Recruitment Agencies for Gym Goers

Everyone knows exercising is a good idea. That’s not a new concept.

The physical and cognitive benefits are covered extensively across the internet, in magazines, at the doctors, by your nan at the dinner table.

However, going to the gym is seldom top priority during the working week.

Because after a hard day’s work you just want to go home.

And quite frankly, there are other things you need to spend money on than a chunky monthly direct debit for the gym closest to your office.

It’s just not a priority given the resources available to you and demands made of you.

What if you worked for a company who eliminated the problem by giving you the resources?

Here are five companies making it easier to exercise during your working week.

Stott and May

Stott and May

Based right above a Gymbox, time isn’t an issue for recruiters at Stott and May who want to hit the treadmill.

And neither’s money, not least because their recruiters are high achievers. Stotters who want to get active can benefit from subsidised gym membership at Nuffield Health, Virgin Active, Fitness First and Gymbox.

They also offer a monthly gym or clothing allowance that increases to £40 per month after 3 years service.

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ellwood consulting

Ellwood Consulting

This privately owned boutique specialising in mid-senior level appointments across A&F, Banking and FS, HR, Sales & Marketing and Technology, striking the balance between modern recruitment methodologies and a professional consultative service.

They have a gym at their Kuala Lumpur office which you can use for free! Save time, make money.

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With brand new offices in Clerkenwell, EMR provide a friendly and sociable office space.

And they really care about your health, body and mind.

Recruiters at EMR benefit from Vitality Health, discounted gym membership AND private medical insurance.

Plus they’ll give you 2 hours flexi time a week to really make use of the gym.

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TRG are the Kings and Queens of meetups.

They’ve built 4 awesome communities including The Agile Roundabout, JS Roundabout, JVM Roundabout and QE Roundabout.

They have a gym and fitness classes in their building and with extended gym/wellbeing lunch breaks and three 10am starts a year you’ll have plenty of time to make use of it.

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Jobheron have created a product that gives companies all the tools of a recruiter at a fraction of the price through their technology.

If you want to scrap the not so great parts of recruitment, like laboriously scrolling through LinkedIn and sifting through CVs, but still want to be client facing, Jobheron is for you.

Not only do they give you more time to do the parts of recruitment you love.

They’ll also give you your evenings back by offering two one and a half hour lunch breaks a week to fit in your gym time.

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