TED Talks for Recruiters: Networking Special

This week, Hunted descended on Drift’s HyperGrowth London event. You can read our write up here.

Between coffee, cocktails and canapé breaks, a packed roster of speakers held court over an auditorium heaving with marketers.

But once the DJ quietened down and shuffled off, every person there was left with nothing but a name tag and their wits to navigate a room full of strangers.

Networking events can be daunting.

They’re also one of the most lucrative business development and relationship building activities you can spend time on. Whether you pull one job, none, or several, the connections you make face to face will pay dividends at some point.

And it won’t feel like it, but you’ll get a huge amount of work done throughout the day. Much more so than you would hammering the phones.

But what’s the secret to working a room? These 5 TED Talks have the answers.


10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation

Celeste is a time served interviewer who’s spent many a year on the radio talking to people from all walks of life. Because radio’s a medium which relies heavily on the capacity to talk well, she has a unique offering on how to be successful in speaking.When you have a job that hinges on the success of your conversations, it’s important to make sure you’re well equipped.

Celeste provides ten rules for having better conversations with an audience. Number one is don’t multi-task. That means, as a Recruiter, don’t throw stress balls at your colleagues. Don’t daydream out the window. Don’t update your database. Just listen. Be in the conversation. Otherwise it’s a waste of their time, and worse, a waste of yours.

Her other advice includes using open questions and being honest about what you don’t know. If you get more out of every conversation you have, you get more out of your day. And by doing that you’ll be more productive, make more money and be more successful.

Watch it here


Listen, learn… then lead

If there’s anyone to learn leadership skills from, it’s someone who’s spent time in the armed forces. Stanley McChrystal is the former Commander of U.S. and International forces in Afghanistan. That means he knows a thing or two about leading strong personalities and bringing people together.

In this video Stanley talks about building a shared purpose between different characters. The way you do that, is to listen and learn. As the title perhaps would suggest. Whether you’re engaging with your network for the very first time, or are a few years in, it’s important to remember every one of the tips Stanley mentions in this video.

The reason you build a network in recruitment is to lead them towards new career paths. Therefore whilst listening’s the first step, ultimately, you’ll want to lead them to pastures new at some point. Doing that with the assurance of an Army General will stand you in good stead for plenty of commission.

Watch it here


The hidden influence of social networks

Nicholas’ experience for this talk came about through being a Hospice Doctor. Through looking after patients in end of life care he experienced ‘the widower effect.’ That is, people being more susceptible to illness and death when their partner dies. Before you turn off at this point, this theory will change dramatically how you think about your own networking.

Now, the first thing to mention about this talk is, Nicholas isn’t just talking about online social networking. Rather, any networking you take part in as a member of society. There are some incredibly interesting statistics he provides about links from person to person. Anything you’re exposed to in your network is likely to influence you. That could be eating habits. Illness. Or, just to turn things on their head a touch, positive things too.

That’s the overriding message with this talk. Surround yourself with positive influence and you’ll become positive. Be an agent for positivity in your network and you’ll have that effect on others. If you’re a networker, and as  Recruiter that’s your primary role, this is an unmissable TED talk.

Watch it here


What consumers want

Joseph Pine’s a Consultant to Entrepreneurs. I’ve included this talk in a networking special because, at the end of the day, every single person in your network could be a consumer. Be that a client or a candidate, you’re hoping someone will use your services.

Your consumers want an authentic experience. That means they want to deal with a Recruiter who believes in what they’re doing. You don’t have to live your company’s core values, you don’t have to wear a suit or work from a snazzy office. But you need to be authentic. Be a real person. Do what you say you’re going to do. Be honest.

For any Recruiter who wants to better connect with the network they already have, this is a talk for you.

Watch it here


Be an opportunity maker

Kare’s a columnist for Forbes, and therefore is probably better equipped than myself to tell you how to network and make the most of your existing talent. The very best Recruiters in the game will tell you they have relationships with their network that transcend business. For advice on how to establish those connections, this is the talk you want to watch.

The very idea of network is to have a large group of people you can share opportunity with. That may well be the opportunity for a pint on a Friday. Or it might be, and perhaps more suitably, job opportunities.

Kare’s vision is “reimagine the world where we all become greater opportunity-makers with and for others.” That may sound like a utopian vision. But if you’ve ever asked for a referral from someone, it’s something you wish for too. You need to watch this TED talk to reconsider how and why you network. Because if you’re currently only doing it for your own reward, you’re vastly limiting the reach and potential it can provide you.

Watch it here

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