Top Contract Agencies to Propel Your Career

As soon as the calendar ticks over to the next month, you’re back to square one.

You might have had the biggest month of your life, but that now counts for absolutely nothing.

What does that figure say next to your name? Yep, that’s right £0.

Unless you’re a contract recruiter, obviously.

Suddenly your figures don’t reset to zero. In fact, they grow month on month. Even if you have a slow one. Meaning anything you bill is additional.

One great month rolls into two. Which rolls into three. Then four. And so on.

As long as you keep those contracts running, life’s peachy.

If you’ve only ever worked in perm businesses before you might be thinking, “How do I start a contract book in a business who’s only ever focused on perm?”

Let me stop you there. To do that, even as an experienced contract recruiter is a tough old task.

So, maybe a better question is… “Which companies could I look at that offer established, winning contract desks?”

And here’s an answer for you.


Marlin Green

Do you prefer New Business or Delivery? Everyone has one side they really enjoy and one side they’d rather not have to do. Fortunately with Marlin Green, you get to focus on one or the other!

They work within Big Data, SAP and Business Intelligence – emerging markets which command big rates and long contracts. Unlike their competitors, they place solely into Pan-European countries. You know what that means? You’ll get paid to see the sites of Europe.

They focus purely on contract recruitment, meaning you’ll be learning from contract experts, and developing your book quicker.


Talent International 

Talent International is one the biggest Recruitment Agencies in Australasia – they’ve got of 3000 contractors on their books! And they’re very well placed to replicate this in the UK. They’ve only been established in the UK for 3.5 years, and already are at a £40 million turnover.

If you’re feeling altruistic, you’ll be interested to hear about their Talent Rise charity foundation that helps disenfranchised young people find their first job. This year they aim to help 10,000 individuals.

If you’re more interested about the perks (nothing wrong with that), they have a free gym and pool on site (a Nuffield Health gym, not just some broken weights), 20% no threshold commission, and flexible working.



You know that ‘dedicated trainer’ in your company.

How much have they billed? And when did they bill it?

I reckon one of these scenarios are true: They were only in a billing role for a few years. They were ok but nothing brilliant – however they were loved by everyone in the business.

So when they handed in their notice because they didn’t want to recruit anymore, your Director created a role for them. Or, they were a really top biller ten years ago. And still thinks smashing the phone is the only way to recruit.

The trainer at Cognitive last year breached £1million billings for the company.

Which tells you a few things.

1) You’re going to get superb training from someone who’s done it.

2) The training’s going to be relevant.

3) The sector isn’t just buoyant, it’s thriving.



You can be a better recruiter than you currently are. And I’m not going to hear otherwise. Heck, even I’m not perfect. Every recruiter can benefit from some degree of training.

Which is why Aquent offer a £5k learning and development pot to each consultant. Want to freshen up on your LinkedIn skills? You can do that. Think Social Selling’s the future? Go and learn more. Want to go to a workshop about your sector? Get yourself off.

Because, to Aquent, each consultant’s more than just a bum on a seat.  They care about the development of every individual. They want you to progress and develop. To be excited about your own career.

Which is why one of their Consultants went from Account Director to Head of Aquent in little over 5 years!

Frazer John 

Frazer John

Ditch the suit. Throw out the brogues. Shred the ties.

Because you won’t need them at Frazer John. Sick of the corporate world, some of the biggest recruiters in one of the most established recruitment agencies decided enough was enough and set up Frazer John.

It’s a completely autonomous, adult environment that treats everyone like adults. Need to shoot off early to pick up the kids/dogs/beers? That’s cool. I suppose that’s why their Glassdoor rating’s one of the highest out there.

They’re one of the strongest agencies in both Manchester and London in Accountancy and Finance/Technology markets, working with some of the biggest brands out there.

And their contract teams are some of the strongest going.