Recruitment Companies: Large Vs Small

Recruitment’s been around for a while. There are more agencies in the world now than ever before. They’re all different and all operate in a different way, despite doing the same job.

At Hunted we pride ourselves on the varied world we offer to Recruiters. However individual you are, whatever your interests outside of recruitment and the corner of the world you’re looking to explore, we give you the best insight into your options.

But given the huge choice and variation on offer, what should you consider before choosing?

One of the many things you’ll want to contemplate is the size of company you’d fit best into.

The size of an organisation in recruitment has connotations at every level, and it’s so much more than the size of their database.

Large Companies Collage

Larger Company Benefits

1. The buzz of a big sales floor. Inspires competitiveness and the thrill of doing a deal surrounded by multiple teams

2. If you’re top biller: the bigger the company the bigger the achievement

3. Infrastructure: The almighty database isn’t the advantage it used to be over your competition, but it’s still an advantage. Especially when starting in a new market. The more established the company, the larger the pool for you to cast your net

4. The training and development is likely to be more advanced, more refined and have benefitted from more financial investment

5. There will almost certainly be larger budgets for marketing activities and you probably even a separate marketing team

6. Team and individual support to help you focus on billings. Whether that’s a Team Secretary, Resourcers, Admin, Accounts.

7. A global (and positive) reputation even before you introduce yourself on the phone which can really help with business development

8. Warmer desks and cross selling abilities between colleagues, teams, offices, countries

9. Potential for a more diverse career e.g. Non-billing manager, Managed Services, RPO, Training and development

10. Global relocation opportunities and a more diverse set of international colleagues

11. The financial stability of the company is always a bonus, and may mean you get paid commission in the period when offer is accepted/invoiced rather than waiting until it has been paid

12. Potentially bigger incentives: whether that’s better holiday destinations or a just a bigger budget for team drinks on a Friday

13. A wider benefits package

14. You won’t know everyone in the company (hello Christmas party!)

15. Share options (if possible) may offer reward sooner, if the company is on track to an event (IPO/sale)

Small Companies Collage

Smaller Company Benefits

1. Benefit from less segregation in specialism or region

2. Greater exposure to Founders and Directors as mentors and to learn from. Not to mention there being fewer layers of management between you and the decision makers

3. A much lower business cost can often often mean a more attractive reward or commission structure

4. You can help define the working environment and take an active part in its direction

5. There’s probably a greater chance to be entrepreneurial and build something from scratch. Nothing gives you more pride than building your own business

6. A potential for equity and ownership at an earlier stage of the business growth

7. A heightened sense of team spirit (and potentially less star candidates hidden in someone’s top drawer)

8. Typically more autonomy and flexibility

9. More opportunity to take a lead in diversification. Such as opening a new office in a new location

10. The incentives may be more creative and have you in mind

11. It could be closer team, as people often hire like-minded people. But that can’t be maintained as a business grows

12. More agile and faster to adapt. Whether that’s adopting new CRM or moving into a different market specialism

13. You’re more likely to know everyone at the company

14. Your own day job may be more varied. If there’s no marketing function, guess what you can add to your CV?

15. It’s easier to find an ideal fit of company, given the vast choice of smaller companies: You can consider culture, rewards, leadership, offices, sector, team, direction of company, worldwide location etc.

David vs Goliath

There’s a reason the largest companies in the world are the largest companies in the world. It’s not just that they do a good job with their bottom line and help candidates and clients. It’s that with the right management team, company culture and branding, they can be amazing places to work.

Your network instantly explodes upon joining, and you’re given all of the guidance, training and resources necessary to succeed. Opportunities to relocate are readily available and if you’re successful, that name on your CV will be instantly recognisable.

Remember every recruitment giant started life as a small business.

Joining a smaller company gives you more creativity. It’s an opportunity to really gain more control of your process and take an active part of the commercial marketplace you operate in, even shaping the business. You’ll also be learning from mentors who, you know have done it before. Successfully.

Suited to perhaps the commercially agile Recruiter, smaller companies can offer a great insight into the full business process and provide a close-knit environment. Which is a great platform for future life.

Unlike the mythical scuffle referenced above, there’s no winner per se in recruitment for large companies vs small agencies.

The right choice is what’s right for you. And this may change at different parts of your life. People change… much like teams, Managers and companies.

Whatever size company you decide is right for you. Make sure you decide on somewhere amazing