Working With Fabulous: Agencies That Work with the Best

Working with fabulous, well known brands comes hand in hand with great benefits. Whether that’s merely industry credibility or the occasional freebie.

Recruitment’s most rewarding when you see the effects. And these days new tech spreads like a craze.

Think of the first time something becomes vogue in London, like the vivid orange Monzo card. Knowing you placed the back end developer connects you to the world. It turns just another placement into a real sense of achievement.

To give you this feeling, I reached out to Directors and Consultants at 7 fabulous partners on Hunted to learn more about why they love working with the some of the coolest and most current brands.



We’re very proud of the diverse nature of our client portfolio – it keeps us engaged, means we are always learning and ultimately gives our candidates greater choice.

Our clients range from FinTechs and start-ups, where we’ve placed their first permanent hire, to some of the biggest names in Financial Services and Consulting.

Anyone joining JBM will get the chance to work with these amazing clients and get lots of exposure senior figures within the industry. Working at JBM feels different to working for other recruitment firms and this is just one example of that.

Tim Barber / Founder



Big brands attract great talent in the market. Working with the likes of Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Group M and Omnicom allows us interact with the best talent in the industry.

Big brands also tend to have a great understanding of recruitment, and often their own internal teams that we partner with to secure talent. Internal teams are generally very useful to chase CV’s, push through offers or pass over feedback when needed.

It’s always nice heading down to offices where you can have a coffee on a roof terrace overlooking the River Thames whilst taking a job briefing.”

Daniel Bolter / Recruitment Consultant

Burns Sheehan

Burns Sheehan

Big brand’s names often sell themselves to candidates. Net-A-Porter, Financial Times, Graze, Photobox and Kurt Geiger, have Technology at the heart of their business.

It’s satisfying downloading an app or using a platform, which was built by a candidate I’ve placed. It’s a real opportunity to see my relationship with my clients in action. We collaborate with our clients on a number of projects, including branded campaigns, blogs and events. Creating content with a big brand name is not only fantastic exposure, but also helps to build our credibility in the industry.

If I’m being honest, I have also nabbed some pretty cool swag from our clients, although I’m not sure I should be admitting that.

Chris Spranklen / Director



We like working with great brands because they provide social proof for us.

The fact that both established, and up-and-coming employers want to work with us, gives us immediate credibility when speaking with candidates, prospective clients, and future colleagues.

On occasion we get the odd freebie, which is nice, but that’s not what’s important to us. The benefit of association, and the fulfilment of recognisable work, is what really counts.

– James Burdis / Director

New Chapter

New Chapter

Working with big brands is extremely rewarding.

If they’re launching a new product, it’s great to see evidence of this in store when you’ve been aware of the launch months before. You may have even played a part in the success of this brand by placing the candidate who came up with the product idea or negotiated the deal to get it into store in the first place.

I love working with some of the top brands in the UK. You easily forget how influential some of them are, they’re changing the face of the FMCG industry.

The candidates we work with are often key decision makers in creating and developing exciting new products.

– Oliver Griffiths / Head hunter

NU Creative

NU Creative Talent

Working with well-known brands with strong reputations is always exciting; candidates are familiar with many of our clients and already have an opinion of them based on brand perception.

By partnering closely with big brands, we can help make the prospect of working for them even more exciting for the candidate, by talking knowledgeably about their history and heritage, career opportunities, culture, values etc.

Ultimately, we’re as happy finding the perfect talent for a tiny start-up as a global brand… but it’s undeniable that there’s something really fulfilling about helping candidates land a job with that famous brand they’ve always dreamed of working for.

– Dan Lewis / Director


Tiro Partners

We’ve worked with companies that were originally small, unknown start-ups and have grown to become every day names such as Sofar Sounds and Buzz Bikes. Due to the nature of start-ups and the high failure rate, it’s crucial to have big names in the industry on your portfolio.

We have a track record of dealing with established brands. Working with high flying names usually gets oodles of buy in from candidates as well making your job run smoother.

The main strength of working with “cool brands” is that they give you the opportunity to prove you can deliver and build your reputation as a reliable and partner for industry giants.

Paul Conaghan / Co-Founder

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