson
    I used Hunted as I wanted to anonymously look for a new position. All of the messaging through the app was very easy and I got replies from Hiring Managers at an impressively quick pace.
    Michael Newson
  • Harry Pluckrose
    Amazing app. The whole team are incredible and placed me in the most fantastic role. 100% recommend to friends!
    Harry Pluckrose
  • Ross Richardson
    Great companies on Hunted. The platform really help as I was relocating. Managed to get 3 interviews set up before deciding on right thing! Also love the content! Good stuff all round I say!
    Ross Richardson
  • Verity Cooper
    Great idea for an app and useful blog too. Hunted makes it easy seeing company profiles in the same place, and quite refreshing to liaise with companies directly through the message function on the app.
    Verity Cooper
  • Caroline Butler
    The response rate on Hunted was fantastic. The app itself is easy to use and the content on each company gives a great insight in to teams and office culture. I've already recommended others to use it! :)
    Caroline Butler
  • Li Yim Lam
    I was looking for an agency that could offer me the right culture, benefits and progression. Hunted allowed me to simply filter through hundreds of companies to find exactly what I was looking for!
    Li Yim Lam
  • Max Forsyth
    Hunted is brilliant. I downloaded the app and set up my profile in minutes. My anonymous profile was headhunted by six companies within a week. I can't recommend them highly enough.
    Max Forsyth
  • Christopher Wilkes
    Great platform! Honest and supportive Talent Team too who are on hand to provide support. The website and app made it really easy to make comparisons between companies.
    Christopher Wilkes
  • Jen Whalley
    Incredible service, no drama, no selling, no pressure. The decision is yours and all of the company info is in one place at a glance, it really is that easy!
    Jen Whalley
  • Dan Gunner
    Hunted is a fantastic platform for recruiters and clients. I've always sworn by LinkedIn but Hunted gives you so much more insight into company. Would strongly recommend anyone I know in recruitment to use them!
    Dan Gunner
  • Jake Birnie
    Massive thank you to the guys at Hunted for their help during my search. If you're a recruiter considering your options, check these guys out. Their app is AWESOME!
    Jake Birnie
  • Michael Woods
    Hunted company profiles painted a really accurate and honest insight in to each company. This really helped me land a great position through them.
    Michael Woods
  • Anthony Kelly
    The app was excellent, really helpful in showing me a number of recruitment companies based in Sydney as I was relocating over from Dublin to give me a good feel of what was out there.
    Anthony Kelly
  • Raj Tarat
    I spoke with a Talent Advocate who helped me write a profile and suggested a few companies. Overall a great process and I got an awesome role within a couple of weeks. Thank you!
    Raj Tarat
  • Jack O'Connell
    I landed my new job through Hunted. I was looking for a change and was able to research other recruitment sectors and discover some great specialist agencies on Hunted
    Jack O'Connell
  • Lauren Huddleston
    I quickly found a job that ticked all the boxes. The anonymous application feature was the best part - I was able to find out more about the role before committing. I found my dream job through Hunted!
    Lauren Huddleston
  • Kate Bray
    I found out all about my new company through Hunted. It gave me a real insight into the culture that I couldn't have found anywhere else.
    Kate Bray
  • Paidraic Carey
    When I was looking for a new job, a friend recommended Hunted. I found my new job quickly, and also got an amazing Hunted Reward Box on my first day. I definitely recommend Hunted to all recruiters.
    Paidraic Carey
  • Joe Hunt
    The Hunted app made my search so easy and found me a great new role. I was so impressed with the platform and the Hunted Talent Advocates, who suggested companies which would interest me!
    Joe Hunt
  • Andy Larkin
    It took seconds to sign up and start researching brands that were aligned with the size and culture I was looking for. I had interviews lined up within hours, and landed an amazing new role in London.
    Andy Larkin
  • Max Dosad
    Using Hunted was so simple. I set up my profile and was quickly approached by some amazing companies. Thanks to Hunted I've relocated with a brilliant new role in San Francisco!
    Max Dosad

Discover amazing recruitment jobs all over the globe, with just a few taps.

Consultant, FS and Banking
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Discover amazing recruitment jobs all over the globe, with just a few taps.
See inside company offices and find the right culture fit for you.

See inside company offices and find the right culture fit for you.

Chat anonymously with hiring managers to get more information before revealing your identity.

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