The Recruitment Reading List: Summer 2018

There’s no doubt about it. Reading makes you a better person. It makes you more successful. More stable in dealing with setbacks. Happier. Better rounded. And more knowledgable about the world.

The thing is, if you ask most recruiters what books they’ve read, that helped them in their career, they’re likely to suggest books about selling.

And that’s great.

If you can sell, you’ll be a great recruiter.

But it’s far from everything you do.

You need suggestions that help you grow. Emotionally. Financially. Physically. Mentally.

So, as always on Hunted, we’ve got the answer.

Here are some books for recruiters better than The Wolf of Wall Street.

For Anxiety

When Panic Attacks

David D. Burns

Everyone feels anxious at times. And it’s one of those conditions you probably aren’t aware of until you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders en route home. Sadly, there are those who are too familiar with the feeling of anxiety. Those whose every day lives can feel like a struggle.

Luckily, there are books you can read to help. And this is one of the top rated.

“The truth is that you can defeat your fears.” That’s an excerpt from this book. And, whilst perhaps a big mountain to climb for some, proof there are others out there on a similar trek.

In the pages herein, are forty easy but effective techniques to help banish anxiety without ever needing to go and see your local pharmacist.

Give yourself a fighting chance this summer and start on your path to overcoming anxiety.

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For Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Thinking Fast and Slow

Daniel Kahneman

If there’s a book title out there that sums up work as a recruiter, better than this… I haven’t seen it. Sure, sometimes it’s all about time to placement. It’s about quick wins. Getting CVs off in no time at all. Knowing who the top 5 candidates are in any given skill.

But there are also times when clarity of thought’s needed. A more measured approach. Those times you have to actually consult.

This book’s your new Bible. Kahneman who co-wrote Freakonomics offers “a lifetime’s worth of wisdom.” If you can better understand human rationality, you’ll better understand people.

The more you understand people, the more you’ll be better equipped on the rollercoaster of recruitment.

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For Rejection and Criticism

Don’t Take it Personally

Elayne Savage

If you’ve not been rejected this week, are you even a recruiter? Thinking laterally, it might be why you get more ugly top billers? I joke of course. But the best recruiters will be rejected the most times.

However, the very best know, that’s got nothing to with them. It’s circumstantial.

If you are struggling at the moment however, getting “No” after “No” will start to grind you down. Time to batten the hatches and retreat inward? Don’t even think about it.

Pick this book up and arm yourself to the teeth. You’ll be back fighting your corner in no time. Just remember… don’t take it personally!

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For Happiness

Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall

Spike Milligan

Ever feel like you’re in a nazi regime? Happiness one of those long forgotten emotions you see at other agencies but never yours? Is the only time you’re happy when you do a deal? Then this my friend, is the book for you.

Spike Milligan, possibly one of the funniest and most treasured comedians of all time, shares his war memoirs in this book. To make a war diary hilarious, you’ve got to have a pretty special outlook on life. And this is a book that can inspire you to be happy, even in the very worst of times.

Your happiness is directly linked to your financial success. I get it. But guess what. It’s linked to a lot of other factors too. If you can start to appreciate what those are, you can be happy, no matter what happens in your life.

That’s a pretty powerful weapon as a recruiter.

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For Managing Your Finances

The Ultimate Financial Plan

Jim Stovall

There’s plenty of advice out there to help you attain wealth in recruitment. But what do you do when you’ve got it? When your bank balance starts swelling you might not have a wealth of experience in managing it. Who does?

It’s one of those subjects massively under-represented at school. Sure they teach you how to master Pythagoras’ theorem. But they don’t teach you much about financial health.

This book’s your answer.

“The Ultimate Financial Plan examines the connection between actions, thoughts, and feelings when it comes to all things financial.”

If you want to start making astute decisions with your money, it pays to know what others have done. And by reading this, you’ll be well on your way.

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And for yet more amazing reads on wider subjects to help in your life and career, just click this helpfully placed link.