What’s The Alternative To KPIs?

I sometimes feel sorry for KPIs. The much maligned productivity management system. We’ve actually published articles defending them before.

Well, sort of.

To some, KPIs are a box ticking exercise. Call this many people. Spend this amount of time on the phone. Send this many CVs. Interviews. And hey presto, you’ll hit these numbers.


To others, myself included, KPIs are an ache. They don’t make an awful lot of sense in today’s recruitment landscape. And whether they move the needle in any meaningful way is under more scrutiny now than it’s been before.

Could the time you spend tracking KPIs be better purposed on actually recruiting? Do you believe the amount of dial outs you make – or the time you spend on the phone – really correlates to increased billings?

Or are there alternatives?

These five brands are not only challenging the necessity of KPIs by not having any, they’re actively investing in the right areas of their business to make sure their Consultants aren’t left to the whim of the “numbers game”.


Carnegie Consulting

KPIs are more commonly and stringently insisted upon at big brands. I’m talking juggernaut agencies with hundreds of staff. Mainly because it’s easier to manage a workforce at scale with metrics everyone has to hit. Or when businesses are scaling rapidly.

Carnegie’s approach is different. They started 13 years ago as the antithesis to a lot of big brand bureaucracy. Their goal was to create a grown up environment where Consultants could be trusted to get the job done.

The result? The stability and support infrastructure of a big brand, without the nonsense. And that’s honestly one of the only differences in doing away with KPIs. Recruitment’s the same game, it’s just better to play with more autonomy.

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Healy Hunt

Healy Hunt

Directors at London-based Financial Services search consultancy Healy Hunt come from careers within the sector. The fact people with that experience of the market have it proudly on their Hunted profile that they don’t enforce KPIs should tell you they aren’t always effective.

This level of industry insight is vital to outgrowing conventional KPIs. Because people who’ve been there and done it will be a major part of your internal network. They’ll be able to tell you how the market really works.

And then tailor opportunities within the business to you. So you’re able to find a way of working your market that works for you.

If you had that kind of network behind you, how much would your performance increase from where you are now? Why not find out?


Redstone Search

Redstone have gone to great lengths to ensure their Consultants have an environment that meets their high standard of performance, without the need for KPIs. And by high standard I of course mean they’re based in a Grade 1 listed Mansion House.

Have you ever seen a more idyllic looking office? Imagine you’ve taken a particularly challenging call. Pop your headset down. Within a few moments you’ll be out the front door and walking across 40 acres.

Have a wander round the grounds, sit by the lake, go and say hello to any passing Muntjac deer. Then get back in and pick the phone up. How much higher would your performance be than if you’d marched onto a busy London street and circled a Tesco menacingly before darting back inside?

It’s almost the opposite of their Miami location at the Lincoln Road WeWork: a state of the art shared workspace right by the beach.

What environment would get the best performance out of you? A manor in St Albans? Or a flash new office in Miami? Check out both.



Based on London’s Fleet Street, Venquis are on a mission to become the world’s number one Business Transformation Recruiter. And one way they’re going to do it’s by rewarding their Recruiters. Well.

Annual trips for the whole company (Portugal this year), equity in the business after a year of service, and the option of flexible or remote working as part of their extensive benefits package, is to but scratch the surface of their extensive benefits package.

Venquis want you to do well outside of recruitment too, and so any money you raise for charitable activities, they’ll match. They’ll even help you save with private healthcare and huge discounts on gyms and hundreds of household brands.

Well rewarded Recruiters work their socks off for their candidates, their clients, and their team. See what less stick and more carrot is like. 


Priority Recruitment

From their office on Deansgate, down the road from Manchester Cathedral, Priority’s priority has been to create a supportive, positive, fun working environment to keep their gravy train going. Which is a semi-relevant pun because alongside their work in the retail, sales, and automotive space, they’re also specialists in the hospitality sector.

They work with candidates who make their living from being friendly. And if your market has a friendliness deficiency, the difference it can make to both a Consultant’s mood and level of performance is massive.

That kind of positivity’s reflected in the team at Priority too. I’ve always found happier working environments are that much more productive naturally.

They’re the kind of business where everyone in the office gets a nickname. Get yours, here.

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