The Top Recruitment Startups of 2019

Think about what inspires you.

Is it your job? Your family? A sense of purpose?

If you’re struggling to find morning motivation, think about why. Maybe you’re lost in mundane tasks and tired of the same routine.

You need something to look forward to.

Perhaps a career that gives you exactly what you want. A business with a distinct vision and fast-paced environment.

A place where you’ll gain new and unexpected skills.

A company where you’ll be challenged with creative projects to develop personal and professional growth.

At a startup, you’ll actually have a say in how your business works and improve it along the way.

Although the work-load might seem daunting, you’ll have flexibility to choose how and when you approach it.

Each day’s different so you won’t get stuck in a routine.

If you want job-satisfaction and something to look forward to every morning, check out these four startups that are changing the game for the recruitment industry.

 unique startup in recruitment


Hawkwood specialises in recruiting HR professionals in the Technology, Creative and Media sectors.

Launched in 2016, this startup is a young and growing business so you’ll get to develop its identity. They take pride in candidate care and spend more time focusing on people and what they need.

They’re fair and transparent, which helps them maintain meaningful relationships.

Hawkwood takes creativity and entrepreneurship very seriously, with an L&D budget to spend however you like.

You’ll never feel limited, with endless non-fiction books, Audible and Blinkist subscriptions, or a work laptop & phone.

These unique benefits aren’t the only positive.

You’ll have a flexible & home working environment. So you won’t have to worry about missing family time. And if you do go into work, you’ll be greeted by many office dogs to keep you company.

Explore startup life with Hawkwood.

startups in the recruitment industry


This company’s not named after the Hunger Games. But wouldn’t that make for a great story?

District4 specialises in engineer-led recruitment through four ‘districts’ – DevOps, Development, Data, and Design.

They aim to revolutionise the recruitment industry using these four private communities of top talent.

District4 has a community-focused approach that improves their relationships and commitment to candidates. They’ve also created a community platform to help people connect, discuss, and learn from like-minded individuals.

These guys are a true startup.

They offer full autonomy and accountability, and all the tech you can think of.

Look into District4 if you’re interested in joining a new world of recruitment.

top startup in recruitment


Re:Work… the name says it all.

This company really has re-worked the meaning of a job.

100% remote. 100% flexible.

Re:Work partner with tech startups to help build their Recruiting and HR teams across Europe. They understand what consultants want.

Although they’re remote, they maintain a close-knit and collaborative team, which is reflected in their commission structure.

When you work remotely, you’ll be challenged in the best way possible. No day will ever be the same, especially when thinking of fresh ideas to determine future growth.

Build your career around your lifestyle and finally get the balance you’ve always wanted.

Do what you love, from the comfort of your own home.

fun, agile-sized startup in recruitment

Interex Group

Interex Group specialises in Microsoft Dynamics staffing and consulting, with access to the top 20% MS Consultancies and Partners.

“Your success is our success.”

As their company motto, Interex ensures that you have the necessary tools to succeed.

They’re a group of young, sales-driven individuals who work hard and make sure to laugh too. They have a fun learning environment with many perks, such as two holiday trips a year, personalised incentives, and lunch clubs.

Choose how fast your career accelerates at this fun, agile sized business.

 Joining a startup isn’t for everyone.

The autonomy and freedom is a very different environment to larger agencies. But for some, there’s simply no other way.

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