What Photos You Should and Shouldn’t Share of Recruitment

A picture’s worth a thousand words they say. And most people these days haven’t got time to read a thousand words. If you think someone you don’t know’s going to read a thousand words about your recruitment business, you’re probably mistaken.

Even if that person’s looking at potentially working with you, or for you, a thousand words won’t grab them by the jaffers.

A picture will.

Or rather, a photo.

But what photos should you share of your business? Your colleagues can be reprobates at the best of times, right? Well, everyone’s can. And long gone are the times potential employees, clients and candidates want a recruitment business without character.

They want people. Real life human people. And sharing images of them is a great way to enforce you’re the right business for them.

Here are some tips.


(Photo Credit: JBM Consulting)

1. Include People

This is number one.

On your website, or Hunted profile, you wax lyrical about people being the most important part of your business.

So why aren’t you showing those people? Show them in everything you do. Whatever that is. Be it beers in the pub after a long week, or kind of incentive.

But bear in mind, character’s the aim. Every recruiter’s seen a photo of someone on the phone. To grab their attention, it pays to be different.

Get snap happy the next time you do anything as a team. And if you do it, you’re less likely to be in the photos yourself.

2. Be Yourself

It’s all well and good going to get a photo of yourselves at the Christmas bash, dolled up to the nines, but almost every agency in the world has a similar photo. Even businesses that aren’t in recruitment.

It’s not original.

Yes, you look great. And it’s worth sharing. But there’s more to your business. Be true to yourself and show some variation.

Nicoll Curtin Mud

(Photo Credit: Nicoll Curtin)

3. Don’t be boring!

Images are used to draw intrigue. If you look at a photo of your business or team and aren’t interested, no one else will be.

Don’t put a photo of a wall. An empty desk. An empty office. A logo on a wall.

If you share a boring backdrop, that’s how people will think of you.

4. Show energy

Photos of motion work well, because you can sense the energy in them.

How do you show energy in a photo of a team? By not making everyone stand and pose. It’s actually one of the least genuine ways of showing the natural environment. And there are few photographers out there who’d arrange people in a shot to show a scene.

Think about any photo you see of a natural environment. There’s never true emotion, power or feeling in an arranged shot.

Xpand Boat

(Photo Credit: Xpand Group)

5. People like the sun

If, like me, you live in London, or for that matter anywhere in the UK, the sun’s a tricky little devil. And it rarely plays ball when you most hope it will.

When the sun comes out in London, the whole city goes mad. “The heat. Oh my god the heat.” People exclaim as they try sup their first craft cider of the year.

Show people the sun in a photo and they’ll start thinking back to those moments.

Their whole outlook changes. Unless there’s something going on in the foreground that’s original, breathtaking or inspirational, try and avoid clouds and grey as much as possible.

6. You don’t need a Photographer

Depending on what you’re using your photos for, there’s no need to get a pro in.

We have companies sharing selfies on Hunted profiles all the time. And they work nicely because they’re honest. They’re an instant capture and are pretty decent quality given the tech in most phones these days.

Now, getting a pro to take snaps of your team’s a great idea, but it’s not a necessity. As long as you’ve got clear, high quality shots, you’ll get the engagement intended.

RBW Selfie

(Photo Credit: RBW Consulting)

7. Don’t go mad

You don’t need three photos of the same event. One will suffice. By having any more than one, you could show yourself to be one dimensional.

You almost certainly do lots as a business. And it’s not the 1920’s. You’ve got a camera on you every time you do it. Break it out once in a while.

You’ll be amazed at the results once you get into the habit. You spend lots of time rewarding your staff, it’s time to show the world.

Need some help defining your employer brand? Help’s at hand, right under this link. And if you want to turn your photos into video to share on social media, you can. Just ask us how.