Rec, White And Blue: 6 Companies To Relocate To The USA With

America. Land of the free. Home of the brave. Currently being made great. Again.

The market’s less crowded than other parts of the world. And processes move a bit quicker.

Typically the fees are high and the deals come thick and fast.

In short: there’s a huge opportunity to make tons of money.

Proper American Dream stuff: anyone prepared to roll up their sleeves and not rely on having a saucy accent as their main USP will be in a position to do well.

Because of this you’re less likely to hear recruiters say they fell into recruitment. Mostly, it’s an aspirational career path.

You’ll have to work hard and give a proper go assimilating into American life. Which means, among many other things, committing to a vocabulary reshuffle.

Cell phone. Sidewalk. Soccer.

Trust me. This is more of an adjustment than you might realise.

These 6 Hunted partners not only have a base in the USA, they’ll help you get there ASAP.


Austin Fraser

The Austin office opened in 2015. Denver in 2017. Dallas in 2018.

San Diego’s scheduled to open its doors in October 2019. Followed by LA in January 2020.

To say Austin Fraser have a foot in America’s door is an understatement. The tech and life sciences specialists have kicked it off its hinges. And their Consultants are reaping the rewards.

They’ve doubled in size over the last four years. And key to that’s a retention rate sat at 78% last year. 

Spurring all that success since their inception over a decade ago is a firm commitment to developing staff, giving them clear routes for progression, and supporting international relocation.

Join the United States of Austin Fraser.


The Barton Partnership

The BP NY HQ is part of a global roster including London, Paris and Singapore. And from here they work on mid-senior level assignments on both a retained and exclusive-contingent basis in the Financial Services market.

The New York office is ten minutes from Wall Street and sits smack bang in front of the Brooklyn Bridge. Victoria Montagu’s TBP’s SVP for North America:

“For me, the most exciting thing about The Barton Partnership is that we are absolutely unique. There is no one else in New York focusing entirely on strategy recruitment across all sectors and all levels”

I know for some Recruiters, moving to New York’s the dream. The Barton Partnership have already made it come true for two of their Consultants.

Feel like being the third?


Opus Talent Solutions

Opus are one of just three companies to feature on the Virgin Fast-Track five years in a row.

And the group’s CEO – Amy Golding – is the UK’s youngest female CEO of a $100 million company.

Opus work niche, innovative tech and energy markets around the globe, from eight offices globally. Including the UK, Europe, Hong Kong, Australia, and New York.

Visas to the states can be stressful to organise. And a bit of a minefield to navigate.

Opus will sponsor an E2 visa and do whatever it takes to get good Consultants on board.

And it’s not just New York you’ll get to see as part of the Opus family. The team are hardly strangers to holidays in Las Vegas and Miami.

Start here and go anywhere.


LHi Group

The LHi Group comprises four brands across eight international bases in the UK, Europe, and the USA. Specifically, offices in New York, Austin, and LA.

Michael Georgiou’s Head of LHi New York:

“The best thing about LHi is that the opportunities are endless. They can range from internal moves with different teams to different divisions or even countries. Especially as we’re opening up more offices. I was offered the opportunity to move out to New York to set up the US team, which was a great new challenge and opportunity”

Half the business is owned by the Consultants. So they really involve their team in the agency’s inner workings.

LHi Group consist of four non-competing brands in the Technology, Life Science, Built Environment and Renewable Energy spaces.

Take your pick.


Harrington Starr

Harrington Starr have offices in London and New York. And supply the world’s leading financial services companies with technology and sales staff from these two bases.

Their New York office, set up in August 2016, now boasts ten staff on the ground covering Sales, Development, and Business Change roles. Meaning there’s the chance to really establish yourself in an uncrowded team.

You could be joining the fintech sales team – one of the most established desks in Harrington Starr US – where consultants are averaging in excess of $300,000 in billings and earn six figures.

Or you could be placing software engineers in the fintech sector, where base salaries hit $150,000. Just one of those will see you move up the 40% commission structure in no time.

Shoot for the moon.


Stott and May

Stott and May have two offices in the UK and three in the US: LA, South Carolina and New York.

They very much consider themselves a tech company as much as a recruitment partner. Founder and CEO Stephen Stott wants to revolutionise the way talent acquisition’s delivered:

“This is a truly people-centric business. As a result, the most important people in any room are our consultants. Clients are important, as are candidates, but if our employees aren’t relentlessly passionate about what they do and where they work, we’ll never do justice by either”

Rather than have you work at the business for a number of years before making a move happen, Stott and May will hire you with the express intention of relocating you. Get on board now and you could be their next million pound biller.

What are you waiting for?

If you’re considering a hop over the pond, read The Recruiter’s Guide to Relocating to America.

It covers what’s different about recruitment in the USA, how much you can expect to earn, and an introduction to the visa process.

Click here to set up a Hunted profile, chat anonymously with employers and make applications directly.