Productivity Hacks

Hunted’s Productivity Hacks series brings you the latest tech to seriously upgrade your recruitment game.

This is a HUGE list of tools, apps, hacks and secrets to help you maximise your own time. Ultimately with the goal of working less, and achieving more.

After all, the true aim of productivity is to be at work for less of your day. Giving you the ability to increase your free time.

And with a lot of these suggestions, you won’t have to part with any money to get there. Let’s dive in.


Picture Perfect Programs

Enlight Quickshot – A Photoshop alternative for mobile. Even if you know how to use Photoshop and pay for a licence, it’s highly unlikely you’re going to use it for your social stuff. Also, ‘knowing how to use it’ could take the course of an entire degree, and still only scratch the surface. So it’s great apps like Quickshot exist. Everyone likes to tell a story with their images. With this app, your story will be all the clearer and dreamier. Warning: may contain traces of whimsy.

Trace, by Sticker Mule – Remove the background on any image, for free. Again, you could start using a green screen, to transport you from city to coast for social. Or you could cut that time by 1,000 and just get an app to do it for you. Trace will take any background, from any image and either leave it blank, or fill it in with another idea. So you could be by the Pyramids one day, in the office the next and Hobbiton the day after. Picture yourself somewhere else, and make it so.

Later – Schedule Instagram posts for later in the day. So let’s say you’ve decided to ramp up the Instagram game to garner attention amongst your network. Might be nice to include that in your work day, and not have it take over your life eh? Say no more. This app will do just that. Meaning you can add Insta to your KPIs and rattle through half an hour of creation, to hit the app in the evening. Stick it on the laterbase. 


Remote Meeting Space

Meeting Owl – Improve your meetings with a 360 camera. The working world’s changing. Chances are, you have meetings with people not in the same room, rather a lot. But there’s no substitute for face time. Meeting Owl will let you reconnect with everyone in the room. Over 20,000 companies use this product. And looking at the results, I’m not surprised. Make meetings a hoot.

Muzzle – Silence embarrassing notifications when screensharing. If you’re in remote meetings with your team you’ll know full well the embarrassment of getting a personal message come through for the world to see. With Muzzle, your blushes are saved. It’s a simple Chrome plugin that stops critical messages coming to your screen when you press ‘screenshare’. So you’ll look professional in front of the team at all times. Put a muzzle on it. 


Wearable Tech

Waverly Labs – smart earbuds that translate 15 languages in real time. Absolutely sound when it comes to listening to music, smart devices are working their way into your aural canal. They struggle a bit in noisy environments but work fine for a quick conflab in the boardroom. You can also hand an earpiece to someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you and have both translations working in tandem. The app will even transcribe your conversations for later. To the lab!

The Vivomove HR by Garmin – not your typical smart watch. Garmin made their name peddling GPS devices in the nineties, but they’re better known now for taking on the smart wristwear market – and making a success of it. The Vivomove HR looks just like a modern watch. But touch the clock face and your notifications light up the screen. It monitors sleep and tracks stress levels throughout the day, in case you were curious how overtired and under-relaxed you are. Check out the Rolex of the 21st century.

Vuzix Blade Commercial Edge – VR Recruitment Glasses. You’ve got Alexa, an 8 megapixel camera and 4 gigs of storage in a set of specs. As well as swiping and tapping on the frames to interact, it’s also controlled by speech, head movements or a Vuzix app. You’ll need a commercial edge if you’re chucking out close to a grand for a pair, but these are some of the most spoken-about smart frames on the market at the moment. Take a look for yourself and you’ll see why.


A pod to cast…

The Recruitment Rollercoaster Podcast – A podcast brimming with ideas for your branding. It’s not been long since we partnered with Hishem and truth be told, the guy’s flying. The reason for that is the value he offers. And we’re very much kindred spirits in terms of our shared message: we want to raise industry standards; elevate recruitment’s reputation; and hopefully make it a career path of choice, rather than something people “fall into”. If you’ve not listened yet, you’re missing out. Listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

If you haven’t yet seen the dedicated podcast section on Hunted profiles, take a look hereYou can deep dive into a potential employer’s psyche and get to know what they’re really like. 

