Recruiter Hacks: New Years Evolutions

Last year, we were committed to bringing you the latest and greatest hacks for your recruitment career. In case you weren’t with us last year, or simply haven’t seen them. Have a peek. They’ll help you.

It’s now 2017 and the Recruiters who know how to yield the latest in technology, to aid and assist their day to day life will be the ones who win.

The hacks below are designed to help you get the best start in 2017. Whether you’re coming into the year with £100k on the board or an empty slate.

Level Therapy

1. Level Therapy

The most important tool in your recruitment career, no matter what anyone tells you, is you. And because of that you should be doing everything you can to make sure you’re equipped to be dealing with everything life throws at you.

Now while I’m not saying “if you work in recruitment, you should get a therapist” I am saying taking about things that get you down will dramatically increase you capability of dealing with them head on.

And, finding the time to do that is where Level Therapy comes in. Think of it as a sanity checker in your pocket, whenever you need one.

Make sure you start the 2017 chapter of your recruitment story on the level.


2. Clearbit

The ‘holy trinity’ of your database, phone and email is something you’ll use every single day. There are however individual products that will accentuate their power.

Clearbit is such a product. If used correctly it could dramatically impact your ability to do business.  Often you’ll notice the best Recruiters you work with will have certain tricks of the trade to get in touch with people. They’re inventive, tried and tested and always deliver the goods. Clearbit’s a little like all of those tricks in one easy place.

There are a lot of tools and databases you use in recruitment which essentially double the effort you have to put in. Doing your actual work, then documenting it. This certainly isn’t one of those. Finally a clear bit of product for your job.



3. Streak

Talking of Databases and CRM’s… Streak is a product which you can use either on its own accord or to assist with the one you already have. Based solely around your email you’ll know longer have to manually enter email communication into a different product just to keep track of what’s going on in your business.

Much like the best tools out there, Streak is simple and effective to use. It will integrate with your inbox, and given that’s where you’ll spend quite a lot of time, will work wonders for your billing figures.

If you want to take things a step further you can even create workflows between Streak and something like MailChimp. Meaning outgoing comms are taken care of too. Snazzy. If you want to make your life easier, check it out.


4. Entro

Email introductions can be difficult. BD revolves around being able to make a connection with someone you’re trying to ultimately sell to. And doing this introduction on an email can be a tricky landscape to navigate. There are however, ways around coming across as bolshy and presumptuous. You could use Entro for example.

Think of it as a LinkedIn recruiter bolt on for your email. You can ask people to opt in of third party introductions, and then assimilate this with all of their social media, so you cover all bases. Nifty.

Get a better intro into recruitment info with Entro.


5. Workplace

I’d venture a guess that most people in your life have Facebook. Therefore I’d guess that most people in your company also have Facebook. Whether you’re in a small Search firm with 4 people or a multi-national conglomerate, communicating with more than one recipient over email can become tiresome quickly.

In a team, quicker communication means quicker decisions and less time wasted.

It makes sense for you to converse in a medium you know, know you can use, and that everybody already has. Welcome to Workplace by Facebook. There’s group discussion, a personalised News Feed, and voice and video calling, so you can work together and get more done. Thanks FB.