The Recruitment Reading List: Part Three

This series of articles on Hunted explores reading material to aide and assist in your recruitment career.

Our intention is to go above and beyond the usual self-help sales material you’ll find on many sites. There’s more to recruitment than sales and this list will help you to become a more well-rounded Recruiter.

For Leadership:

The First 90 Days, Updated and Expanded: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels

Michael Watkins

The First 90 days addresses what Watkins calls the ‘break-even’ point of employment. Namely, the point at which your employer needs you as much as you need the job.

This book is an international bestseller specifically targeted towards leadership and career transitions. Hundreds of thousands have read this book, and it provides a road map for success during a period of traditionally critical stage of your job.

This is not a new book by any means (the first copy published in 2003) however to this day is still getting rave reviews from readers all over the world.

Whatever your new position, leadership will be a quality you’ll need. 

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For Happiness:

The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well 

Meik Wiking

Hygge (pronounced Hue-Ga) is a word without an English translation. Such is the inefficiency of the English language (we often just steal other language’s words) that the Danish have a few different opinions of what it could mean.  It could be ‘the art of creating intimacy’ to ‘cosiness of the soul’ to ‘taking pleasure from the presence of soothing things.’

Whatever it means, this book provides ideas to essentially live the Danish way. Meik, for anyone questioning his credibility, is the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen. There are many suggestions in this book to help you be happier. Form the attire you choose to wear to picking the right lighting (yes it can really be that simple) this book will leave you feeling happier. And who wouldn’t want that?

Who are we to trust the Danish on feelings of happiness and wellbeing? Well, Denmark took the top spot on the United Nation’s World Happiness Report, 2013 & 2014 & 2016. What happened in 2015? They came third.

Ps. The UK came 23rd… so cheer up!

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For Productivity and Entrepreneurship:

Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business

Charles Duhigg

A lot of books around productivity and sales often read like a manual of Ikea furniture. ‘Assuming you have all of the nuts and bolts, simply put them all together like this and you’ll have built success in no time.’ Great on the occasions you have all of the pieces needed, but have you ever read an Ikea furniture manual? You’ll know they don’t make for enthralling reading at a time you’re probably quite stressed.

Charles Duhigg is a writer, therefore this book stands out from the start. He tells the reader that productivity hinges on making the right choices: where we put our attention; how we set goals; how we motivate ourselves; who we surround ourselves with; how we absorb information.

There are real life examples of people who’ve got this spot on and those who’ve really missed it, like the pilot who crashed into the middle of the ocean. True story or analogy, it’s an important message and will engage you more than a lot of business productivity books. Are you entrepreneurial? Of course you are, you’re in Recruitment. Which means this book’s for you. 

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For Management:

First, Break All The Rules

Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman

There are two ways a Recruiter can take their career. Maybe you go into management? This book will help you. Perhaps management isn’t for you and you decide to just be a Principal Consultant supported by one or a team of researchers? This book will help you.  

The pre-conceived ideas about management (like treat people how you’d like to be treated) are broken down. In their place are seven chapters of truths observed by the authors themselves.

Quoting the authors “a great deal of the value of a company lies between the ears of its employees” therefore being savvy enough to utilise this value should yield results.

Valuable reading for any Recruiter. Even if it’s just to pass on the ideas to your own manager.

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For Human Behaviour:


Steven D. Levitt

I’m not including this book to make you question the authenticity of your candidates interview no-show, as that’s probably something you don’t need help with. Freakonomics will however guide you into assuming nothing and questioning things more.

Why do things happen? What’s the cause behind the small occurrences in life? Freakonomics is a witty, almost contemptuous book , written for people who know nothing about economics. In fact, you’ll learn to apply economics theory to real life situations, which, when said and done is what Recruitment is all about.

Steven is an Economics Teacher at the University of Chicago so you can take the information as reliable, the application of it will have you scratching your head and almost certainly laughing.

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