TED Talks for Recruiters: New Year’s Resolutions

The start of a new year sees the dogged determination of new year’s resolutions. Or the scoffing of the idea they’re possible.

Some years ago I decided resolutions weren’t for me. Instead I decided to make goals. Actions or achievements I could be proud of and work towards throughout the whole year.

Last year I managed all of them. But only because there was no way to break them. I was constantly able to put in work to achieve my goals.

If these had been resolutions they wouldn’t have been done. But even if you don’t manage to start working on a goal until November, you’ve still got a chance.

Whether you take this route, or stick to some of the classics for your new year’s goals, here are some TED Talks that will help you achieve more. The most common new year’s resolutions focus on learning, being happier, less stressed, reading more and of course exercise.

The below will help in all of those endeavours.

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“I want to be happier in 2019”

David Steindl-Rast

This man is a monk. And in his words ‘the one thing all humans have in common is that each of us wants to be happy.’ If you’re someone who had a bit of a stinker in 2018, chances are 2019’s been dubbed as ‘your year’. Or simply the year you get some happiness back in your life.

If that’s the case then this TED Talk’s a brilliant place to start. Here, David relays the link between happiness and gratefulness. Most people think, if you’re happy, you’ll be grateful. But what’s presented here is that idea on its head. If you’re grateful, you’ll become happy.

Life’s going to throw lots at you in the time you’re alive. Some of it will be easy to be grateful for. Some of it won’t. And in recruitment that rollercoaster of emotion will have higher highs and lower lows than your average job. So give yourself every chance of being happy in 2019. Watch this talk and start being grateful.

Watch it here

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“I want to be less stressed in 2019”

Kelly McGonigal

Everyone gets stressed. And if you’re a recruiter you may have stressful days more often than the norm. But how do you manage it? Do you let it take control of your life and build into an unstoppable obstacle in your career? Or do you manage it and make it a force for good?

This TED Talk will help you make stress your friend. A friend that drives you towards success in your career and life in general. Kelly, who’s speaking here, is a Psychologist who specialises in translating academic research to help health, happiness and success.

Early in this talk is a little secret. Stress is often associated with being a health risk. But, new research suggests stress is only a health risk, if you think it is. Meaning if you learn how to make stress a positive driver in your life it’s a powerful tool to a longer, more fulfilled existence. Watch this if you’d like to make your job, career and life less stressful in 2019.

Watch it here

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“I want to learn something new in 2019”

Giving this talk is a man whose talents span poetry, opera, ballet, literature, administration. So he knows a thing or two about learning. And maybe you want to learn something new in 2019? Perhaps a new language. More about your sector or niche. Learn about the world. Take an online course or learn a trade. Whatever it is, you can do it. But a little help along way will do wonders.

In this talk Bernie tells the story of Sandor Teszler, a Hungarian Holocaust survivor who taught him about passionate living and lifelong learning. A man who helped eradicate racial segregation at a massively difficult time to do so in The USA.

There’s always something to be learned. And in the age of information, when anything you want to know is achievable in seconds, this is the talk for you.

Watch it here

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“2019’s the year I get FIT!”

More great thinking here from another Psychologist with the proverbial bit between her teeth. Emily Balcetis explains here how people view things differently. In regards to getting fit, the task of ‘exercise’ is viewed differently by people. Some think of it as a huge task, others think of it as achievable and enjoyable. An individual’s own mind controls that.

So, ‘getting fit this year’ might be something you shudder at. Or maybe you’ve already started at the gym. The good news is the hardest part of exercising is the very first part. Getting off the mark. After that, you’re just continuing your good work.

And there are so many positives to being fitter. It will definitely impact your career too. If you’re after inspiration for your fitness journey, this TED talk’s the perfect place to begin.

Watch it here

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“2019’s the year I put myself first”

You might be hoping to finally start looking after yourself in 2019. Maybe considering what you want instead of others. Looking at your health. Achieving your personal goals. Getting the promotion you’ve been after for ages. Whatever it is, if you don’t look after yourself, no one else will.

How do you get these things other than sheer dogged determination? Well, asking would be a good start. But not many people are very good at asking for what they want.

This TED talk will help you to be better at asking for things. My only request? Keep reading the Hunted content this year, we’ve got lots of great stuff planned.

Watch it here

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