Productivity Hacks: Email Special

There are many ways to get in touch with your network when you’re a Recruiter. The phone’s the obvious one. And also the easiest a lot of the time, you’ll get a quick answer to whatever it is you’re wondering. Assuming they answer or the Gatekeeper likes you.

But I’m not here to tell you should be using that little black box more. You’ll get enough of that from your boss.

These articles are dedicated to showing you some top tools of the trade you might be too busy to notice. And today’s article is a communication special. Because it’s likely you’ll be doing that a fair amount. And communication tech is big business.

If you’ve not heard of Slack yet for example, it’s probably time you read up on it. And there are plenty of tools similar to this, all designed to make your life easier, and ultimately make you money.

I know, I know, I can hear you from here, it’s not your decision about new tech and everyone still uses email.

Email isn’t the most effective tool to communicate by a long way, but it remains as a recruiter’s staple weapon a lot of the time. So, here are some top notch tools and hacks for email that will change your life for the better.


Unomy Collage


Finding people can be difficult. But, as a Recruiter, that’s your job. Someone is quite literally paying you to go out and find someone. So, based on the fact gaining access to someone’s inbox will make you money, it’d be fit and proper to place a lot of emphasis on having the right tools to help you.

Maybe you want to send a lottery ticket to someone in an envelope asking them to ‘take a chance’ on working with you.

They might get the letter.

They might even read it.

Hey, if you’re really lucky they might even chuckle and send you something back.

But using a tool like Unomy takes the element of chance away from getting what you really want. A chance to charm someone with your wit and charisma.

Unomy will help you find anyone’s contact details in one click. Be that a candidate or client. Ask them how, and they won’t tell you. But it’s complete information and verified very recently.

You know who you know, for anyone you don’t know, Unomy.


Nudge Collage


Nudge gives you AI sales insights on the contacts and companies you care about as you write emails and browse the web. So, to put this into perspective, let’s say you’ve gone ahead and heeded the advice above.

You’ve searched on LinkedIn and know exactly who to speak to at a certain business.

You’ve got yourself on Unomy and you’ve got the email address.

As you go to type that first email (assuming you can’t get them on the phone) Nudge will use the mystical powers of AI to tell you things about that person or business. That means you can start typing an email and have even more useful information by the time you finish. The tool also works when you’re browsing the web.

What’s the best part of all of this? It’s free and plugs right in to Chrome. So, without even having to open a new tab or window, you can get free insights on your contacts to help you stand out from the crowd.

Give me a nudge





If you’re trying to attract someone in your writing, the language you use is pretty important. So is the way you use that language. No one wants to hear about another ‘fantastic opportunity‘. Whatever job you have, and however fantastic it really is, there are more creative ways of describing it.

The beauty of Writefull is, you don’t have to be a wordsmith to really stand out. You don’t even have to know the difference between two, too and to – though it’s really time you did.

This incredibly useful app gives you feedback on your writing by checking your text against databases of correct language. Whether you’re using MS Word or Gmail. You can see how often your terms are used, translate, enter two excerpts and compare how often they’re used, check synonym usage and even hear a word pronounced. So, you know how to pronounce a written word when you’re on the phone.

Write full of confidence




Do you know what happens after you click send on an email? No? Wouldn’t you want to?

If you’ve made the effort to get someone’s details, find out key information about that person, then crafted a beautifully personal and attractive piece of prose, it’s crazy to not know whether they’ve read it.

Yesware let’s you do just this and will track email open and reply rates, link clicks, attachment opens and presentation pageviews. Without this information there’s a lot of insight you’re missing, and all of your previous effort may be in vain.

You’ll be able to automatically log updates, automate email drip campaigns, get real-time notifications and get practical reports to assist your sales activity.

Want help? Yes, where?


If No Reply


If No Reply

So you’ve used all of the above and now know your contact has read your email. But… they’ve not responded.

You don’t know why, but you know they haven’t. Maybe you’ve been too formal. Maybe you’ve started selling too soon. Maybe they just haven’t got round to it yet?

With If No Reply, you can set automated emails to follow up with your audience. You’ll never forget about a potential client or candidate again and make follow ups hassle free. What else? Well, email templates are available if you’ve given up hope or are low on time and also responsive support to assist wherever you need it.

Help me




This handy little tool will let you control exactly when you send and receive emails. There are also elements of Boomerang that draw in some of the products above. Such as an attachment called Respondable to help you write better emails and reminders to make sure you follow up.

In recruitment there are a lot of reasons you might use Boomerang. For example, making sure your email is at the top of someone’s inbox first thing on a Monday. How about setting the impression you’re working on the weekend? Getting down to ‘zero’ on your inbox? All useful. And all available through the app.

Oh, and because you’ll spend a lot of time writing emails ‘on the go’ there’s mobile and Android integration too. Meaning you can write an email to someone on your phone, and have it sent first thing the next morning.

Bring it back

So there you have it. An entire list of tools and products that will absolutely revolutionise the way you email. Some of them may cost a little, but in relation to how much time and money you waste by not having them, it’s a worthy expenditure.

You’ll become in tune with your network, have more contacts, all of whom are better qualified and you’ll be able to chat to them more.