The American Dream: Recruitment Agencies

America. Land of dreams.

A country founded on the idea that anyone can achieve anything they set their mind to.

A place where success is celebrated.

Positivity is a way of life and opportunity is a reality.

Perfect then, for British recruiters looking to hit the big time.

The fees are higher, there’s no notice period and the market isn’t as tough and worn down as the UK’s.

British recruiters bill more in the US. As standard.

 But which American state tickles your fancy?

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 Texas is almost three times the size of the UK. It’s vast. And the weather is erratic. Meaning you’ll have lots to write home about. It’s freezing in winter and can reach up to 40 degrees in summer.

The cost of living for many things (beer, petrol, houses) is cheaper but you’re grocery shop will come up slightly higher than normal. Unless you shop at Waitrose.

Renting and buying property comes with less of a punch than London, but you have to move fast, it’s in high demand.

If you’re outdoorsy and love live music. Austin is for you.

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New York

 You get four seasons in NY, but they handle them better than the UK so the subway won’t shut down at the first snowflake.

Property isn’t cheap, but with most office locations in Fidi or Midtown (Manhatten) subway options for commuting in are endless.

In New York everything’s bigger, faster and more extravagant.

This goes for the social scene too.

Think bars, not pubs. Baseball not cricket. And college sports teams with bigger crowds than London football teams.

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New England. Many similarities can be drawn between Boston and London. Not least, the weather. Boston has greater extremes, so some days will be far more miserable than those in London and some far brighter and more wonderful. Also, no tube strikes. Or as they call it in Boston… ‘T’ strikes.

Property prices vary greatly throughout Boston and there are options for all needs and price ranges. Most places are walkable although the streets are confusing, so take your pick of locations!

Love sport + beer + Cheers? Welcome to Boston, you’re home now.

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The Sunshine State. It does rain in summer, but only for 40 minutes a day.

Unsurprisingly, Florida’s hot.

The overcrowded housing market of the UK isn’t something you’ll need to worry about when moving to The US and that’s especially true of Florida.

Property is affordable, to buy and to rent. Want your friends to visit? No problem. On a recruiter’s pay check you’ll have at least one spare room.

Socialising’s often done in homes. A colleague’s pool, a nearby beach, a nature reserve or one of the many theme parks you might have heard of.

Florida attracts the recruiters who want to settle down and move away from city life.

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The climate in California is described as warm and temperate, even in the winter. It rarely rains in summer and when it does it’s semi-predictable so you won’t be caught without a brolly.

Low mortgage rates and steady job growth mean properties are sold and rented in a flash. You’ll need to be on the ball with your pen poised when moving.

LA has an abundance of activities. They’re all about the outdoors, the wilderness and the coastline. And when they say work-life balance they mean it.

Out of work hours you’ll be free to go celeb spotting, take the weight off your feet and settle down for some beach bevvies or rock up to a pal’s pool party.

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