Productivity Hacks: Wellness Special

Welcome back to the productivity series from Hunted. A list of articles which offers life-changing tools, products and hacks that will turn you into a better Recruiter.

From turning you into a better writer. To supporting your remote working capability. Even focusing on contract recruitment.

You’ll find something perfect for your specific life as a Recruiter.

Whatever type of Recruiter you are however, the most effective tool there is to maximise your time and efficiency is… you! You can use any tool or product in the world, if your head’s not in the right place, you might as well not be in the office.

Burnout in recruitment’s a regular thing. You work long hours and put everything you have into your job.

So, to help you stay afloat, here are some of the latest tools and products on the market, all designed with your sanity in mind.

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This is a product that’s so new, it’s in Beta – which you can download here. Too often you’ll neglect your mental health or perhaps it naturally goes under the radar in your daily life. 

You may go to the gym, play sport, eat healthily, monitor your alcohol intake and they’re all great steps to pursuing the ideal physical health. But what do you do to monitor or even adjust your mental health?

This is where Wellness fits in. A new app that not only monitors how things are going, but helps you to make sense of everything too. There’s more of a chance you can understand your mood, and therefore change it, if you’re tracking it.

Get some.

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“Sway is an ‘interactive meditation’ experience.”

There’s a bunch of meditation apps on the market now. Some of them are linked to Yoga and physical movement, others require a monthly fee and there are free or cheap apps that simply promote mindfulness.

Sway’s a relatively unique offering in that it tracks your movement from your phone, providing feedback to help you attain focus. The ultimate goal for Sway is to improve your attention and your mind. As a Recruiter, or to be honest any profession, those are two things that will directly impact your emotional and financial wellbeing.

They offer six unique levels, where you can learn new techniques to be mindful in real life situations.  Whether you’re sat at your desk, en route to a meeting or sat at home this app could help you hold sway over your peace of mind.

Get some.

Hello Heart Collage

Hello Heart

“Cutting-edge technology that empowers employees to improve heart health. ‘Hello Heart’ is a clinically-based mobile solution for heart health.”

Without getting incredibly morbid in a lighthearted article, heart disease is a major cause of death both in the UK and Worldwide. So, anything you can do to help yourself now, will pay dividends in the long-run. Through this product you can get weight tracking, blood pressure checks, auto-imported lab results, live support in English and Spanish and personalised digital coaching.

No amount of commission you’re earning right now will allow you another heart. So you’d better take care of the one you’ve got.

Get some.


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Whatever your stance on wearable tech, there’s something to be said for the ability to have continuous monitoring of your health.

OK, so the Apple Watch isn’t quite as ‘snazz’ as your Rolex. And Google Glass makes you look like a Cyborg. So, how about a ring?

In particular, the  ŌURA ring, which is more accurate than any watch or bracelet due to the fact “your finger provides significantly more accurate tracking than your wrist’s veins.” The band has dynamic sensors directly on the top of your arteries. Meaning it’s highly intelligent, inconspicuous and more connected than anything you’ve worn before.

Do you want to sleep better? Perform to a higher standard at work? Achieve more in your physical or mental endeavours? This could be for you.

Get some.

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Instant medical advice on your phone is something that might seem like a difficult thing to harness correctly. Without physically seeing a Patient, how can a Doctor diagnose a problem? Well, there’s a whole new industry coming your way, that’s designed around this issue.

I live in central London and for me to see a doctor will take roughly 3 weeks. Now if you’ve got something minor, that’s too long and the issue will likely sort itself out. If you’ve got something clearly not minor, that eradicates the need for a doctor and you’ll be off to hospital.

So Maven’s here to save the day. As long as you’re a female that is.

Maven offers an exclusive network of doctors, nurse practitioners, therapists, nutritionists, and more via video appointment or private message. Get instant answers, prescriptions, and peace of mind.

In the busy life of a Recruiter, this is like having private healthcare in your bag, any time you need it.

Get some.

Kate Collage


I’d let you into a secret.

Your boss wants you to spend money. In fact, they may even want you to spend all of your money. Perhaps money you haven’t even earned yet.

Why? Because in a job like recruitment – where you can directly impact your own paycheque – the less money you have, the greater your hunger. The greater your hunger, the more effort you put in. You work harder for longer and make more money for you and your boss. Seems crazy perhaps, but probably the truth at a lot of agencies.

Kate will help you to stop that. It’s an app that tempers your tap-happy card habits where you live for today, not tomorrow. Earning amazing commission is great. But if you flitter it all away you might as well not have earned it in the first place.

Don’t eat your nest egg. Let Kate show you where you’re going wrong.

Get some.

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