The Recruitment Reading List: February 2020

The Recruitment Reading List brings you the best books for recruiters to read, specific to the sector you recruit for.

Every book on this list will grant you expanded knowledge of your market, a fresh handful of conversation starters, and a legitimate excuse to put your feet up in the evening.

This month, we’ve got:

A snapshot of what’s in store for tech sectors over the next decade.

Yet another lifting of the veil for one of the world’s most powerful companies.

A unique insight into what life’s like on the ground in the legal profession.

And a textbook example of how to sell drugs on the internet.

If you’re a Recruitment Consultant looking to seriously up your game this February, there might be a book on this list that’ll do precisely that. And you’ll have barely lifted a finger.

The Future Is Faster Than You Think

Peter H. Diamandis & Steven Kotler

Peter Diamandis is an entrepreneur named by Fortune Magazine as one of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders. And Steven Kotler’s an award winning journalist and high performance expert.

The first time the pair co-authored a book was 2012’s Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think. And this new one, to paraphrase the book’s subtitle, is about the rate, and the nature by which technology’s transforming individual businesses, entire industries, and our personal lives.

Focusing a keen eye on the way new technologies cross over, the book positions itself as a guide to the next decade of innovation.

If I was a tech recruiter, I’d want a peek at the immediate future of my market. Particularly if it was going to influence my candidate pools, or the sort of insights I’d be bringing my clients.

But given that it’s a technological world and we all just live in it, it’s also just important reading regardless of whether you work that market or not.

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Facebook: The Inside Story

Steven Levy

Steven Levy is Editor at Large for Wired and he’s been following Facebook around for the last 3 years. Which has coincided, rather conveniently, with 3 years of scandals. Particularly of the data misuse and fake news varieties.

They’re one of the biggest and most powerful companies on the planet. And everyone has their opinion on the tech giant.

Pieced together by hundreds of interviews both within and outside the company, Levy tells the most recent history of one of the biggest names in the digital market. He also takes a long look at where the platform’s going. Important if you believe that’s where we’ll be doing all our recruiting in a few years time.

Facebook’s changed the game for social platforms forever. But just how much? There won’t be a hiring manager or candidate you speak to who doesn’t have an opinion on the matter. Make sure yours is just as well informed when the book’s out on Tuesday (25th February 2020).

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In Your Defence: Stories of Life and Law

Sarah Langford

Sarah Langford’s been a barrister since 2006. Then she released this last year, becoming a bestselling author in the process. Sunday Times book reviewer Jenni Russell had this to say about it:

“Sarah Langford has reinvented a genre … [as a barrister she has turned] her experience of 11 criminal cases into short stories that are as compelling as fiction, with the added fascination of being essentially true … Immensely powerful.”

One trend with bestsellers lists is you’ll find plenty of books on them offering to lift the lid on lines of work we all see, or are maybe just aware of, but often don’t fully comprehend. The popularity of Adam Kay’s This Is Going To Hurt: Secret Diaries Of A Junior Doctor comes to mind, particularly recently.

Well, this is along a similar vein, albeit for the legal profession.

You’ll raise your status in phone calls and meetings by equipping yourself with a deeper layered understanding of how your sector works. And aside from working in the industry yourself, reading the stories of people who have is the next best way to experience it.

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Introduction To Digital Marketing In The Pharmaceutical Industry

Oliver Gryson

Not every book on this list will have the flashiest title. Oliver Gryson’s the Global Head Of Digital Healthcare at Medical Device company Abbott, and this is everything you need to know about marketing within the pharmaceutical industry.

If you recruit into either some form of promotional or medical information/science verticals, this book will touch upon a lot of the challenges, processes, and best practice your candidates will be well versed in. Giving you, literally, a textbook understanding of their work.

Not only that, but the rules of marketing medication apply just as much to recruitment, in that creating, executing, and tracking digital campaigns is somewhat the same, regardless of whether you’re marketing drugs or jobs.

Get inside the inner workings of your market and learn how to promote it more effectively at the same time?

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