Spice Up Your LinkedIn Updates with These 10 FREE Stock Image Sites

If you’re a recruiter who spends a fair amount of time on LinkedIn – you’ll notice that picture updates get more engagement than those with just text. It’s to be expected. Pictures are more engaging to people scrolling down their newsfeed, and they give you more time to grab people’s attention.

But there’s a problem. Finding good pictures isn’t easy.

They need to fit with your brand, with whatever you’re posting, and add something meaningful to the message that you’re trying to convey. Whether you post them as they are, or overlay them with text, it’s up to you. If you do want to overlay text easily – check out Canva, a free online tool to add text over images.

Here’s an example of a picture that we posted on our Hunted LinkedIn Page made using Canva, and an update that’s definitely benefited from having a picture:

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 20.32.20

There are a number of online resources for free pictures, but it can be hard to find ‘suitable’ ones for business use, and searching can easily become very time consuming. Out of many, we’ve chosen the best 10 to help supplement your LinekdIn Updates. Scroll down to see them, and feel free to bookmark this page for future reference.


1. Unsplash – One of the most well-known free stock photo sites. They focus on nature and outdoor pictures, but have a huge selection and a great search function so you can easily try and find if there’s anything appropriate. There are business specific pictures too.

2. Pexels – This site has a great search function, is easy to use and a good selection of business and office relevant pictures.

3. Startup Stock Photos – No search function, but if you’re posting about startups, look no further – a great selection of ‘day in the life of a start-up’ type pictures.

4. IMCreator – Easy to navigate, and business pictures have their own little section….Hurrah!

5. Gratisography – Not searchable, but some high quality and original pictures – great if you’re looking for something a bit quirky.

6. ISORepublic – This one is OK. Make sure to find the search bar hidden lower down the page!

7. Pixabay – Definitely the most pictures and the best search function, but not always the best overall quality. You have to sift through a lot to find pictures that you’d want to use to add to your post.

8. Stocksnap – Great site. Good number of business pictures, easy to use search function and very clean images.

9. Negative Space – Out there name, but not so out there pictures – great if you want hi-res images showing offices or outdoor spaces. Ok, maybe they are a little out there (outdoors I mean)… no? OK.

10. Stock Up – Stock Up indexes a lot of photos from other free picture sites, so you don’t have to! Search for business pictures from all of the other sites.

Remember to bookmark this page to easily find stock photo sites, and let us know if you come across any more worth checking out.