Recruit where the Grass is Greener

You’ve been working in recruitment for a few years now. It’s all getting a bit samey.

Same sticky commute in summer. Same rain-laden dash to your client’s office in winter.

You see your competitors on the regs. At Agency briefings, in the pub, copy and pasting the same LinkedIn posts. Behind a newspaper at the local Cafe Nero when you’re meeting a candidate.

If you’re finding that candidates don’t wanna know you.

And clients don’t wanna pay you your worth.

So your interest is waning.

Your market is saturated.

Have you ever thought about leaving the UK? Where the grass is greener.

Where the candidates haven’t been worn down by endless calls from ten a penny recruiters.

Where the clients are grateful for your call and haven’t found a supplier who’ll do their first 10 hires at 5%.

You need to speak to one of these recruitment agencies who’ll take you to pastures new.

 LHI Group

LHi Group

Locations abroad: Austin, LA, Munich, New York, Paris.

LHi Group is an international recruitment company specialising in the world’s most innovative and transformative sectors.

With 8 offices across the UK, USA and Europe, they consist of four non-competing specialist brands and an award winning Operations team.

They have an array of fantastic city locations all situated within modern unique work spaces – think dogs, music, newest technology and rooftop yoga – and an almost unfathomable equity scheme…

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panda international

Panda International

Location abroad: Amsterdam

Founded in 2012, Panda International have a flair for fun.

Based in cool offices in Central Amsterdam their focus on partnership led recruitment has made them a dominant presence in many of the World’s leading Life Sciences Companies.

Perks of the job include Headspace and Blinkist subscriptions alongside gym memberships and extra holiday days. So you’ll be tooled up for success and able to enjoy what Amsterdam has to offer.

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charterhouse singapore


Charterhouse Singapore

Locations abroad: Singapore

Established in 2006, Charterhouse Singapore is now one of the most respected recruitment brands in Banking & FS Recruitment in Asia.

But with 9 distinct practices, Charterhouse also has a thriving business covering Commerce & Industry.

Last year the office saw it’s 4th consecutive record year and churn of just 12%.

No surprise with Charterhouse’s punchy commission and dedicated Research team, and results (not KPI) focussed environment.

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Discover International

Location abroad: Miami

Discover International are on a serious trajectory for growth.

With ambitions to increase their headcount from 20 to 200 and having recently opened an office in Miami, now is an excellent time to join this hungry team.

Specialising in Life Sciences and Energy, Discover International partner with global brands meaning you’ll have a truly globe-trotting career.

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Agora Group International

Locations abroad: Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok

Based in Asia’s Business Capital, Hong Kong, Agora provide an entrepreneurial environment with global backing.

You’ll be partnering with worldwide names like Ralph Lauren and Gucci placing instrumental candidates within eCommerce, Retail and Consumer Goods.

Plus with half day Fridays, you’ll have more time to explore this magnificent place.

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MCG & Co

Locations abroad: Dubai, Hong Kong Singapore

Voted one of the Most Socially Engaged on LinkedIn, MCG specialise in Digital, Marketing, Sales, Tech and Comms.

If you’re looking for a company that works on the principal of honesty, then MCG&Co are the perfect career move for you.

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