The Status Quo

As a recruiter you’ll spend a large part of your life formatting CVs. It can be a painstaking exercise. Friends and family that know of your vocation will no doubt ask you regularly, to run through theirs.

It’s a request you adhere to, because, although “I’m actually a specialist in a different market” you insist, you do at least know what a decent CV looks like: How it should be formatted and what clients looks for when reading it.

Why then, can a recruiter not write a CV for themselves?

If you ask most recruitment bosses about the CVs they read daily, an incredibly large proportion will say the information they need to see isn’t present. Instead, the information they just don’t care about is in its place.

At Hunted, we’ve built a mobile app that no longer deals in CVs. The reason for this is to better represent recruiters. To better represent the jobs recruiters do, and quite simply better represent the industry.

We’re hoping to eradicate the same dull summaries being tirelessly provided when a recruiter applies to a job. On both sides of the fence.

The Problem

Google: ‘Recruitment Consultant job’ right now. The same middle of the road adverts will come up describing a ‘fantastic opportunity’ to work in a great team who are searching for highly motivated and commercially, sales driven consultants. Inspiring stuff.

It’s hardly surprising that a consultant can’t write a more engaging CV given the copy on typical recruitment job ads.

Despite, being more qualified than anyone to write a CV.

Despite, having spent very long days, week after week, year after year, doing the job they need to describe.

Despite, having access to thousands of CVs as comparisons.

Despite, having to read CVs as part of their day job.

Typical recruiter CV copy: “I’m a highly motivated recruiter who’s spent the last two years placing candidates in the property sector. I work as part of a team, but also very well autonomously. I’m commercially driven and always strive for the best results.” It’s generic at best.

CV Venn

The Solution

So what should a recruiter be waxing lyrical about on their CV? Other than their burning desire to land a ‘fantastic opportunity’?

The answer: A lot


  • Typical roles filled
  • Typical clients and sectors placed into
  • Seniority of candidates
  • Formalised training received


  • Average number of contractors/placements
  • Average deal size
  • Average number of deals/month
  • Average fee percentage
  • How regularly targets were hit
  • Ranking versus peers

Career Narrative:

  • Current frustrations
  • Future aspirations
  • Current/Desired Base salary
  • Areas of desired future development

This is just a snapshot. There’s so much more!


When you download Hunted and complete your profile you have the chance to add information about your career that goes above and beyond the norm. There’s no need to write a CV ever again.

Whether you’re anonymous or not, hiring managers are left under no illusions of your capabilities. More than this, they (and you) can see where you might fit into their company. It’s the easiest way to find a job in recruitment that’s ever existed.

Don’t believe me? Have a look.



The beauty of this preferences profile, is a potential hiring manager doesn’t have to search for the critical information about you.

What’s more, a lot of the ‘match’ between recruiter and recruitment company is automated.

So, no more patchy boolean searches. No more Rec to Rec branded CVs cluttering up your desk. No more scouring LinkedIn for hours and no more generic InMails to every recruiter inside a broad demographic that almost certainly won’t be responding.


If you’re a recruiter currently considering writing your CV. Stop. Download Hunted. It’ll take you half the time and give you twice the results.

If you’re a Recruitment Manager looking to expand your team. Get in touch.