Slack Recruiter Hunted

Working Smart

Slack – Instant chat for work. It seems almost ridiculous promoting Slack. Like you won’t have heard of it. They’re a multi-billion dollar juggernaut. But there’s a good reason for it. Quite simply I don’t know where Hunted would be without Slack. It’s unbelievable for worldwide interaction. I actually sigh when I get an internal email now, because everything about it is anti-business. It’s overly formal and takes ages to respond. If you’re not using Slack, you’re pouring time down the drain.

Time – See and show how you spend your time. This app could well be used for keeping track of your own time and improving your productivity outside the office. But it could also double up as a reporting tool. If you’re having trouble convincing your boss to loosen the reins, apps like this could make the difference. They’ll soon realise you actually W more FH, and they can think about downsizing the office. Time is your friend, use it properly.

Effortless – Working smart should be effortless, otherwise it’s working hard. If there’s one thing above all else which will stop presenteeism and allow remote working, it’s results. Proving you have the minerals to perform on your own, and not because someone’s throwing a stress ball at you. Effortless is a nice Mac app which will focus your mind. Simply set your goal, set a time limit, and attack.


Timpler – A powerful and simple Task Manager. There’s an awful lot to be said for writing down your daily goals. And most recruiters go for a paper day plan or To-Do List. Timpler is that, but offers you much more power. Its delightful design helps you better collect your thoughts throughout the day, organise tasks and schedule work for the future. To dos made simpler.

OKRs App – Manage your career goals in an app. OKRs are the new KPIs. In that it’s a name for you to call ‘targets and performance tracking’. Only the way you measure these makes a difference for how you attack them. And if you’re able to keep track of major goals on an app, you’ll be much more likely to hit them. Whether your personal goal is to buy a house, smash target, or just leave work on time, OKRs App could help you get there.

Less, the Drinking App – If you drink, drink responsibly. There’s no doubting a prolonged period of sobriety can help you focus. But if the thought of giving up completely leaves you shaky, this app might be a good makeweight. It’ll help you drink alcohol responsibly, all through the month, counting the number of booze-free days you have. Drink Less.

Boost Your Brain

The New Headspace – Train your mind for a healthier, happier life. Headspace was one of the first mainstream meditation apps to hit the market. Now they have millions of customers in over 190 countries. They offer everyone the basics for free and have meditations backed by science. Routines you can do anytime, anywhere. So, the moment you open an email titled ‘Counter Offer’ for example. Head space isn’t easy to come by in an open plan office. Headspace will change that.

MindFi – Meditate with open eyes, be productive. Alright, so if your Director catches you meditating, eyes closed, you might have trouble explaining it. But MindFi is an app which promises a fresh way for busy people to be mindful. They have convenient, personalised and measurable routines to help you stay focused and resilient, even when you’re in the office. Need to focus on a task? Work on self development? Just lose a bad mood? MindFi goes to 11.

Aura – 3 minute meditations, personalised by AI. Ever responded to an email on the spot and cringed when you read it back? Or handled a phone call in a totally off-hand manner? You’re not alone. Emotions can run havoc in a stressful environment, even for the steeliest of souls. So plan ahead and take some relief. Aura promises to take care of your emotions, help you get restful sleep and become the best you. Which means your career will benefit too. Get a better aura.

Branding Hacks

Namelix – AI Business Name Generator. If you’re thinking of starting on your own any time soon, or heading for a rebrand, this site might help. Instead of getting stuck with Recruitment Search Consulting Ltd, it’ll use AI to work out some new snazzier titles for your biz. And it’ll go further than that too. By helping you visualise your new brand with graphics better than your current Paint logo. Get better branding with Namelix. – “Like LinkedIn Endorsements on steroids.” Not my words Lynne, the words of Staats themselves. Who’ve built an app which works just like a digital trading card. Staats lets your friends celebrate your best traits by sending likes, and receiving honest feedback. You can join groups and exchange ratings with fellow recruiters or people in your network. It’s another network to brand yourself on, be an early adopter.

