Recruiter Hacks: Part Three

Much like previous articles in this series, we hear of tools and hacks regularly that can make a big difference to the life of a recruiter.

This, the third in our series focuses on tools to make you healthier, happier and your general working day more productive. Whether you’re in Exec Search, permanent contingency or the fast moving contract recruitment world, these should all help in some way.

1. Standing desks

Whether you believe the anti-sitting brigade in their insistence that you’re hurrying your demise by not standing, or take in new evidence such as this that counters that, it is nice to have an option. You’re also not going to do any harm by standing periodically at your desk!

In the recruitment world, standing on an important call is a great habit. You’ll be more engaged and will communicate more effectively. 

There are tons of companies now offering a range of desk options. Whether you go for purely standing, transitional (normal seat height and standing height) or something slightly wackier like this ‘Hamster wheel’ desk, you should find something to suit.

Hamster Wheel desk

2. Stand App

In conjunction with the above… if you’re finding it difficult to stand up often, and would benefit from a more direct approach, you need Stand App. It will give you alarmed reminders of when to stand up and be more active. There are also low to medium intensity exercises to do, so you’re not simply standing still.

Set your interval times suited to your day and you’ll be less sedentary and feel less lethargic by the time you’re on your way home.

Stand App

3. feedly

If you’re keeping an eye on the news, industry publications, blogs and information from the ‘twitter-sphere’ to keep updated on your world of news, feedly can help!

The website pulls together info from your pre-selected list of feeds to one place with convenient interaction – i.e. once they’ve been read you can tick them off.

You can then either explore more from that website, use any links in your own publications or move on. How does this help with recruitment? Well feedly lets you retrieve the latest news from around the world to keep tabs on your industry.

If you don’t like being in the know or clued up, then don’t bother. If you have a desire to further your knowledge and fuel the days conversation to build rapport, try feedly and thank us later.


4. FreeAgent

Contract consultants pay attention: FreeAgent will dramatically help your runners manage their finances. This means they’re happier, which means you’re happier.

Equally of use to smaller recruitment companies who perhaps don’t have a dedicated accounts department, the site which also comes as a mobile app makes the process of business accounting incredibly easy.

“The online accounting software brings everything together, from invoice and expense management to VAT, payroll and self assessment tax return filing.”

Free Agent screen shot copy

5. Mint

Another accounting tool but with more of an emphasis on saving or personal wealth. Mint is a fantastic application for those of us who find money management a difficult thing to maintain. The user interface is lovely to use, the tools work and make sense… and like all truly great tools… it’s free!

There’s also the Mint blog which features articles with advice, case studies and info galore to help you start thinking in the right frame of mind to make a Mint.

Mint Screenshot


6. Evernote

Evernote is a tool we at Hunted have been using for a long time. You can easily save voice notes, videos, photos and of course standard written entries, and having a notes tool with multiple users is invaluable.

The mobile app means you can constantly keep ideas rather than forget them all too easily, when you’re on the go. When you’re logged in on your desktop you’ll always see the handy Evernote Elephant asking if you’d like to save certain things.

Evernote shot

7. ShoeBoxed

Always on the go, driving to meetings with clients and candidates? Do you still give out and receive business cards that then sit on your desk for the next 18 months? How about expense forms from taking your 5 best clients out this month? ShoeBoxed aims to turn those pieces of card and paper into digital form – including your business mileage.

If you’re in the USA the app’s IRS accredited making it as useful as the previous two financial tools.

A perk of the company is that they’ll send you a pre-paid envelope for all of your old business cards. Send them off and ShoeBoxed transforms them into digital files for you.

ShowBoxed ss1

Stay ahead of the game by using some, if not all, of these productivity hacks in your recruitment career. Pass on those that might help others and check back for the next update which will feature new mobile apps, websites and life or technology hacks.