Why You Can’t Hire And Why Staff Keep Leaving

There’s an awful lot of recruitment companies in existence. More so than ever before. In fact around 8,000 more UK businesses that’ve formed since Jan 2020 apparently.

That means choice.

Choice for recruiters in general, and choice for your staff.

It means when they’re headhunted by rec2recs on LinkedIn, they’ll know there are other options, if this place isn’t quite right.

But that alone isn’t your problem.

So what is?

Why Can't I Hire? And Why Do Staff Keep Leaving?

It’s not you

Of all the recruitment companies that have ever been founded, all of them have hired a new member of staff and found it hasn’t worked out.

It happens all the time. To everyone.

So despite your existential soul searching in the mirror at midnight, we can probably rule out the possibility you’re the problem.

OK, OK, there’s the old adage ‘people leave managers, not companies’… but unless you fall out with every single one of your hires, you’re probably not a monster.

The key for you is finding out why it didn’t work out. And diminishing the amount of times it happens in the future. Because having a revolving door on your business is a big problem.

It costs you a lot of time and a lot of money. It also costs the person who leaves. The bitter after taste will continue for some time and probably affect you in the long term, too.

Why Can't I Hire? And Why Do Staff Keep Leaving?

It’s not them

Perhaps tempting at times, to look at performance of your leavers and think yourself better off.

“They weren’t performing.”

“Someone else could do a better job”

“They’ll find a lesser role more manageable.”

Why did you hire them then? Is the mistake not yours? Should you be looking at your interview strategy? How well are you benchmarking potential hires?

Chances are, you’re probably doing the right stuff. But if more than the occasional hire doesn’t work out, I think we can rule out the cause being the individuals.

It’s your brand

The word brand may seem like an alien theory for you. And in recruitment it gets cloudy referring to a single brand. Because by definition, every recruitment company naturally has two.

There’s the one which places candidates and ‘works in a bespoke manner’ with clients.

And there’s the one which hires.

And it’s almost certainly the latter where your problem lies, if your staff leave, or you struggle to hire.

What are your choices?

The first option you might think of is fabricating positive Glassdoor reviews to abate the negative ones.

This is a great option if you’re looking for nonsense busy-work that releases an instant dopamine hit.

Realistically though, it’s a ‘head in the sand’ activity. One that will arguably prove your PR moves counter-productive. That is, you’ll receive the exact opposite of the desired outcome.

You want people to think you’re actually great, nothing like the account the last poster gave. Only all they do is think you look worse.

It’s a little like painting a house with crumbling foundations.

Yes, it’ll look prettier for about 3 days. But you’ve not addressed the route of the issue, which is about to become very obvious as the fourth wall of your WFH office erodes before your very eyes.

Why Can't I Hire? And Why Do Staff Keep Leaving?

If you don’t know what your brand is, it won’t be good.

It’s probably a common understanding that a brand, or company image, needs to be controlled. But there’s a distinction between telling people what to think, and acting in a way that impacts their thinking.

The very best way to control the narrative on your brand, employer or professional, is to think very carefully about who you want to be.

And then take strategic, reasoned steps on a journey to achieving that status.

It’s a journey.

It’s not something Marketing can solve in a week.

It comes from you.

In partnership with every single person in your business. It’s about understanding how they see that business.

And then impacting all the little touch points in their jobs to turn that perception into your desired image.

What like positive? Can you have a positive brand?

To think of your employer brand as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is a little reductive, but it can be measured and you should do so.

Without measuring, you have no idea what people think. And they’re a darn site less likely to tell you as they leave the building for the last time.

Now I know this sounds like a lot.

But the hardest part of this journey is understanding it matters.

You’ve identified a problem in the business. And now you know the best way to fix it.

The next step’s an audit. We can help you there.

Whether you download this Employer Branding guide, or book in an audit, the number one thing you need to do is start holding your company to account.

With a blueprint to follow that’ll make sure your brand’s firing on all cylinders.

Sign up to Hunted and your branding journey will be guided. You’ll have an insight into what others do. And you’ll be able to market it to the exact group of people you need to.

Here’s where you go from here.