Recruiter Hacks: Meeting Special

We’re devoted to tech and tools at Hunted. Working for a tech business makes that semi-inescapable. But we use an awful lot too. We have communication tools, tools for media, tools for social media, tools for the cloud, tools for performance tracking, tools for email.

There’s a lot.

And every week, I hunt down the latest and greatest for the weekly email I send to just over 8,000 recruiters, worldwide. So in this article, I thought I’d accumulate the hottest tech on the market which will make your life easier for meeting people. You undoubtedly meet a lot of clients and candidates. And sometimes preparing for each and every one can take a back seat to merely getting there on time.

Read on. And you’ll save yourself both time and blushes.


Starbucks Barista

This one isn’t going to make you more money necessarily, but will make you look like a big cheese with whoever you’re looking to impress. Find out your contact’s coffee order and call it in. It’ll be ready for when you get there. Most Recruiters plan more than one meeting, when they’re out and about. So even if you just use this for your time in-between, it’ll save you rushing around or waiting in unnecessary queues.

Ordering your flat white, through your watch, ready to pick up, without queuing when you enter the building. Welcome to the future.

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Everyone’s been in an email chain where you continuously ask each other whether this date works, or that date. Or what’s your availability for the end of the week? Apart from the initial annoyance, it might not seem like much time’s wasted. But multiply that by the number of meetings you have and you could be saving hours.

Meetingbird is the Chrome plugin you need. Not only can you share your own availability with one click, but it automatically detects terms like “Are you free next Friday?” You can set your own Reminder Emails that will remind attendees of an upcoming meeting. Which will quash those confused faces on reception when you turn up, folder in hand.

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Slide Bean

Slide Bean 

You’ve got a PSL review, and it’s a big one. So, you do your research. Prepare for what you’re going to say and practice in front of the boss. Then you dig out your old PowerPoint presentation, and realise not only does it look tired but you’re going to look the same as every other agency presenting.

This is where Slide Bean can assist. PowerPoint has its benefits, but has nowhere near the aesthetic prowess of Slide Bean. If you want to stand out, and on a sales pitch, you do, this will make you stand out for the right reasons.

All you need to do is learn your lines.

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Detective by Charlie

If you’ve got enough time to do your day job, get to meetings on time and prepare thoroughly for those meetings… are you even a recruiter? Detective by Charlie’s an app which will give you all of the information on your prospects within minutes.

Whether it’s their tweet history, mutual contacts, Facebook updates or their latest LinkedIn blog post, you’ll see it. Even if you’re just using this app to open a conversation, your information will be targeted and relevant, every single time. Which means you’ll stand out from a large amount of recruiters targeting the same patch as you.

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Sometimes, when you’re up against it, meetings aren’t possible face to face.

So there’s no replacement for a quality video call where you can share screens and interact seamlessly, without actually being in the room. GoToMeeting offers you that chance. The best part about the tool is there’s no need to sign up or download anything. You just get a custom URL and send it over the other party by email.

Great for interviewing candidates, running through CVs or pitching your latest retainer.

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