Recruiter Hacks

Ultimate productivity in recruitment is the combination of using the right tools in the right way.

While LinkedIn certainly has it’s uses,  there are loads of other technology products out there that can really put you ahead of the game. Thousands of companies are developing solutions to increase efficiency; a bunch of which are great for recruiters.

We’ve put together a list of the best technology out there to make your day more productive, and we’ll keep it updated.
Here’s eight for now:

#1 Rescuetime


RescueTime sits in your browser recording exactly how much time you spend on each activity.

This will help you to:
1) police yourself into avoiding social-media and distractions and
2) look back and feel satisfied with your days’ hard work.

Every day it gives you a simple visual breakdown of exactly how you’ve spent your time that day. You can see which days and times are your most productive, and if required, makes some changes to your activities.

#2 Slack

Picture3Hunted relies on Slack entirely for internal communication. It’s like WhatsApp for businesses, and it’s free for small teams. It’s so good that the business has been valued at $2bn and still haven’t spent any real money on marketing!

Chats are split into private, team and topic chats, and separated with hashtags so you can cross-reference any subject. You can include messages, files, images and video, and search efficiently through old conversations.

#3 Text Lightning


Text Lightning gives you custom email templates so you never have to search through your sent items to find that one ‘2nd BD follow up’ or ‘how did your daughter do in her GCSE’s?’ email to copy and paste.

It’s a free Microsoft Outlook add-on that helps you smash through standard emails faster than ever before.

#4 GoToMeeting


If you’ve arranged a product demo with Hunted and we can’t do it in person, it’s always over GotoMeeting. It’s a high quality video chat and screen-share with no download or account needed! You just get a custom URL and send it over the other party by email.

Great for interviewing candidates, running through their CV or just to catch up with your mates on Friday lunchtime.

#5 Genius Scan


Need to send a signed contract but aren’t anywhere near the office? Genius Scan is a free app that lets you scan documents from your phone straight into a PDF. Worth having, just in case.

#6 HootSuite


Most recruiters know how important social media is, but building up a brand presence on one social network, let alone several, can seem an unmanageable workload.

There are hundreds of social media management tools but HootSuite is the most popular. It allows you to post across multiple social networks from one dashboard, track conversations and schedule posts so you don’t need to manually log in. You can also easily measure the results you’re getting to boot.

HootSuite is the most time-efficient way to build engagement with your network.



See people posting tons of random content on Linkedin? They’re unlikely to have sat there looking for it for hours. They’ve probably used or something similar.

You create a custom feed of articles using industry tags, and then schedule posts to post on your newsfeed at the optimum time.

And finally…

No recruiter’s hack list would be complete without mentioning the Hunted Performance Tracker. Track your billings on the go, build a career timeline and compare yourself to the rest of the market.