Recruitment Incentives: 15 Different Perks for Doing the Same Job

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There are lots of reasons to go into recruitment. The motivation for most, is financial reward.

Yes, it feels great to help a candidate find a dream job! It’s also excellent when you put a truly great company, in the strategic position to succeed, by helping them hire effectively.

Let’s be honest however, without the gold at the end of the rainbow, you may not put up with the rain.

A phrase we see a lot at Hunted is “Uncapped Commission Scheme!” Strangely, there aren’t a lot of companies who will cap your commission scheme, yet people still promote it.

As companies vie for your attention and differentiate in doing so, many offer some truly great perks.

Here are 15 companies celebrating their differences. And offering you something different!


Goodman Masson – Mortgage scheme

In a bid to help their consultants get onto the property ladder, Goodman Masson have introduced a mortgage scheme. This means you get assistance in something people find typically VERY stressful. Pretty thoughtful.


Blackbox – 50% Flat Commission (after threshold)

This company are the newest start up in London who have a truly different outlook. They have a threshold of £4k per month (to cover your desk), but after that, offer a flat rate 50% commission. Which ever way you dress that up, it’s got to be one of the best perks out there?


Amida – Duvet days

Amida understand that recruitment, (perhaps more than other jobs) means you’re going to be out celebrating your success. In line with this, they’ve included ‘Duvet Days’ in their benefits package. Too hungover to make it to the desk? Call in a Duvet Day. Dreamy!


POD talent – Equity for everyone

A lot of recruitment companies offer equity, but only after you’ve reached Director level and been with them for years. Not POD Talent. They offer equity options for Team Leader level and set targets to help you achieve it. This means you get a share of the success that you create.


Oliver James – Have a huge summer event every year

Oliver James know the value of hard work, but also letting your hair down. What better way to do this than create your own festival? It’s currently slightly smaller than Glasto, but you won’t queue as long for the portaloo either! This year they plan to take the festival ‘off shore’ with a boat party.


Astbury Marsden – Top Biller receives 50% of base salary as a bonus

Being the Top Biller in any company means plenty of perks. Firstly, you’re likely to be earning plenty of sweet sweet commission. Secondly, you’ve got bragging rights for the next 12 months. At Astbury Marsden, on top of all that they give you 50% of your salary as a Brucey Bonus! Didn’t they do well!


Randstad – Can meet the Williams F1 driving team

Randstad are obviously one of the biggest names in the industry. F1 teams don’t partner with just anyone. A different perk they offer in line with this? Get access to Williams F1 testing and race days including meeting the Williams team. Sure to get your pulse racing.


Thorn Baker – CSR days – Volunteer for a day, for a charity of your choice

As more and more companies try to give something back to the world around them, Thorn Baker offer CSR days where they encourage you to volunteer for a charity of your choice. We could all do more of this, and allowing it during work hours is a nice touch. Not to mention good for cleansing the soul.


Propel London – Flexible working and child support

Many recruitment companies want you at your desk, and would invest in chains if it was legally viable. Propel think this attitude is child’s play. They offer flexible working and child support meaning you can balance being a super recruiter and ‘extra curricular activities’, such as children.


Aquent | Vitamin T – Bean bag sofas and X-Box

Aquent | Vitamin T have a lot of benefits on offer. Just one of them is a ‘break out area’ including Sofas, Bean Bags and X-box’s. Which means, along with beating your colleagues in billings you can also beat them at Fifa. (It’s probably good for morale no one at Hunted works at Aquent!)


Spencer Ogden – Work for a week in their Ibiza office

Spencer Ogden have offices all over the world. There are plenty of benefits to this such as collaboration between teams in different regions. As a perk, they offer the chance to work from their Ibiza office for a week. Just remember you’ll need to sleep at some point too.


Proco Global – Free holiday days

Ahh “Holiday”. At some companies you could only whisper it. Anything more than a whisper and it would vanish… it was so fragile. Proco give away on average 5 free holiday days per month to their consultants. Anyone fancy a city break to see the glory of Rome?


Nicoll Curtin – Future Fund

The saying “you live to your means” is often proved when your billings go up in recruitment, and so does your affluent lifestyle. At Nicoll Curtin however, they have the Future Fund. This means that whatever consultants can save over a 3 year period, the company matches what they’ve saved up to 100%. The hope is, this means smashed targets, not smashed piggy banks.


La Fosse – Wellbeing benefits (such as massage and hypnotherapy)

If you have a body, you’ll know the “wellbeing benefit” of a good massage. La Fosse have a benefits section that goes by this very name. Including massages, productivity seminars and hypnotherapy. (Presumably this doesn’t mean being a chicken on a stage in front of your colleagues.)


Ambition – Relocation between offices

With the globalisation of recruitment comes opportunity in all corners of the world. It’s a career that can help you to move abroad, and Ambition are a company that will assist you with this. It’s quite literally a perk that can change your life.

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