Productivity Hacks: January 2020

Hunted’s Productivity Hacks series brings you the latest tech to seriously upgrade your recruitment game.

And this month, we’re starting 2020 on the front foot with a selection of tools to help you optimise your posts online, a suite of gadgets to wear throughout your recruiting day, a choice selection of handy apps and one proper blast from the past…


Picture Perfect Programs

Enlight Quickshot – A Photoshop alternative for mobile. Even if you know how to use Photoshop and pay for a licence, it’s highly unlikely you’re going to use it for your social stuff. Also, ‘knowing how to use it’ could take the course of an entire degree, and still only scratch the surface. So it’s great apps like Quickshot exist. Everyone likes to tell a story with their images. With this app, your story will be all the clearer and dreamier. Warning: may contain traces of whimsy.

Trace, by Sticker Mule – Remove the background on any image, for free. Again, you could start using a green screen, to transport you from city to coast for social. Or you could cut that time by 1,000 and just get an app to do it for you. Trace will take any background, from any image and either leave it blank, or fill it in with another idea. So you could be by the Pyramids one day, in the office the next and Hobbiton the day after. Picture yourself somewhere else, and make it so.

Later – Schedule Instagram posts for later in the day. So let’s say you’ve decided to ramp up the Instagram game to garner attention amongst your network. Might be nice to include that in your work day, and not have it take over your life eh? Say no more. This app will do just that. Meaning you can add Insta to your KPIs and rattle through half an hour of creation, to hit the app in the evening. Stick it on the laterbase. 


Remote Meeting Space

Meeting Owl – Improve your meetings with a 360 camera. The working world’s changing. Chances are, you have meetings with people not in the same room, rather a lot. But there’s no substitute for face time. Meeting Owl will let you reconnect with everyone in the room. Over 20,000 companies use this product. And looking at the results, I’m not surprised. Make meetings a hoot.

Muzzle – Silence embarrassing notifications when screensharing. If you’re in remote meetings with your team you’ll know full well the embarrassment of getting a personal message come through for the world to see. With Muzzle, your blushes are saved. It’s a simple Chrome plugin that stops critical messages coming to your screen when you press ‘screenshare’. So you’ll look professional in front of the team at all times. Put a muzzle on it. 


Wearable Tech

Waverly Labs – smart earbuds that translate 15 languages in real time. Absolutely sound when it comes to listening to music, smart devices are working their way into your aural canal. They struggle a bit in noisy environments but work fine for a quick conflab in the boardroom. You can also hand an earpiece to someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you and have both translations working in tandem. The app will even transcribe your conversations for later. To the lab!

The Vivomove HR by Garmin – not your typical smart watch. Garmin made their name peddling GPS devices in the nineties, but they’re better known now for taking on the smart wristwear market – and making a success of it. The Vivomove HR looks just like a modern watch. But touch the clock face and your notifications light up the screen. It monitors sleep and tracks stress levels throughout the day, in case you were curious how overtired and under-relaxed you are. Check out the Rolex of the 21st century.

Vuzix Blade Commercial Edge – VR Recruitment Glasses. You’ve got Alexa, an 8 megapixel camera and 4 gigs of storage in a set of specs. As well as swiping and tapping on the frames to interact, it’s also controlled by speech, head movements or a Vuzix app. You’ll need a commercial edge if you’re chucking out close to a grand for a pair, but these are some of the most spoken-about smart frames on the market at the moment. Take a look for yourself and you’ll see why.


A pod to cast…

The Recruitment Rollercoaster Podcast – A podcast brimming with ideas for your branding. It’s not been long since we partnered with Hishem and truth be told, the guy’s flying. The reason for that is the value he offers. And we’re very much kindred spirits in terms of our shared message: we want to raise industry standards; elevate recruitment’s reputation; and hopefully make it a career path of choice, rather than something people “fall into”. If you’ve not listened yet, you’re missing out. Listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

…and a blast from the past

Motorola Razr – The old classic, re-engineered. This phone’s not technically out yet, but you can pre-register on the website. If you’re of a certain age, this phone might make you reminisce about the good old days. The days when hanging up on someone was really hanging up on them. Fundamentally this is a foldable smart phone. But it’s been designed to invoke the old faithful. Would it make you ditch your iPhone? Tell your pals: flip phones are back with a snap.

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