Recruitment Agencies that love networking

Active networking is vital for your career growth.

Building long-term relationships with your candidates and clients will stand you in good stead for billings a plenty throughout your career.

Working for a company who will put you right in the centre of your space is the ultimate career boost.

By getting involved in industry events and meetups you can create real value in your space, and be thought of fondly by potential candidates and clients alike.

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day of recruitment and find yourself in a rut.

Talking to the people outside of a formal recruitment setting will allow you to gain insights and view things from a different pair of eyes.

You’ll be able to reach more clients, have better knowledge and build a reputation for yourself as a supportive, reliable recruiter.

And then who do you think will be getting all the referrals?

You, or Joe Bloggs who’s been leaving Candidate X daily voicemails for the last 4 weeks. , never quite getting through.

Be seen by your Industry.

Become a part of the best meetups and events around.

Expose yourself with these companies.


Cognitive Group

Cognitive is a specialist in Microsoft Tech and Transformation.

Their clients include funky fashion brands, adventurous global agencies and thought leading consultancies.

It’s their culture that’s really unique, they all work collaboratively on clients and candidates, and instead of chasing KPI’s and money, they focus on building relationships.

Their commitment to training is awesome, with up to 20 hours per week provided.

There are also some cool perks on offer such as weekly flexi time and finishing at 3pm every summer Friday.

With all of this, it’s no wonder you’ll be billing 48% above industry standard.

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frazer john

Frazer John Recruitment

Frazer John set their roots in Manchester in 2011 and have since opened in London this year.

They’ve got a highly experienced leadership team always on hand to offer development and training.

Monthly and quarterly incentives alongside trips abroad make Frazer John a pretty fun place to work.

Frazer John are a business to join if you’re looking for a relaxed environment with a high earning commission structure.

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Dual location company with amazing loft style offices in Brighton and South West London.

At this award-winning business you can enjoy table tennis, standing desks, beer fridges, and free breakfasts!

These guys have an exciting range of clients, some of the best technology in the business, and a flexible working policy which puts you in charge of your time.

At Hanover they do all they can to ensure you’re primed for both success and work-life balance.

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Signify Technology

Founded in 2016, Signify specialise in Software Engineer (back-end) roles with a reputable client list across the world.

With a shift away from KPIs and call times, Signify offer flexibility and a dress down environment.

Career reviews occur every 6 months supported by a training and development scheme so you’ll be flying through the ranks in no time.

Signify are also developing as real thought leaders in the Scala space, they run their own monthly tech meet up plus also sponsor industry events.

You’ll also find them hovering near to the beer fridge, table tennis table or playing darts.

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Be part of placing candidates that are transforming our world: The Talent behind the digital revolution.

Business Change and Digital Transformation specialists Venquis have developed £500k billers by investing 5% of their profit in to employee development.

Benefit from more holidays and perks than any recruiter could ever need; 75% off Champneys health breaks, equity, sabbatical and flexible/remote working to name a few.

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