Remote Working Recruitment Companies

Here are three facts that may shock you:

1. Mobile phones let you take calls from anywhere

2. Laptops let you access your documents anywhere

3. Wi-Fi lets you access the internet anywhere

What’s that? All pretty common knowledge?

Then why are you chained to your desk all day every day?

What’s stopping you making those calls, reading those CVs, and accessing your database remotely?

If your commute takes 30 minutes each way, that’s 5 hours a week.

20 hours a month.

240 hours a year.


Why would you do that when you can do exactly the same job from home?

Here are Hunted’s picks for companies offering remote working. Some for a day or two a week, others for several, and some for the whole shebang.

Because different arrangements suit different circumstances. So take a look and find a level of remote working that’s best for you.

Ernest Hunter Green

Some companies really struggle to embed a culture into their company when everyone works remotely. How do you create that feeling of belonging that you get in an office?

Well, in the case of Ernest Hunter Green, in exactly the same what you would in any company. They offer hands on support to anyone going through a rough patch and have regular chats on Skype to bounce ideas off each other.

You get all the benefits of having the team around you, without the frustrations of having to work in a place inconvenient to you. They even have a virtual running club.

EHG were writing the rulebook on remote working two years ago. You can read it, here.

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DNA Recruit

Working in Marketing or Advertising Recruitment and want full remote working? Why not check out DNA? DNA moved to a remote working model a few years ago and have been reaping the rewards since.

Marketing and Advertising Recruiters know this sector can’t be tackled sat behind a desk. You need to be out and about, meeting candidates and clients, booking in face to face meetings.

DNA’s remote working means you never need to worry about running back to the office. Ditch the phone, get some face time and make those placements.

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The TalentPool Company

The TalentPool Company are made up of people who’ve had years of experience at some of the biggest brands in the industry. So you’ve the opportunity to work alongside people you can learn from, while also having the freedom to forge your own career.

That means being in charge of business planning, day to day location, and working hours. Their offices are based in London and Windsor, but smash it while you’re there and you might also be off on the incentive to Vegas.

Experienced consultants enjoy a trusting environment here. The TalentPool Company offer you the flexibility to work from home 2-3 days a week, grab a few beers after work, and work with some awesome brands – not to mention the amount of commission you’ll earn.

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LHi Group is an international recruitment company specialising in the world’s most innovative and transformative sectors. With 8 offices across the UK, USA and Europe, they consist of four non-competing specialist brands; Lawrence Harvey (Technology), SciPro (Life Sciences), Harper Harrison (The Built Environment) and Piper Maddox (Renewable Energy) and an award winning Operations team.

They have an array of fantastic city locations (where they’ll happily move you to), all situated within modern unique work spaces. So think dogs, music, the newest technology and rooftop yoga. And an almost unfathomable equity scheme.

Most LHi consultants are in the office during the week but enjoy a couple of days working remotely when they need to.

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Damhurst & Co

An Executive Search business who believe business development is all about nurturing long term relationships through networking, rather than “power hours”, call times and other traditional KPIs. And if you need it, a day a week working remotely.

A blend of experienced professionals with a start up feel, offering perks such as unlimited holiday allowance, an entertainment budget and exclusive club membership. With some truly fascinating mandates being worked on, Damhurst are proof there’s more to the Insurance industry than Breakdown Cover and PPI.

In fact, we’ve written an article recently about all the ways Damhurst are different to your typical recruitment agency. Read more about it here.

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Cartwheel Recruitment

The hospitality industry’s a relatively niche recruitment market with arguably one of the loveliest candidate bases out there. So couple a great sector with a great company and you’re on to a winner.

Cartwheel Recruitment’s filled with energetic recruiters who work hard to win the hearts of their clients. And transfer the reward to their consultants. Enjoy flexible working hours, office dogs and closed between Christmas and new year.

From day one, they supply you with an iPhone and laptop, so you have the freedom to work remotely whenever you need to.

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Oasis HR

It’s 2020 and Oasis HR are leading the way in shaking off stereotypes associated with recruitment. They’re a niche, multi-award winning Recruitment Consultancy focusing on placing HR, Organisational Change and Talent individuals.

Their cool, coffee shop-style office is scattered with apple macs and sofas and feels like a home from home. A perfect setting to read their 90 5 STAR google reviews, ranking them the most highly rated HR recruitment agency in the UK.

And they’re proud to offer an environment that supports working parents and individuals looking after a loved one. With full flexible working, part-time opportunities and enhanced parental leave policies, you really can have the best of both worlds.

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Whatever you want in your next recruitment job, we’ve got it. And it’s right here.