The Recruitment Reading List

Sales, is a time-served topic for recruitment reading lists. There are plenty of lists out there, which offer a plethora of reading material that will enhance your sales knowledge. Excellent. There’s more to recruitment than just cold hard sales however.

I therefore thought it worthwhile to divert your attention to a slightly broader selection of material. You may find these books useful, if not, at least entertaining to flick through on your commute.

For Negotiation

Become an Expert Negotiator – Daniel Weiser

About the Book: Have you ever met anyone who thinks they’re bad at negotiation? Neither have I. Which makes this book critical reading. It’s a great sales aide, but unlike other books, has real world application and gives insights into objection handling.

The book’s highly applicable to any recruiter, anywhere in the world. Whether it assists you in getting a better deal for your company, candidate or client… or getting a better price for those luxury items you’re buying with the commission.

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For Power

The 48 Laws of Power – Robert Greene & Joost Elffers

About the Book: As suggested by the title, there are 48 laws on power that have been taught by leaders of the world and passed down through the ages. By taking three thousand years of historical teachings from the likes of Machiavelli, Sun-tzu, Queen Elizabeth I to name a few, you’ll learn all measures of power and how to wield it effectively (or how to counter it).

Each chapter (or law) imparts a new theory. From Law 1 “Never Outshine the Master” to Law 48 “Assume Formlessness”.

Be careful what you do with your new power!

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For Productivity

Deep Work – Cal Newport 

About the Book: We could all do with a little more time. Dr. Cal Newport is a professor at Georgetown University and has been blogging for many a year. He attracts a lot of readers, and ‘Deep Work’ is a principle he’s been honing since 2012. Getting the most out of your time is the focus, with practical applications plentiful throughout.

It won’t physically provide you with more time in a day of course, but will assist in helping you get more out of the time you have. The more ‘in the zone’ you are, the better you perform. Strongly recommended for those that struggle with scheduling.

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For Fatherhood and Recruitment

Balancing Work and Family in a Changing Society – Isabella Crespi & Elisabetta Rasping 

About the book: I read an article recently about the perception foreigners have when they visit Sweden. Upon noting the abundance of ‘male nannies’ they’re left aghast when they realise these are in fact (perhaps fairly obviously) not nannies, but fathers. With the increase in paternity leave allowance and family responsbility (rightly) swinging in balance, there may be fathers out there wondering how to juggle work and fatherhood.

This book attempts an answer to that melon scratcher. With new research around an ever changing subject, the authors suggest findings on fatherhood, masculinity, work-life balance, gender relations and children’s well-being.

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For Work-Life Balance

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – Robin Sharma

About the Book: Up until recently, the terms ‘work-life balance’ and ‘recruitment’ were opposing in nature. Some will still need convincing of the lack of correlation between time in the office and deals on the board. In answer to that, I’ll simply ask whether anyone’s seen a bad recruiter work longer than anyone else with consistently poor results? Yep, me too.

The Monk Who sold his Ferrari has sold over four million copies worldwide in 51 languages, it’s a book that’s been around for a while, telling the fable of a rich man who gives it all up to go travelling. Motivational in nature, you’ll question your life motives and find wisdom relayed through timeless philosophies.

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For Leadership

Team of Rivals – Doris Goodwin

About the Book: It’s fair to say that working in recruitment can sometimes be a struggle. It would be remiss of me to suggest the struggle is as real as being president of a country trying to abolish slavery while a civil war ravages your country, but it’s real nonetheless.

This book tells the tale of Abraham Lincoln surrounding himself by the best people at the time, despite their different and battling personalities. See the correlation yet? Goodwin spins a yarn of a humble and fearless man who was unafraid of a challenge. It’s a great read for those who have aspirations of leadership.

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For Attention Grabbing Writing

Letters of Note – Shaun Usher

About the Book: Do you find it difficult to get people’s attention with constructive and direct writing? You’re not alone. It’s a tough job. If you’re writing job adverts, inMails, e-shots, emails to clients or candidates you’ve not met, you could benefit from this book. The book has exquisite examples of real letters written from one person to another throughout history.

In each case the recipient has been so impressed with the delivery and content of the copy, the letter itself has become timeless. There are letters from people such as Florence Nightingale, Jack the Ripper, Mary Queen of Scots, Steve Martin and many other celebrated historical greats. It’s an enchanting read which will make you think about how you approach your writing.

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