Why It Pays To Be a Specialist

Time is your most precious currency as a recruiter. When building a business in a digital economy you can validate your idea in minimal time. Jump on social media and with a little innovation and niche targeting, you could be on to a winner.

You no longer have to spend thousands on storefront or print advertising.

But because it’s so easy to start a business today, how do you stand out from your competition?

With the rate of new recruitment businesses each year you need to get in front of your audience. It pays to be known for something. A specialist. A purveyor of niche activity.

Doing one thing extremely well to propel your business.

As any market enters maturity, less is more… not just an overused T-shirt slogan.

When you’re starting out with a new recruitment business, all kinds of opportunities pop up. And with that comes temptation.

It’s tempting to go for the quick win.

To fill the easy jobs.

To take on extra “specialities”.

But, the more you take on, the more risk you take. You’re diverting from your original business plan, and that dilutes the strength of your ‘specialist’ tag in the market.

Yes, you’re a specialist, but take this route and your specialism will be ‘recruitment’. Which is all well and good, unless you’re marketing yourself as something else.

You also don’t want to become a specialist in 5 different markets you don’t have the bandwidth or expertise to work with.

Now, multi-brand recruitment businesses work well. That’s obvious. But unless they can support the different industry desks and market those separate entities simultaneously, each brand competes with other businesses who are specialists.

Businesses that have resources and collective passion for that one thing. And that’s an incredibly risky strategy for recruitment.

With that in mind, here are 5 companies on Hunted who specialise…

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Specialists in Design Architecture, they’re an inclusive and ‘heart-centred company’. Confident in their niche since their teams are made up of ex-industry and trained career professionals. Adrem have and continue to work with some of the most diverse and ground-breaking practices, acting in partnership to give informed recruitment solutions.

They represent some of the most talented and experienced Designers; listening to their aspirations and motivations and introducing them to like-minded practices.

Design is their forte.

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At the heart of eSynergy is a talented community of 200,000+ developers and technologists.

They’re a company of like-minded people who share the same passion and common goal: Delivering useful working software into production as quickly as possible.

Esynergy specialise on one core market and that has massive advantages. Not only are they recognised as the “go-to” for many businesses, they solve problems, not just recruit. Esynergy has exclusive access to over thousands of meet ups, conferences, hackathons and courses every year. Both run by them and their partners including Skills Matter.

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EMR has always believed that marketers have the power to shape the future of businesses. And many of today’s marketers are future CEOs, MDs and Entrepreneurs of the digital age.

Their goal’s simple: bring together the industry’s most talented and innovative professionals with marketing teams and businesses across all major sectors.

They’ve spent over 20 years in marketing recruitment, and assisted tens of thousands of Marketing professionals with their career moves. This means over 1,000 Heads of Marketing and Marketing Directors have been placed, and there are in excess of 6,000 applications received and managed each and every month.

It pays to do one thing well.

 2 (1)

Big Cloud

Data, data & Big Data.

Big Cloud embody the vibe of the Northern Quarter in Manchester – independent, great fun and rapidly growing. They’re big into investing in their staff making your life as breezy as possible with the latest tech, superb training and clear progression plans.

They have an informal environment (no suits and ties please!) in the sector everybody is talking about – Big Data. They connect the most innovative organisations with the best people in Big Data and Data Science. This sector is on the rise and they’re looking for great people to join and continue their growth in this hot market.


Skills Alliance

Here’s a Pharmaceutical specialist that focuses on companies transitioning from research to commercialisation.

Sure, they offer a tailored approach to their clients but they also do that with your career. All have a passion for the space and some are even ex-industry specialists. Their internal structure is even set up to mirror the full drug development life-cycle, with specialist teams responsible for each vertical area, from the pre-clinical discovery phase through to the commercialisation of the drug.

By focusing on one market and hiring ex-industry recruiters they’ve effectively blended deep sector expertise with best practice in recruitment. This encourages an open and entrepreneurial culture where the sharing of knowledge is part of their everyday work.


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