Recruiter Hacks: Part Five

Welcome back to the best place for recruitment productivity hacks. I’d guess, the main thing stopping you from making more money in your recruitment life is having more time.

Therefore, the list of hacks in this article focuses on you being able to do more, in less time. Ultimately, making you more money.

The first three are email focused. Why? Because, until someone revolutionises the way people communicate in recruitment and business, it’s almost certainly your main communication tool, other than your phone.

Slik Prospector

1. Slik Prospector

Contact details are king in the world of recruitment. The easier you’re able to contact someone, the easier it is for you to do business. Enter Slik Prospector.

Trusted by companies like Google, Salesforce and Oracle, Slik Prospector does all of the hard work for you from a LinkedIn profile alone. The company promise a 98% accuracy rate and have tiered pricing model, the basic starting at $25 per month for 300 credits. Slik huh?


 2. Proofy

I know what you’re thinking… what if you pay for Slik Prospector and then 6 months down the line you need to verify a load of email addresses in one go? You’ll probably need a tool to help you do it. A tool like Proofy for example.

If you’ve got a load of email addresses in a database that haven’t emailed back to your super specialised and targeted mail shots in a year Proofy can do the leg-work for you.

Also, if by any chance you have colleagues that are, shall we say, less than enthusiastic about high level data entry, Proofy could be helping you here too. Their plugin will highlight any incorrect emails as you enter them – perfect for the 2% of the time that Slik let’s you down, or the KPI chasing junior just trying to get through the week.

Notion AI

3. Notion AI

I’m not sure whether you’ve been on LinkedIn recently, but the worldwide job hunting community are basically sick of terrible emails. You know the type, I won’t muddy my content by copying one of them.

We’re better as an industry than this type of rubbish. If you send out terrible emails, guess what kind of candidates you’re going to get? Notion AI will help you to create better emails. The product is the first intelligent layer for email. It helps by filtering, highlighting and prompting you to focus on what people want to read.

Notion promise a beautiful email experience.



Have you ever had a meeting which could very well have been an email? Sometimes you find yourself in meetings about an upcoming meeting, which in itself doesn’t need to be a meeting. Life shouldn’t be this difficult.

Meeting Planner and Simple Planner are emerging new apps designed to make scheduling easier. These apps are hot off the press and are designed with you in mind, the time-short Recruiter who’s already going to too many meetings.

Lattice Reviews

 5. Lattice Reviews

Whether you run a team, are a member of one or have any kind of management structure in place it’s often difficult to ascertain how well someone’s doing outside of deal targets. If you’re hitting targets, there’s nothing to say you couldn’t be doing more. If you’re not hitting targets there’s nothing to say you’re not doing everything you can, and the deals will soon follow.

It’s important therefore to find a product that can offer performance reviews above and beyond the question “how are your KPIs looking?”

Yes you can spend 3 hours on the phone in a day, but if you’re chatting to your gran for half of that, you may be flattering to deceive. Lattice lets you perform 180 or 360 degree reviews (meaning you can review your boss too) and gain reports on the outcomes for future development.

You can even get a free 14 day trial to see how you go. Which is awfully nice of them isn’t it.

Spoil iOS

6. Spoil  (One for the US readers)

Whether you’re looking to welcome a candidate to a new job, surprise a client with a nice gift or simply try and get that internal recruiter to look at your CVs Spoil is a same day delivery service offering personalised gifts to your recipients. With just a few taps of an app you can send beautiful presents from Champagne to macaroons.

Even if you just use the app for sending the other half something to celebrate placing a candidate, Spoil is a great way to say you’re thinking of someone without having to spend ages looking for a flower company or putting a bottle of champers in an uber.

As a little bonus this week, I thought I’d include some hacks for general recruiting you may not have thought of.

Firstly, the ability to track down the hiring manager from a job spec.

It’s not foolproof but you can sometimes find the author of a word document, i.e. who wrote it before it was sent through HR and onto you. Perfect for when an HR department is being super secretive. Be warned, you’re likely to get in trouble if they find out.

Secondly, (for the super-sleuths out there) if you’re using a watchdog on a job board for certain skills like Java for example, you could be creative with this to find out when the best candidates come on the market – before anyone else.

Simply swap the usual boolean for the mobile number of that desirable candidate and boom. As soon as that person’s CV comes online, guess who’s the first to find out?

You’re happy because you’ve got a great candidate, the candidate’s happy because they don’t have to bother calling every recruiter they know and they’ll get relevant job offers as soon as they’re available. Win win.