Why You Should Quit Right Now

It’s sometimes difficult to read the writing on the wall. Whether driven on by dogged determination or a desire not to give up, the world of job hunting’s a daunting one to enter unwittingly.

In fact searching for a new job can be a full time job in itself.

And because you’re a recruiter, you probably don’t have time for lunch, let alone another full time job.

So, in case you have any small lingering doubts about your current job, here are a few signs it might be time to quit.

1. You Know The Time Without Looking

If you’re busy at work, you’ll probably say “How is that the time?!” every single day. It’s a regular phrase at busy companies. Especially if they’ve banned clocks or have a bizarre array of different timezones, despite only doing business in Slough.

If you’re idle in recruitment, it kills any enjoyment.

There’s always something to do in this game. That’s both a benefit for your mind, and a negative for when you have an overbearing boss.

Your boss may have even uttered the phrase to you, this week. But if you find yourself clock watching or worse, longing for the end of the day, it’s time to quit.

2. The Business has lost its ambition

Working in recruitment isn’t for those who lack desire to achieve something great. Whether that’s in your career as a whole or simply in the context of the current job.

If you’re battling against a boss who doesn’t see the bigger picture or doesn’t believe in you as an individual it’s definitely time to quit. 

A lack of ambition in recruitment can be crippling, however that manifests itself. Maybe you’re no longer winning PSL pitches? Perhaps senior leaders have moved to pastures new? Is the move into new markets? Or are you ‘second to the ball’, every time?

If your employer doesn’t have the same ambition as you, look for one that does.

3. There’s a revolving door

Fairly obviously, I’m not talking about a literal revolving door. Reenacting the scene in elf will brighten up any cloudy day.

What I’m talking about is a business where you meet someone who’s just started, and before you have the chance to get to know them, they’re gone. This may happen a few times. Over the course of the year, it may happen more than a few times, this is after all a tough environment to succeed in.

But you know what? It shouldn’t.

There should be support and encouragement for new starters. They should feel that by the time they’ve accepted an offer, they’re 100% comfortable it’s the right decision, which is then reinforced over time.

If you’ve stopped bothering to learn people’s names in your company, maybe it’s time to learn a whole bunch of new ones.

Apple Tree

4. There’s a rotten apple

One person shouldn’t affect your happiness in life. But unfortunately, they can. Maybe you’ve got a team member who’s constant criticism or interfering drives you mad.

Perhaps your Manager doesn’t work constructively with you. In the worst case scenario you may be being bullied.

At best, the situation will distract from the reason you’re there, and ultimately your happiness.

If you’ve got a rotten apple and it’s glaringly obvious nothing’s going to be done about it, find a new orchard.

5. There’s a glass ceiling

Once again, I’m talking figuratively here.

If your company’s installed a literal glass ceiling, it’s probably quite a nice feature, location dependent. In most cases in recruitment companies you shouldn’t be hampered by waiting for people to move on before you progress.

Nor should you be restricted by the whim of other people to advance your career.

A lot of the time this will be down to your own management, who should be people you look up to with admiration.

People you follow, who can help and guide your career. Not hamper it.

If you’re good enough, you’re old enough. That’s true in recruitment more than a lot of jobs. If you’re being held back by anything other than you’re own ability, you’ll be needing a hammer for that glass ceiling you’re staring at.

Again, figuratively. Do NOT take a hammer to work.

6. You’ve changed!

Despite what folklore will tell you, a leopard can change its spots. You’re not the same person you were five years ago. You may have different aspirations, your situation’s probably changed, you might want different things from your career and life.

Therefore having a bit of time to reflect will help you to reassess. 

One thing’s for certain, if you’re in the same job, doing the same thing, with the same people, for a long time, you’re either incredibly happy – in which case, well done – or, perhaps more likely, it’s time to quit.

Sure, you might be looking at a decent contractor book. Or have a run of commission coming up. But are you planning on not having that at any point?

A lot of companies out there offer financial guarantees to bridge the gap. And by staying put, you’re putting a pretty measly price on your happiness.

If you’ve decided it’s time, make sure you really explore the options open to you.

Make a choice that fits not just your current situation, but your aspirations for the foreseeable future. If it is time to move on, have a look here to find a business that fits like a glove.