TED Talks for Recruiters: How to Manage Stress

We love a TED Talk at Hunted. We’ve written about them once or twice before and no matter what area of recruitment you’re in, how senior you are or where you live, there’s something to learn. For this article, I’ve scoured the databases for any Talk that can help with stress.

Stress is often inherent in recruitment. It’s a job where there’s an acknowledgment of negative emotion, but rarely any material to help. Unless of course you follow Hunted.

So, if your Director’s idea of stress relief is polishing off the top shelf in the local, here are some healthier ways to abate it.

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Relieve Stress in 10 Minutes

Whether you’ve just started in recruitment, or you’ve clocked twenty years in the game, you almost certainly don’t have a moment to think. And I’d absolutely guarantee at the end of some days you’re sick of the sound of your own voice. So, you’ll relax. You’ll listen to music. Watch TV. Hey, maybe even catch up on your fave recruitment content.

But when was the last time you did nothing? Absolutely nothing? If you’re not a regular meditator, I’d guess it’s been a long time. In this TED Talk Andy Puddicombe relays how important that process is to remaining stress free. Everyone knows how important rest is to regaining muscle fitness. So it’s important to use this same theory with your brain.

Watch it here

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Take Pride in Stress Management

There’s a big stigma with mental health. Even mentioning the term makes people clam up. But, why? Everyone in the world has mental health, and there’s no reason the positive end of the health spectrum shouldn’t be chased, just like physical fitness. This is something Sangu Delle has experienced first hand.

In his account of battling his mental demons, his starting point is somewhat less advanced than most reading this. And yet, his message is the importance of talking. We need to diminish and eradicate the stigma mental health has. For some of the alpha-type, fire breathing recruiters out there I’m glad to call friends, it’s a very suitable video.

Watch it here

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How to Stay Focused on a Task

Being in a recruitment office is great if you’re on the phone. Or if you’re chatting to your desk. For those social interactions it’s a conducive environment. Have you ever tried to write in a recruitment office? It’s nearly impossible. The phone rings. Loud people everywhere. A deal bell rings in the near distance. A delivery comes in. Your boss stops by your desk to see if the forecast’s changed in the last ten minutes.

That’s before we mention your mobile, your computer screen and the floor to ceiling windows showing the outside world. How do you stick to task? The more you’re able to control your mind, the more you’re going to accomplish.

Watch it here

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Fears > Goals

You define goals on a daily basis in recruitment. A lot of companies probably instil a twice a day approach to defining ‘what’s to be had’ from the morning or afternoon. You probably even have a day plan in front of you right now. So, missing those goals will leave you feeling like a failure. OK, that might only be a small failure, but over time this will negatively affect your mental health.

So listening to this fairly well known chap might help you. He begins the talk with the anecdote of the first time he decided and planned to commit suicide. This is the darkest end of mental health. And something a lot of people think about. Taking steps to fight these feelings is positive. And small steps are easier to take than big ones. Want a really easy step?

Watch the video here

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For When You’re Expecting to Be Stressed

Stress is a strange thing. Often, when you’re feeling stressed, you don’t think too clearly. And you don’t realise you’re not thinking clearly because you’re stressed. And you’re not thinking clearly. Complicated isn’t it. So, it’s worth listening to someone who’s in the know about this kind of thing. Like Daniel Levitin, a Neuroscientist.

Daniel, whilst talking to his Nobel Prize winning colleague, who’d spoken to a Psychologist previously learnt about prospective hindsight. A policy of thinking about everything that could go wrong. A pre-mortem, if you will. Learn all about pre-mortem’s in this talk and how it could impact your recruitment career when you’re most stressed.

Watch it here

And for more great TED Talks, all with the ability to impact your career success, you’re only a click away.