Should Recruiters Use Robots?

One of the main arguments for using recruitment robots or chatbots is to free up time to focus on other tasks.

The counter argument is the technology doesn’t compare to a human, and therefore isn’t worth paying for.

Most chatbots work like messaging apps and are predominantly designed to help with screening and scheduling.

People don’t mind dealing with bots at the top of the funnel. And they’ve been used to offer a different – arguably improved – candidate experience.

So if there’s a robot right for your business, allowing consultants to focus on revenue generating activities, at what point does it become a justifiable expense?

What’s on the market?

Back in January, we had a look at a few bots in The Immediate Future of AI in Recruitment. Since then, some have made it, some haven’t. Some have expanded, and new names have come to prominence.

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Allegis invested in recruitment software company HiringSolved at the end of last year. Their offering to the chatbot market is RAI: an experimental virtual assistant that helps with sourcing.

Have a chat about in-demand candidates and RAI puts a shortlist together. It also learns like only a machine can, by trying not to repeat sub-par results and adjusting its efforts in real time.

You can get free, early access to RAI by registering your email address on their website.

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Mya’s boldest claim is that it saves “75% of your team’s time” by automating all manner of tasks, particularly screening candidates.

It integrates with your careers page and your ATS and uses up-to-date advances in Natural Language Processing to create open dialogue with candidates.

Pricing plans are custom, based on how many candidates you typically go through each month. Have a look at their website to find out more.

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RoboRecruiter reaches out to candidates on your database to check outdated details and availability. It also qualifies candidates by discussing their suitability for other roles.

In a post-GDPR landscape, RoboRecruiter could ease the burden of responsibility on Consultants by keeping the CRM tidy and putting the onus of responsibility in the hands of the candidate.

One worth chatting to your DPO about. They’re offering a 14 day free trial on their website. A good opportunity to see whether bots really are worth the expense.

The aptly titled Chatbots Magazine has a Global Trends and Analysis report for 2018. Worth a read if you’re considering employing a bot.

These next three programs aren’t chatbots but they do harness the power of AI to augment your recruiting day.

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Otter allows you to record, transcribe and share voice notes.

“Get real-time captions and, within minutes, a searchable transcript synced with audio and photos plus speakers and key phrases”

Helpful for keeping track of interviews, meetings and disciplinaries, Otter’s available for free on the App and Play stores.

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“Never take call notes again”

Tetra’s a note taking app that works on iOS. Make calls through the app and focus on the conversation instead of jotting down key information.

Keep an eye on this one, as in the near future they’re planning various integrations with platforms like Slack, Skype and GoToMeeting. Find Tetra on the App store for “60 trial minutes for test calls when you get started”.

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Call Actions

And this one’s for Android. Call Actions records calls, creates reminders, sets and schedules tasks, as well as pops off texts and emails from a dashboard within the app.

The company are waiting to see how it does on Android first before rolling out for iOS. Get in there early by downloading it from the Play store.