Productivity Hacks: Google Chrome edition

We’ve written about AI-powered Chrome plugins before. And extensions that show previews of links without clicking on them. As well as programs that organise meetings for you.

And the brilliant thing about technology is we’re constantly finding ways to do more with it.

On everyone’s favourite browser this manifests in updated functionality, particularly the extensions in the Chrome web store.

They’re free to install and work whenever you’ve got your browser open.

These are the top Google Chrome extensions for recruiters looking to hack that extra bit of productivity as they read Hunted articles and scroll through LinkedIn.

LinkedIn extension

Ironically, this is designed to keep you out of your LinkedIn feed. The extension adds a LinkedIn icon just to the right of your search bar that displays new notifications. Clicking on it takes you right to your feed.

This is a good example of an add-on that doesn’t do very much, but does it perfectly well.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This used to be called Rapportive. It’s a Gmail add-on that displays the LinkedIn profile data of the person you’re emailing. Connect to anyone not a 1st, see shared connections and follow links to their profile.

Only useful if you use Gmail but it’s a nice touch putting faces to names, particularly in busy threads.

Great for keeping a record of offer letters and invoices.


MailChimp Stats

The MailChimp Stats extension shows open rate and click through from your most recent mailshot. Set it to update every couple of minutes and keep a closer eye on campaign metrics.

Gorgias Templates

If you’ve got stock emails to send, things like ‘right to represent’ statements or invoice templates for contractors, Gorgias Templates will either finish your sentences while you type or insert whole messages.

It’s all controlled by keyboard shortcuts so it takes a bit of getting used to. But if it works for you it’s a neat little time saver.

Save emails to PDF

Another Gmail extension, this turns emails into PDFs in a matter of clicks. I’d be recommending this one to my candidates. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 09.06.38


An AI sourcing assistant and Boolean string builder, Hiretual claims to make talent sourcing ten times faster. It creates intuitive searches and scours over 30 different platforms for talent. Sync it with your inbox to manage approach emails within the app.

I think ten times faster is probably an overstatement but “we make talent sourcing… a bit nippier” isn’t as catchy. The basic version is free and you get more features the higher up their pricing plan you go.


Asana is a project management tool. We use it at Hunted to stay on top of priority tasks. The Chrome extension allows you to create a workflow from any web page and share it with team mates instantly.

Tracking your progress against project goals is infinitely easier to do if your web browser is doing it for you automatically.



Drown out the din of an open-plan office or escape the racket of the sales floor with Noisli. Combine rain, wind and thunder to create custom background sounds to recruit to.

Save your favourite combos and set a timer for a burst of focus.

Strict Workflow

The official Chrome extension of the Pomodoro technique. The idea is simple. Work exclusively on one thing for 25 minutes. Then take a 5 minute break. Repeat until it’s time to go home.

Strict Workflow portions off your time and blocks access to selected websites when you’re supposed to get your head down.

Tab Number

There’s a couple of extensions that number your tabs. Useful if you switch between them using ctrl (or cmd) + numbers 1-8.

This extension replaces the icon on the tab with a number, but only when you hold the ctrl (or cmd) key. And this extension keeps the icon and numbers your tabs permanently.

Tabs Limiter

If like me, your default state is to have so many tabs open you can’t even see the names anymore, Tabs Limiter does exactly what you think it does.

Set a limit, meet it, and the next time you try to open a tab it goes into a queue instead. Simply close a tab for the next in the queue to open automatically.

There’s a bit of extra functionality but it mainly keeps Chrome uncluttered.

Power Thesaurus

Power Thesaurus

Writing compelling content is about getting many, many things right. Although sometimes all you need to make a post pop are a different set of words.

Power Thesaurus is a button on the toolbar that searches synonyms and antonyms when you select any word on a web page.

As with all of these extensions, this will only really save you a second or two opening up and searching for a term anyway. But those are the time scales Chrome extensions look to save. And they all add up.

Toggle Device Toolbar

Not an extension but worth knowing. Press CTRL+SHIFT+I to open Google DevTools. Press CTRL_SHIFT+M. You are now seeing what the page you’re on looks like on a mobile device.

Unless you’re testing a website, you’ll probably never touch DevTools. This feature is only really useful if you’ve just spammed the Broadbean servers and want to see what your ads look on a smartphone.

Why you wouldn’t just look at that on your mobile is beyond me but if you can’t be bothered switching devices or your boss is on you for being on your phone all the time, this is a handy hack to have.

There’s over 8,500 extensions in the Chrome store. From Tabby Cat which adds a pettable cat to any new tab you open, to Googlifier which applies googly eyes to photos.

You spend an awful lot of time staring at your browser. Customise Chrome and get it working your way.