Recruitment Cultures That Feel Like Family

Spending 60 hours a week recruiting can be intense, especially being prone to drop-outs. But it’s even more so if you dislike your co-workers. They say on average 90,000 hours are spent working in a lifetime, outweighing time spent with our family and friends.

In recruitment, you can probably increase that number.

When looking for a new job you’re often thinking:

“Will this package suffice?”

“Can I commute there and avoid the central line?”

“What’s my trajectory going to be?”

Whilst these things are crucial you often forget to ask about the business’s culture, environment and what creates positive engagement among co-workers.

If you can’t get along with your teammates, or are fed up with your boss, this has massive implications for your success. A negative environment not only makes you less productive, but you’ll be less likely to capitalise on business opportunities or seek development from those around you.

If you think about the most successful companies in the world – they all start with someone’s vision & passion. The first hires into the business also share this. You spend so much time together hustling to create the baseline you become a “work family”

A family you spend longer with than your relatives.

Employees who treat their co-workers as a “business family” are much more likely to be collaborative and happy at work. They’ll feel more inspired to put in the extra energy feeling less like cogs in a wheel.

Today, we’ve featured 5 Hunted partners who invest heavily in workplace wellness, and encouraging a business-family culture.

Happy employees = Successful Employees.  




With offices in London, Scotland, Singapore and New York, Empiric is a leader in global technology recruitment. Their head office has an indoor golf range, F1 driving simulator and fully stocked bar, but more importantly “Family” is one of their core internal pillars.

Empiric’s BAME Network’s a community which powerfully enables their staff to collaborate. This ensures they promote an inclusive and comfortable environment where team members can be themselves and grow professionally.

Its objectives are setting foundations of equality, inclusiveness and fairness, helping shape business collaboration, helping define business standards and promotion criteria. Along with allowing members to collaborate and build lasting relationships. Not to mention celebrating different religious and cultural events.

Whilst Empiric’s a bunch talented recruiters, a large part of their success is down to the support and respect encouraged in the office day to day creating an environment you look forward to re-visiting every Monday morning.

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Design specialists, Represent, fully immerse themselves in the industry. Holding open-door surgeries for students to get their portfolio in shape and helping experienced designers refreshing their books too.  Not only are they passionate about their industry sector, one of their core values is work wellness and happiness amongst the team.

Represent has introduced ‘Airtime’. This policy’s a time set aside each month to ensure their staff are all happily engaged. Every Consultant’s encouraged to discuss their work and progression. They work with an online coaching tool to help them create meaningful sessions with the entire team. This includes creating a wellness benchmark and identifying self-drivers like wellbeing and performance objectives.

This is less like your typical “why aren’t you billing” catch ups and more focused on your happiness with practical guidance to improve collaboration.

Represent also do many team outings and incentives in style offering company-funded social events including exhibition visits, lots of great meals out and the occasional evening of Karaoke.

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CItitec- Canva


Cititec are financial app recruitment specialists based in Shoreditch. Renowned for their “family feel” environment yet still possess the success of a large scale business. Cititec understands that success isn’t achieved for individuals unless  a friendly, collaborative, and social environment is encouraged. All employees are passionate about their career, sharing the same vision whilst also having a lot of fun!

Cititec’s known for their personal recruitment style, but not just to benefit their candidates and clients, this is a company where people feel fully supported in their work and are confident that the company is focused on quality.

Additionally, they host a variety of educational, training, and social events  to develop team dynamic such as:  professional Training (NLP, Management, Finance Diploma), and breakfast every day. There’s also several internal monthly, quarterly, and annual competitions. From ‘Salesperson of the Year’, to ‘Resourcer of the Year’, there are many exciting opportunities to win some great prizes.

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NU Creative Canva

NU Creative Talent

NU Creative Talent is a Marketing and Client Services recruitment agency that focuses on transparency both internally, and with their clients and candidates. Every consultant is a creative at heart, be that in film, fashion, fine dining, music or art.

They’re not about internal politics, they’re an open and honest bunch. Everyone has a voice, opinions are listened to and acted upon, whether in the office or down the pub, and is the foundation for their office friendships.

At NU Creative Talent teamwork and collaboration’s essential to success. Regardless of personal targets, the team are encouraged to collaborate with each other, offering advice and candidate recommendations to others. They don’t believe in getting territorial and actively encourage knowledge-sharing.

Plenty of creatively-minded people have been welcomed into NU Creative Talent’s team. So, their team has consisted of: writers, film-makers, designers, budding photographers, classic car enthusiasts and home brewers. Despite varied hobbies, all employees have one thing in common: they love working with creatives, and can appreciate a good portfolio.

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In just 4 short years, Genum have gone from nipping to Starbucks in Tooting for candidate meetings, to working with an impressive client list within the property market. Based in Victoria they benefit from the central location but also communal areas. An artisan cafe, a boxing and crossfit gym, roof terrace and general break out areas that are available to work in. With a non-KPI driven environment, close-knit team and Friday team lunches, this is an excellent platform for a recruiter to join the Genum family.

Genum understand’s we spend two thirds of our life at work. So you have to love what you do and enjoy the company of co-workers. Genum values internal team friendships as strongly as client ones.

Understanding “people are any organisations most appreciable asset” The company has gone from strength to strength thanks to some amazing long term friends and contacts and are now sitting on the preferred supplier list of some of the top property & proptech firms in the UK.

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