The Recruitment Reading List: Wellness Special

Welcome back to the Recruitment Reading List, the very best place on the whole of the internet for the most comprehensive list of recruitment reading. The books herein are real page turners, not boring or monotonous Sales guides your Manager’s making you read so you hit your KPIs more regularly.

This week, I’m delighted to say a fellow reader’s got in touch to offer books that help keep your ticker in the right frame of mind.

Madeleine Lankston, Global Head of Delivery for Hunted partner Gattaca gives us her top reads. 

For Clearer Thinking:

The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living

Ryan Holiday

If I was to tell you that ‘classic wisdom’ would be able to make a difference to your 21st Century life filling jobs in a modern day world, you might raise an eyebrow or two. But that’s exactly what this book both promises and delivers. Daily. There’s 366 small lessons and stories, therefore leaving you with one a day for a year, plus an extra one at Christmas, because y’know, it’s Christmas.

The thing about ancient wisdom is, it’s stood the test of time. Normally over two thousand years. Therefore it will have more substance than that fabricated quote from Leonardo DiCaprio on LinkedIn. Imagine having a little ‘tip for the day’ from Emperor Marcus Aurelius en route to work.

Rather than thinking of these daily nuggets as actually meditating, think of it as your own personal pep talk for the day ahead.

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For Energy and a Good Night’s Sleep:


Nick Littlehales

If you’re lucky a third of your life is spent asleep. Though you can probably appropriate a little bit of that time to tossing and turning. Worrying about whether that offer will be accepted. Wondering how your boss will take the news when it’s not. And other recruitment tales of woe. It’s a rollercoaster isn’t it. And it because it’s a rollercoaster, I’d imagine any book that can help you to sleep easy at night is worth a flick through.

A good night’s sleep is priceless. It affects your health, your alertness, your mood, your motivation, your performance at work and ability to exercise.

Who’s the author of this book to tell you how to sleep? Good question, he’s the elite sleep coach to some of the world’s leading sports stars and teams. That could be Premier League footballers, Team GB Cycling or Olympic athletes. If he can unlock higher levels of mental and physical performance in these people, he can definitely help you achieve more on the phone.

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For Being a Great a Manager:

Coaching Sales People into Sales Champions

Keith Rosen

“The secret to developing a team of high performers isn’t more training but better coaching.” Before I go into anything else on the validity of this book, that quote stands out as something recruitment Managers probably aren’t doing. There’s an idea that in recruitment, there’s always something you can learn from extra training. This book goes against that theory. And I have to say I agree.

Yes it’s important to have refreshers or new ideas thrown in every now and then. But, recruitment’s a job you can master, driven by process. Therefore taming those processes is probably more worthwhile than trying to teach someone something they already know or reinventing the wheel.

This book features case studies aplenty, coaching templates and scripts, and hundreds of powerful coaching questions you can use in your every day recruitment life as a Manager or Team Leader. If you want more from your team, this is the book to read. And then pass on.

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For Resilience:

Option B

Sheryl Sandberg

We’re not born with a certain amount of resilience. It’s like a muscle. You need to train and build it up so it can respond in the way you need it to. The author of this book felt about as low as she possibly could after the death of her husband. She was in “the void”, as she describes it. And by writing about her own struggles she highlights the pain of other’s too, in illness, job loss, sexual assault, natural disasters, and the violence of war.

Now, hopefully, you won’t have experienced any of the above. If you’re lucky, the only time you have to be resilient in your life is when a candidate turns down an offer. But chances are building up your resilience as a Recruiter is a good decision for your long term success. 

So, get down the gym and build it up! Only this gym’s a mental gym. And the beginner’s guide is this book. You can’t take on the world on your own. Get help from people along the way.

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For Happiness:

The Little Book of Lykke

Meik Wiking

I covered another book by this author in a previous article for Hunted. The little book of Hygge. If you’ve not read that, check that out too. This one, offers some well-travelled wisdom from the Danes, the happiest people in the world. Denmark offers equal parental leave for men and women. The have free education to University age. Their trains aren’t overcrowded and run on time. They also burn more candles per home, than any other country in the world.

This book takes you on a treasure hunt all over the globe to discover what others do for fulfilment. There’s happiness to be found in every corner of the globe. But the way other’s find it will be different to you. Taking time out to think about these new methods will help you find your own path.

Everyone wants to work with a happy Recruiter. Your clients will be more fond of you. Your candidates will like answering the phone to you. You’ll be more successful and will have more money to go on your own treasure hunt.

But it here