Recruiter Hacks: BD Special

Business Development is now something that’s inescapable as a Recruiter. Even if you don’t think you’re engaging in BD, you probably are. You could be a Resourcer or Researcher and never speak to clients on the phone. That doesn’t mean you’re not engaging in branding for your business. You’ll be developing your personal brand, or possibly hindering depending on the strength of every call you make.

And today, with the availability information and the cyclical nature of relationships a conversation you have about something completely unrelated to growing business has the potential to become just that.

So, it’s probably worthwhile thinking about the tools you have at your disposal to get more from those relationships.

Every single week I provide three tools that could make the difference to your life as a Recruiter. I’ve been doing that for the last 18 months, which means I’ve given anyone who reads my weekly email over 250 tools and hacks that could be making them money, saving them time and making their life easier.

That could be you if it’s not already.

In this article I’ve got tools for anyone taking part in Business Development in any form. If you ever ‘BD’, keep reading.


You send a lot of time writing emails to really nail that opening sales pitch. But after you click send you cross your fingers and hope for the best. Hopefully your contact will realise it’s from you, drop everything and respond forthwith with no delay offering you the keys to the city.

But back in the real world, most of the time you’ll have no idea whether your email’s even been opened.

Wouldn’t you want to?

Enter Yesware. Not only will this nifty tool tell you when an email’s been opened but also monitor reply rates, link clicks, attachment opens and presentation pageviews.

You can log updates automatically, get reports to help your sales activities and even automate drip campaigns. Or, you could just carry on using a mix of guesswork and blind faith.

Want to be better at BD over emails? Yes, where? Yesware. That’s where.

If No Reply

If No Reply

So, let’s say you’ve used Yesware. You know that pesky client is opening your emails. You know they’ve opened that winner of a CV and you know it’s a perfect fit for the position they have. You can’t get them on the phone however.

You need If No Reply.

It will send automatic emails out on your behalf if… you guessed it… there’s no reply to your original opening gambit. There are some fairly intriguing statistics that highlight just how important this is. The chances of you doing business off the back of one email is slim. But, as long as you aren’t pressurising your contact, your chances increase the more you interact with them.

There’s also the option to use some of their snazz templates and get support whenever you need it.

There’s a higher chance your clients will comply with If No Reply



Not everyone has come to the realisation that business cards are old hat. Truth be told, there’s still a meeting ritual that a lot of people in recruitment go through every single time they meet a new contact. Before you sit down, you’ll slide your business card over the table. Whether you’ve gone for a Silian Grail font, Egg shell or raised lettering, the cards are exchanged and the meeting can commence.

“Look at that subtle colouring. The tasteful thickness. Oh my God. It even has a watermark.”

If you haven’t got onto MOO yet, they’ve done business cards more aesthetically pleasing that a timeless Patrick Bateman classic. But whoever prints yours, it’s likely you then return to the office and manually put that info into your database. Or they go into a locked top drawer marked ‘for your eyes only’.

Well, I’ve got news for you. You’re living in the past.

ABBYY will do all of that for you, digitally and automatically. All using your phone, which as you’re a Recruiter, it’s likely you’ll have glued to your hand at all times.

Do away with shabby, and get onto ABBYY.



Whether you recruit in central London, Sydney, New York or Myanmar, getting to your business meetings on time can sometimes take precedent over preparing fully.

This means you’ll fit as many urgent calls as possible in before you leave, run for the tube, just make it, with no internet connection, run to the front door and are then sat in front of your contact (business cards exchanged) having none of the information that’s going to wow them.

For this exact reason, Accompany is what you need.

You’ll get every nugget about your client possible to stop you getting egg on your face. There are financials, quarterly reports, a smart Gmail plugin and a custom newsfeed to keep everything important in one place.

Smash the greeting on your company meeting.

Clarke AI

However much you like to get out on the road (or the tube) to get quality face time with your clients, there’s still a lot to be said for a decent phone call. Whether that’s a call colder than a polar bear’s foot that manages to break the ice or just a friendly catch up, you need to make notes.

If you’re not making a note of the small talk, you’ll forget it. Not to mention the more important stuff like role progress, change of personnel or Kath on Reception’s birthday. You can make notes as you go of course, but you need to make sure you’re present in the conversation too. is a tool that’s virtually magic and useful whether you’re Contract or Permanent.

It logs into your computer and takes notes automatically without you ever having to touch your coffee stained keyboard. That means not only have you got more time on your hands, but also you never miss any detail, large or small. Not to mention going ‘hands-free’ enabling more stress ball warfare with your work-shy colleagues.

Win the race for notes on the database



Continuing on the subject of the almighty phone, it may have been a while since you had someone listen in to your calls. Other than when you stumble over the pronunciation of a town and you become the target of jokes for the hour. You want to make sure you’re getting all you can on a sales call. After all, that’s what they’re for.

Equally you may not want to ask your boss for tips.

So VoiceOps could be the answer. Whatever stage of your career you’re at VoiceOps gives real sales insights from your phone calls to identify winning behaviour, and more importantly chat you could be changing for better results.

You can compare your stats with other’s in your business, see what’s trending for week on week calls and take all guesswork out of sales calls. This is a tool that really could change everything for your BD time.

VoiceOps is BD BlackOps



Chances are you’ll know, to the nearest pound, dollar or euro what the amount you can get signed off on expenses with your clients. It’s important to make your clients feel special every now and then. Especially if they’re spending lots of money with your business every year.

Now, whether you’re buying a quick latte before an interview or thanking them to the tune of a fillet steak and night on the cocktails, you almost certainly have to keep your receipts, take them to the office, fill out an expense form, get it signed, twice, and then pray for the money back in your account the following month.

Doesn’t scream productivity does it?

ShoeBoxed turns all your paper receipts, card and even business mileage into magical, digital form. The company’s thought about everything with this product. Too lazy to manually input each and every receipt? Post them off in one envelope and they’ll do the hard work for you. They’re IRS accredited too, meaning you’re always on the right side of the tax man.

With ShoeBoxed you can account for every cent spent