The Benefit of Co-Working Spaces

It’s 1986.

The height of business decadence is an office block the size of a relatively modest mountain with the company name in massive gold letters emblazoning the 144th floor.

There’s vending machines in every lobby and a mostly unused helipad on the roof.

The constant hum of printers, photocopiers and fax machines fills the ears on each floor.

A rolodex, ashtray, and company branded stress ball are all you need to fit in.

Like I said, the height of decadence.

And over the last three or so decades, most businesses choose to home themselves in similar digs. Albeit perhaps less opulent.

Big ol HQs where your company’s the sole occupier and everyone in the building’s on the same payroll.

But as the world becomes increasingly agile, so too do the agencies doing business in it. And since about 2005, a new way of working’s emerged.

A more social, flexible, collaborative way of working.

Co-working was originally designed to provide freelancers with a home away from home. Now, the spaces have evolved into the office-type of choice for the modern Recruiter.

If you aren’t familiar with the concept, think open plan office but… more open. Often with onsite bars and eateries, state of the art meeting rooms, and more facilities than you can shake a sellotape dispenser at.

These are the cool places to be. Now, today. And here are five Hunted partners living and breathing it – and reaping the rewards.


Marshall McAdam

Marshall McAdam’s been challenging the norms of Search & Selection since their inception in Melbourne in 2009. They moved into the Martin Place WeWork in Sydney in 2013.

Bit of a leap of faith at the time, as co-working spaces were still a relatively novel phenomena. But that’s typical of their brand: decisive, innovative, agile, and driven.

They look after their people here. And offering the best possible environment to not just get the job done, but thrive, is just one way they do that.

Here, Consultants work alongside over 700 entrepreneurs, business owners and creative leaders. And the personal development and mentoring opportunities you get from that truly can’t be sneered at.

They’ve got booth seating, sofas, and “On-Air” call pods, which allow them to mix up their working environment while staying sharp off the WeWork energy.

There’s free beer and cider taps on each floor too. Can’t imagine that’s a drag.

Working in a WeWork means Marshall McAdam can keep scaling in a really agile way. At the same time, being able to focus on the important stuff. Like championing talent and embedding themselves deeper into their specialist fields.

Check out Marshall McAdam here.


Signify Technology

Founded in 2016, Signify specialise in Software Engineer (back-end) roles with a reputable client list across the world. They work in a new co-working space, The Frames, based in Shoreditch.

They share The Frames with myriad different companies. But what unites them all is a shared passion for the work they do. And with that, the chance to meet people you might otherwise not. And crucially, the opportunity to learn from them.

They’ve moved away from KPIs and call times, and offer flexibility and a dress down environment. Which compliments the energetic, creative vibe in the office.

Career reviews occur every 6 months supported by a training and development scheme. So you’ll be flying through the ranks in no time.

Signify are also developing as real thought leaders in the Scala space. They run their own monthly tech meet up and also sponsor industry events.

It’s a really social place, with plenty of events held at The Frames. Their Summer Parties are pretty legendary. And monthly Thursday drinks means you can hang out with the many different people you walk past on any given day.

You’ll mostly find their Consultants hovering near the beer fridge, table tennis table or chucking arrows at the dartboard.

Check out Signify Technology here.


Fulton Garrick

Based in Waterhouse Square WeWork, Fulton Garrick cover HR & Office Support, Real Estate and Private Equity & Finance.

It’s a stunning, Grade 1 listed building. They’ve been in for a year now and couldn’t be happier with their base.

Fulton Garrick have a private office of their own. But Consultants are actively encouraged to get in and amongst it, and to make the most of the break out areas, meeting rooms and private call booths to get their work done.

Their market loves the location. And their setup’s a reflection of the level of autonomy bestowed on their Recruiters.

They’re right round the corner from Hunted, in nearby Holborn. Maybe it’s the enviable postcode. Maybe it’s the free coffee. But there’s certainly a buzz about the place.

They’ve got baristas on-site, free breakfasts on Mondays, unlimited alcohol pumps after 4pm. And generally, just a very enjoyable working environment to be productive in.

Decked in a blanket with a squeaky toy never too far away, you’d be forgiven for thinking Diesel the Miniature Dachshund’s quite the unassuming character. But Fulton Garrick’s team mascot patrols the corridors, making sure everyone stays in check.

Check out Fulton Garrick here.



Ever wondered what would happen if a group of directors valued the work/life balance of their staff as much as their own? From the very trendy Spaces in Brighton, Usurpo work on tech based projects globally.

They’re located brilliantly, smack bang in the centre of Brighton, with easy access to the station.

There’s plenty of energy, facilities, and likeminded people inhabiting Spaces. And the kind of flexibility only co-working provides.

You can work from the dedicated company office, one of the ground floor booths, a quiet room on the 5th floor, even the rooftop bar.

Gotta say, I know where I’d be. See you at the bar.

They’ve got an excellent café and restaurant on-site. So no more rushing out for lunches.

It’s a really cool place to work, with state of the art meeting rooms, awesome reception staff, and general good vibes all round.

Everyone (including leadership) gets to the office around 9:30 and tends to hit the road (or the gym) around 4:30.

Spaces is also dog friendly. What more could you want?

Check out Usurpo here.


Jameson Legal

Jameson Legal work with both Private Practice and In-House clients, providing a fresh approach to Legal recruitment.

They want you to be successful here. And are in tune with the fact that you don’t have to be chained to your desk to do it.

We all know recruitment’s not rigid. It needs flare, passion, flexibility. And being a key part of a co-working space facilitates that.

If you’re out meeting candidates on the other side of the city or popping over for lunch with a walking placement, there’s no wasted time toing and froing between the only desk you’re able to work from.

If you’ve got a mobile and a laptop on you, you can work just as productively from the nearest office.

It’s not just the flexibility their location provides that makes a difference to their Consultants. Being able to socialise with creative, entrepreneurial, like-minded people is equally important in setting solid goals for your day, and ultimately your year.

They host events in the Shard, which also has co-working and meeting spaces they can tap into. But be warned. There are jars of free sweets everywhere. Absolutely fatal for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Check out Jameson Legal here.

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