Productivity Hacks: The Friday Fix Special

The Friday Fix signals the start of the weekend in recruitment.

It’s a hand picked email that drops into your inbox a few hours before the beer fridge opens, with a blurb on the current state of recruitment, the best music to recruit to, top brands to recruit for, and a roundup of the week’s content on Hunted.

It also contains a rundown of the best apps, gadgets and programs to augment your recruiting day. Here are the best of 2019 so far.

productivity hacks friday fix - nightly

Sleep – An app for better sleep. With the help of AI, Nightly helps you fall asleep without problems, reduce unwanted wake ups, and limit bad dreams. Because not being able to sleep is a nightmare. This tech’s been developed by world class sleep experts and is scientifically proven to work. Like you, the day after using it. Zzzzzzz.

productivity hacks friday fix - MEETINGBIRD


Meeting Bird – Schedule meetings in the easiest possible way. If you’ve ever had an email chain last days just to arrange a time, you’ll know why this is a good idea. Meeting bird connects to email, Slack, Zapier, Salesforce, Trello and your calendar to make scheduling a piece of cake. This means you can spend less time on admin, and more time actually meeting people. Which is likely to make you more money, and back your rise up the sales board. The meeting bird catches the worm.

productivity hacks friday fix - remarkable


ReMarkable – The paperless notepad. If your notepad doesn’t look like a pen’s had a fight with sanity, you’re a ‘one in a million’ recruiter. As disorganised as your thoughts are, your notepad is ALWAYS more so. But every Recruiter’s notepad has secrets within that are crucially important. If you want to make money that is. This pad digitalises things, and will pay for itself in no time.

productivity hacks friday fix - timeular


Timeular – Increase productivity with a desk activity tracker. Do you truly know, to the minute, how much time you spend on daily activities? ‘Quickly checking’ emails first thing for example? With this smart desk device, you will do. Making your daily planning easier and your productivity shoot through the roof. Better tracking than Bear Grylls. 

productivity hacks friday fix - qwilr


Qwilr – Professional Proposal Templates. Powerpoint might be good enough for a school project, but to school your competition in front of clients, you need to stand out. Qwilr lets you embed spreadsheets, videos and slide share presentations into your proposals with ease. You can use interactive quotes and website links too. Meaning its uses are endless. Powerpoint for show. Qwilr for a pro.

productivity hacks friday fix - gmass


GMass – Turn your gmail into a mass email server. Email remains one of your main ‘weapons of mass production.’ But what with GDPR and the personal touch becoming even more desirable for candidates, you need to be cute in your comms. Using your gmail to attack research may keep your field small and personal, but your results high. It’s an email campaign, right from your pocket. FreEmail. 

productivity hacks friday fix - plum


Plum – The AI assistant that grows your money. Whether you’re earning top biller money, or just getting by, there’s not one person out there who couldn’t do with a bit extra. Plum is a mobile app that helps you save more, invest in things that matter and reduce your bills. It’s free to sign up and will link with your bank to help you manage your money, and even invest your spare change. Fruity!

productivity hacks friday fix - pacifica


Pacifica – The no.1 app for anxiety and depression. Just because recruiting can be stressful doesn’t mean you should bear the load. You’ll burnout quicker and be much unhappier without a mechanism. And if you’re battling depression or anxiety already, things will ramp up quicker. Pacifica can help reduce stress and make you happier. 

productivity hacks friday fix - gym diary


Gym Diary – Track your workout. Getting fit, or fitter, is high up the list of priorities for most people. But unless you chart your progress, you’re not doing it right. This app’s a darn sight better than a pen and paper and will give you something to do in between sets. Just for the love of all things holy, don’t take gym selfies. You’re better than that.

productivity hacks friday fix - fireflies

Admin – Record, transcribe, and search all your calls in one place. This app will record everything that happens on your calls, so you don’t have to. It connects to your CRM, meaning constantly updating the system is a thing of the past. There’s also a search function, meaning no piece of data is ever lost. They offer integrations galore and a tiered pricing strategy with a free (limited) account available. Forget using your memory.

productivity hacks friday fix - win the day


Win the Day – The Chrome Productivity plugin. Paper day plans are so nineties. This chrome plugin will help you set basic tasks for the day, and push you to finish them. You can also track up to 4 habits, block distracting sites and track weekly goals. Meaning you’ll never forget to send that CV, or call that client again. No matter how much coffee you spill on yourself first thing. Day won.

productivity hacks friday fix - insense


Insense Stories Video Editor – Trim and fit your videos perfectly for Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat stories. A free, web-based tool that lets you upload video, trim it to fit, and then send to your social media pages. Useful for the social media dynamo. It’s fire. Light some insense.

HUNTED Anti Hacks filbs


Because switching off is just as important as staying optimised, here’s a few apps that have nothing to do with work and absolutely smash it at wasting time.

Pointer Pointer – A website you’ll get strangely hooked on. Some sites you visit and just get. And then there are others. Whose point is thinly veiled behind strange UX and weirdness. This website’s both of those. You don’t know why it was created. But you get it. Instantly. Its point exemplifies this section: wasting time on the internet.

Google Maps Snake – The classic Nokia game on your desktop. I don’t know one person who hasn’t played Snake at some point in their life. And with good reason. It’s the sort of game you play for novelty value, and three hours later are beating your colleague’s 175 office best. This version’s called Google Maps Snake, but don’t get too excited, the graphics are just as legit as the old version. If you can’t play this with one hand whilst closing a candidate, are you even a recruiter?

Festronaut – A community of festival goers. Festival season’s almost upon us. Which means you’ll soon be planning adventures in the sun in search of the best beats around. You could take my word for it and just book Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide now. Or you could use this website and find your own hidden gems. Either way, I’ll see you at the front.

Set yourself up for the weekend. Fix your Friday, here.