The Birth of Cool: 4 Recruitment Agencies in Marketing

Have you seen Nike’s latest advert? It’s been hailed as one of the greatest ads of all time and features 35 high profile athletes showing a sexy, grimy, tongue in cheek portrayal of sport in the UK.

From my perspective, Nike’s message is bit off though… Nothing Beats a Londoner?

Jump on a Virgin Pendolino to the North West, come spend a few days with us, and then see if you still think that. But let’s not beat around the bush, Nike’s is a super cool ad.

Imagine you recruited the person who came up with that idea. You matched that awesome candidate with Wieden+Kennedy, the agency behind the ad.

That’s a pretty cool thing to drop into a conversation at the pub.

Well, you could. Marketing and Media Recruitment companies have roles for this type of person every day. They’re intelligent candidates on big salaries, which means large fees, in a slick, impressive sector… What’s not to love?

And here are some agencies you could be working for.

Interquest image

InterQuest Group (ECOM)

ECOM have a stylish, recently renovated office right next to Piccadilly Gardens. It oozes creativity, mimicking the environments of the clients they work with.

If you’re looking for a Recruitment Agency that has long standing relationships with the world’s largest companies, then look no further. Being one of the oldest Digital Marketing Recruitment Agencies in the country, they’re extremely well known within the space.

Part of InterQuest, ECOM have the advantage of being backed by of one of the country’s largest recruitment groups. Therefore they can offer one of the best rewards packages out there.

They’re a great bunch with some of the biggest billers in the market.

Better Placed image

Better Placed

Better Placed implement a ‘grown up’ approach to recruitment. No KPIs, call times, or a manager breathing down you neck.

Instead you’ll get the tools, support, training, and brand name you need to do your job.

Their guiding principle is something called ‘The Real Network’. This is an ethos that good recruitment doesn’t stem from chucking a load of CVs out and hoping some will stick. Good recruitment is about meeting clients and candidates to understand what truly makes them tick. Only then can you be making intelligent matches.

If you’re looking for a mature, thorough approach to recruitment, Better Placed could be the place for you.

Network marketing image

Network Marketing

There’s a reason that over the last year we’ve seen more people join Network Marketing than nearly any other company on our platform.

Individuals tend to be attracted to the detailed learning and development plan that Network Marketing implement – they give you the support to ensure you’re always improving no matter what stage of your career you’re at.

This helps you bill more and more each month, allowing you to hit clearly defined targets to get your next promotion.

You should see their offices too! (You can actually on our platform) Great views in the very swanky Neo building, situated between Piccadilly and China Town.

Foundation image

Foundation Recruitment

Maybe you want to swerve a larger agency? Maybe you want to work in a smaller, ambitious office where you could have a huge impact? Somewhere where the team is incredibly tightly knit – celebrating each other’s victories like they were their own.

If so, Foundation would be for you.

Being a smaller company, it’s paramount that Foundation work hard to support their staff. They’ve recently won Investors in People Gold status. Very few companies have got such highly revered accreditation to prove how much they give back to their employees.

Foundation work in a slightly different market to the other companies outlined here – their marketing team cover shopping centres, venues, airports etc.

You know those really creative marketing campaigns that target you while you’re out and about; well if you find yourself interested in recruiting for that sector, Foundation could be a great move.

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