The 7 Best Companies for Flexible Working

Recruitment isn’t a job Dolly Parton would sing about. Once upon a time, it was an industry where the standard hours were 8am to 6pm – and then the rest on top.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Most recruiters will work the extra hours, or awkward hours, when necessary but life needs living too. Enter flexible working.

While early on in your career exposure to the office environment is conducive to success, once you’ve gained enough experience and proven yourself to be able to do the job you deserve flexibility if you want it.

There’s no longer a need to be glued to your desk – with ever advancing technology you can do Recruitment from anywhere.

Flexibility means something different to everyone.

It could be as simple as starting a bit earlier to finish early enough to pick the kids up from school.

What about working from home one day a week, or two, or three – or being 100% remote?

Want to go to the gym AND eat lunch? Some companies will offer you a 90 minute lunch break and the option to make up the hours in the morning or evening.

Who is flexible working suited to? Honestly, if you haven’t got a clue what you’re doing in recruitment and know you wouldn’t do any work at home you’re barking up the wrong tree. Flexible working is a fantastic resource to have but it comes with a lot of responsibility and the key thing to remember is it’s flexible working, not less working.

If you’re hot to trot flexible working can offer you more control over your dreaded commute, more time for studies and leisure and more opportunities to hang out with your family.

Want to be “happier at work and less prone to burnout and psychological stress” than other recruiters?

Check out 7 of the most limber companies on Hunted:

 Third Republic

Third Republic

Who are they? Recruiting exclusively into advanced technologies, Third Republic were founded with the sole purpose of being a modern agency for a new era of technology recruitment. This means they adopt as many new tech tools and marketing automation techniques as possible to make sure their consultants productivity is through the roof.

How flexible are they? You’ll receive a work iPhone and laptop meaning you can work from anywhere – and they’ll encourage you to do so. That being said, you’ll want to be in the office for free brekkie Mondays and Friday beers.

Expand Executive Search


Who are they? Based in Brighton and Manhattan, Expand Executive Search is a truly autonomous environment. They have a highly collaborative team who enjoy travel opportunities, a clear development plan and a dedicated marketing team and Learning and Development manager to make them brilliant!

How flexible are they? Because they work globally all staff at Expand are trusted to work flexible hours, so if you want to go to the gym in the morning or the beach in the afternoon you have the option to do so. Holidaying isn’t something recruiters normally find easy. With Expand unlimited holiday means you’ll constantly be motivated and never reach the “burn out” phase.

New Street Group

New Street

Who are they? New Street Group includes 3 brands with a diverse service portfolio – Interim Management, Volume recruitment and Talent pooling. They have super swish offices, a grown up culture and a huge amount of ambition and collaboration.

How flexible are they? They are super flexible. They can make your work schedule work around you with part – time working, job sharing, glide time, career breaks and home – working.

 Ernest Hunter Green


Who are they? Ernest Hunter Green are no normal agency. They have a truly unique employee value proposition – remote working 100% of the time. While working from home you get a support structure surrounded (virtually) by highly experienced recruiters. This level of flexibility puts focus on results and this culture is perfect for proven performers.

How flexible are they? It’s not a question of how flexible they are, it’s a question of how flexible you are. You can work from home, a coffee shop, the beach… where will you choose?



Who are they? Based in the heart of Farringdon, Logikk recruit into Data & Analytics, one of the fastest growing markets in the world. They have a healthy balance of work and play and focus on relationship building rather than endless KPIs. There are no less than 5 office dogs (not all in at the same time though) at Logikk, so great for leads. But all round, this is a supportive business that genuinely looks after their staff, along with a culture of success, passion and autonomy

How flexible are they? They’ll give you full autonomy over your work and the flexibility and support you need for the work/life balance you want.

Create + Adapt


Who are they? Create + Adapt is an innovative talent business that works remotely with all their clients, who are some of the fastest growing brands in Europe, such as Dyson,, Colart. They have the option to work from co-working spaces all around the country but are a business that trusts you. Everyone at Create + Adapt is an individual and that’s celebrated in working practices and incentives.

How flexible are they? You can work from home, from a super trendy co-working space, in your client’s office. They move and adapt their work schedules to be as efficient as possible.



Who are they? Based in the UK, Germany, MENA, Singapore and New Zealand, Cobalt has an incredibly tight-knit team and their staff are proud to work there, in fact, 98% of their staff would happily recommend working for them. Why? Well, they actively discourage long working hours and make sure you’re successful but also happy doing what you’re doing. They’re also a diverse bunch operating in the FS, Construction and Engineering sectors.

How flexible are they? They have flexible working hours and a whole host of opportunities to win more time off and plenty of adventures! Working long hours is a thing of the past when you join cobalt.

So there we have it, flexible working is not too much of a stretch for recruitment.

See you later 5am alarm clock.

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