Recruitment Tools

Phone Call Translator – Call anyone worldwide, in 30 popular languages, to all devices. If you’ve decided there’s legs in working a market with a different language to yours, it’s pretty difficult to get past your first intro. And let’s face it, enforcing gatekeepers to speak English will set you apart for the wrong reasons. Naturally there’s a fee for this app. But think about the uses of real time language translation. You could be truly worldwide and recession proof. ¿Que buena idea, no?

Flow CV – Free, infinitely customisable CV templates for candidates. “Yeah, so if you get your updated CV to me in the next hour, I’ll send it over.” Cue never hearing from them again. Updating a CV is torturous. But you know that, don’t you? So what have you done to help your candidates be better and quicker in applications? This app could help them, and give your profiles a touch of snazz at the same time. Warning, may contain traces of PDF.

Say Mine –  Understand and control your digital footprint. A relatively new thing for recruiters and people in general, is the internet’s memory. How do you know what’s being said about you, or your business, when the web’s worldwide? Say Mine is helping you answer that. You can find out all data stored about you from the depths of the internet, and even control that narrative. They’re the future of data ownership. 

Handy Mobile Apps

Slash – A productivity app that forces you to do one thing at a time. This might just be one of the best ideas for recruiters to stop wasting time I’ve seen. Because whether you’re in the office or at home, I guarantee you’re interrupted constantly throughout the day. With slash, you’ll become so productive you’ll be able to take Monday off every week. Especially if you limit external influences, like your phone ringing. List, slash, reward, repeat.

Cocoon – An app for all the important people in your life. OK, here me out. I know this isn’t the anti-hack section, but imagine having one social media app for everything. So no FB, no Insta, no Twitter. Just the people you love and no outside influences. Now imagine you put a lock on all other apps during your four day week. Think your productivity would rise? Yep, me too. This app has far too much for me to explain here. Check out Cocoon for social media with a really nice difference.

Mailmeteor –  Send hundreds of personalised emails through Gmail. Email remains one of the best ways to contact your network. If nothing else, evidenced by the fact you’re reading this now. And look, you don’t have to annoy people either. You can change how the dreaded recruitment mailshot is received. But you only do that with being personal. And that’s where tools like mailmeteor come in. If you’re bored of talking to yourself on email, try mailmeteor. 

Recruiter Productivity Hacks


When it comes to maintaining peak performance at work, switching off every now and then is just as important as hacking productivity. So here are three things you can use to switch your brain off. Priorities.

2048 – A personal favourite number cruncher. If you like number games above and beyond working out your commission for the fiftieth time, you’ll like 2048. It’s a number game with smooth and simple animation, a mobile version (for your escape to the corner flag in the 90th minute) and no sounds to arouse suspicion. The aim of the game is to get a tile with 2048 showing. It’s not easy.

How stuff works – The internet time waster that teaches. And this website will certainly waste your time, but you’re smarter by the end. You could even file this under ‘personal branding time’? Wanna know how to remove tree sap from a car? 7 facts about lovebirds? Or how Fibonacci numbers are expressed in nature? It’s all here.

Smithsonian – Learn history and peruse Tech stories in simple language. The Smithsonian is a group of museums and research centres which boasts an incredibly rich history within its walls. This site is the magazine or e-zine if you like, sharing interesting stories from the past and present. It’s been dubbed edutainment, and couldn’t be better for an afternoon of shirking. Improve your small talk.

Trebble fm – Daily shortcasts from your favourite sources. Apps like Trebble exist for people who have plenty they want to do, but . can’t ever find the time for. It lets you stay up to date with topics that get you going. But won’t take hours upon hours to digest. Got their early for a meeting? Shortcast your way to enlightenment.

Office Stare Machine – The perfect site to bookmark for when you need it. The American Office is one of those shows with universal acclaim. It’s been so widely viewed, using it online in your marketing or sent to colleagues will usually win you friends. You’ll quickly realise after clicking this link, you need it in your life. And that its applications are almost endless. Start your search with ‘awkward‘, you’re welcome.

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