Productivity Hacks: The Friday Fix Volume 2

The Friday Fix signals the start of the weekend in recruitment.

This hand-curated email announces itself in your inbox a few hours before the beer fridge opens. Featuring rants about the state of recruitment, a selection of the best brands to recruit for, suggestions for what to put on the Sonos, and a roundup of the week’s content on Hunted.

We love our tech at Hunted. So there’s a ton of that in there too.

We rounded up the top apps, gadgets and programs from The Fix halfway through the year. And these are the best we’ve featured since.



GIF Run – Create GIFs from Facebook, Youtube, Insta. Regular readers of The Friday Fix will have noticed GIFs feature a fair amount in the email. They make a point better than an image, and garner more interest than words alone. But how can you stand out, in a world where GIFs have become mainstream? Creating your own’s a good start. This tool will let you take popular films or media, and recreate them for your own purposes. GIF it a whirl.



Meeting Bird – The easiest appointment scheduler in the game. If you’ve ever had a game of email tennis just to fix a date for a meeting, you’ll know there’s no winner. Meeting Bird will be your new favourite tool. There’s dual visibility by both parties and it plugs straight into Chrome. Meaning you can save your time and more importantly, your client’s. Try it, it’s ace


Remote Working

Workfrom – Use crowdsourcing to discover the best free and paid places to work remotely in your city. Whatever the brand of your co-working space, or even if you’re fixed to an office, knowing where you can work in any city is priceless. Especially if those places are free. If you’ve got locked out your office this week, or just have a meeting in an unfamiliar part of town, this site will give you everything you need. Work from wherever you like.


Note Taking – A note taking app to keep track of your chat. Whilst you’re unlikely to let a robot handle your negotiation just yet, it pays to get one to help you remember. Because not everything can be noted down, regardless of the speed of your scribble. Otter’s great for calls or meetings you’ll need to refer back to. Just talk and let a helpful virtual otter do the rest. Filby uses it all the time. Why don’t you?


Money Management

Wally – The personal expenses app. Small purchases probably make up the majority of your outgoings. And you won’t think about them, because they’re so small. But everything adds up. £3.80 on a coffee every morning is almost £80 per month. Can you justify that when there’s free coffee at work? This app will help keep abreast of everything you buy, so you better control your money. Don’t be a wally.



Waverly – Translate up to 15 different languages in real time. Chances are, you’re a global recruiter. And I don’t mean your client base. I mean, you probably get about a bit. If you’re not spending commission on seeing the world, you’re not really living. Thing is, it’s hard to get by in places you don’t know the lingo. Waverly’s your new translator. This is one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen. You can even give an earpiece to someone else, to have both translations working in tandem. Que cambio de juego.



Sanvello – A surefire way to beat a bad morning in recruitmentThis app tracks your mood but comes with a ton of additional resources additionally. It’s won numerous awards from universities across the US, and is built on a foundation of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT): a way of treating all manner of mental health issues by reframing the way you think about things, and altering your behaviour accordingly. Proper psychologists have contributed a collection of guided self-help paths. Try a Premium relaxation technique for free.


Diversity & Inclusion

Hunted Anonymous Job Search – Apply to jobs without anyone finding out. Would be a bit odd if we didn’t plug Hunted here. Even if you’re just browsing, if your boss catches wind you’re looking, you’re probably toast. At the very least it’ll be a chat in the boardroom about priorities. With Hunted there’s less risk to your sanity. Even the company you apply to doesn’t know your name until you allow them to. The power’s finally back in your hands. And if you want some free help along the way, we also offer that. The hunter becomes…



Because knocking off’s just as important as being on constantly, here are a few apps that have nothing to do with work but are absolutely brilliant at wasting time.

Playdead’s INSIDE – A cryptic, full action phone game. The research for this section’s always quite enjoyable. But I have to say, finding this game was a delight. It’s a puzzler from the start when you wonder what the hell’s going on. Through movement and playing around, you start to figure it out. This is far more than just a simple game for your phone. It’s beautifully designed and cryptic throughout. The free version will take you to the brink and make you want to play more. Get INSIDE.

Brexit means Breakfast – The masking Chrome plugin. Everyone, irrespective of nationality or location is sick to the back teeth of Brexit. No one knows what’s going on and frankly, it’s become a tiresome subject. So the last thing you need is it parading around your screen, every time you’re online. This plugin replaces every Brexit with breakfast. Making your online experience all the more tasty.

What should I read next? – Book recommendations based on your likes and interests. Whether you read books, have them read to you on Audible, or use Blinkist, this site is your new tour guide round the literary world. You can buy books as gifts for people, with closer matches than Amazon’s buyer algo. And it’ll even analyse your writing style on your latest book… if you’re that way inclined. What should you read next? Find out here.

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