The BEST to Podcasts Help You Define Your Personal Brand

Not everyone’s an avid reader. I regularly have recruitment friends and ex-colleagues tell me they don’t read the content I write, because they don’t really read much. Let alone about recruitment. In fact one of my friends will quote a book he’s read. Only when I ask to borrow it, he’ll admit to me (sheepishly) it’s an audiobook.

I’m obviously safe saying this here, because I know he won’t read it.

But, there’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of if this is you. People process information in different ways. And where I always advise Recruiters to listen to their network, this is advice we heed at Hunted too.

So if you’re not a big reader, why not check out our ‘TED Talks for Recruiters’ series? It will give you some short, sharp videos to watch that will not only inspire you, but help your career too.

And if that still doesn’t hit the spot, how about a Podcast series? I listen to a range of podcasts throughout the week. Some I listen to just for enjoyment, but some are truly helpful. Along with being useful to my job, they’re a lot safer than burying your head in a book while walking to work, something that baffles me.

In this article, personal branding takes the stage. Because it’s only right to assimilate podcasts with a subject that’s as forward thinking.

1. The 5 Elements of a Powerful, Personal Brand

Michael Hyatt and Megan Miller

The five elements discussed in this podcast are: A Well-Defined Audience, A Clear Value Proposition, A Compelling Brand Slogan, An Engaging Headshot, Simple Graphic Components. There’s a slightly US-centric angle to the chatter, but as a nation which probably takes the lead on personal branding, that’s a positive, not a negative.

The word ‘brand’ harks back to the branding done on cattle ranches to ensure ownership, which makes the US link entirely appropriate. This will also give you a nice metaphor to visually explain the process of personal branding. If you’ve got a great one, a third party will be able to spot it immediately. If it’s not great, your network won’t know which ranch you belong to.

For a podcast that truly takes account of your target audience, look no further. From the creation of a brand, through blogging and social media, to refining on a continual basis, there’s some great stuff here.

Listen here

2. Building a Brand on Facebook and Beyond

Chris Ducker and Kimra Luna

How much do you use Facebook for your personal branding and recruitment efforts? Because if the answer to that is ‘I don’t at all’ you’re missing a trick. There was a day when Facebook wasn’t intended for, or even useful in, your job. Those days are no more.

While many Recruiters may want to create a void between their work life and personal life, there’s a reason you might want to address that.

Actually, there are 700,000 reasons.

In this podcast is Kimra Luna. An Online Marketer earned just over $700,000 in twelve months from personal branding on Facebook. How would an extra $700k go down on your yearly billings? Probably quite well I’d imagine?

Kimra went from buying an iMac and knowing nothing about online Marketing to the point she’s at today in just two years. So, given the head start you already have on LinkedIn, this is a podcast that could really build on your existing experience.

Listen here

Listen Headphones

3. The Five Things I’d Focus on if I Started Over

Mike Kim

Mike’s a Brand Strategist and Business Coach who runs this regular podcast centred around building successful personal brands. This episode offers structured advice that Mike would take himself if he started from scratch.


1. Learn copywriting,

2. Build an email list,

3. Get professional design work done,

4. Build leveraged income earlier,

5. Find a successful mentor,

6. Learn Facebook ads.

So, that’s another ‘personal branding specialist’ talking about Facebook. And it really is something worth thinking about. Even if you decide to create a Facebook account dedicated to your working life. Because, I’d guess that 99% of your target audience uses Facebook daily.

LinkedIn’s a great start, but you’re limiting your reach if that’s the only site you use.

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4. Four Surefire Ways to Become Irresistible in Your Industry

Amanda Miller

Amanda Miller has ten years PR experience and knows very well why some brands stand out and others fade into the background. And in this podcast she goes into detail on four of her top tips.

Those tips are:

1. To create something new,

2. Inform others,

3. Inspire others,

4. Connect others.

All four points will resonate with Recruiters and in the wider sense help you think about your value proposition.

Point one for example, “create something new that fills a gap and solves a problem” is really the basis of any Recruitment Consultant’s business. If you’re not solving a problem, you’re going to really struggle for new business or a value proposition to your network.

Therefore building on this and presenting it to a targeted audience should accentuate why you’re a great option for someone’s career.

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5. Personal Branding

Chris Pudney & Gihan Perera

“Whether we’re employees or business owners, it’s more important than ever before for us to create our personal brand.”

This podcast runs through the importance of a personal brand and how each of the individuals have taken steps to set up and promote theirs. If you’re struggling to start your branding exercises, think about how you’re thought of by other parties. This is a good first step.

The podcast goes on to talk about how to align your efforts with your boss and employer. Which is something that in recruitment can save you a lot of hassle. If there’s a business paying you, then ultimately your personal brand is intrinsically linked to theirs, so if you don’t want to clash heads this is a must listen.

Harmony in the workplace, for free, courtesy of the two gents above.

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