Productivity Hacks: Blogging Special

Welcome back once more to the Productivity Hacks series on Hunted. Today we’re covering blogging and vlogging. Perfect for any recruiter looking to build their personal brand with regular videos or blog posts.

Just in case you’re looking for something a little different however, we’ve previously given you articles with varying focuses.

In this one we talk about email hacks. In this one, the focus is wellness. We’ve also covered BD. A Contract Desk special. And one dedicated to working remotely.

It’s fairly obvious from looking down your LinkedIn timeline, they’re focusing on video right now. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean people are good at video. Yet.

But the more you dip your toe into these tepid waters, the more you’ll nail coming across well in vlogs. So don’t give up just yet. And if you’re looking at engagement, remember likes, whilst helpful in ramping up views is often a vanity metric.

Plenty of LinkedIners dark share posts. Meaning they like or share without even viewing what’s the in the post.

And more still like posts without physically doing anything to further its reach. Like, liking it. You know, physically. Not just emotionally.

If there’s one tip I can offer in writing, vlogging or simply voicing opinion on social media, it’s this: Don’t stop. There’ll be plenty of people that don’t agree with what you say. You’ll have plenty of people call you out. Fairly or otherwise. If you’re good enough you might even get what some factions relate to as ‘haters’.

Don’t stop.

Keep going. Safe in the knowledge your first attempt will make you cringe 12 months down the line. If it doesn’t, you waited too long, edited too much or haven’t done enough since.

Whatever stage you’re at in writing or videoing… here’s a list of tools that will help you en route to personal brand fame.



Canva’s the website to use to set your graphics alight without forking out for a Photoshop licence. Which, let’s be honest is unlikely as a part time poster or writer.

Photoshop’s still the best. But is the graphics equivalent of using dynamite to excavate for your garden pond. Licences for non-business entities start out at £19.95 per month, but learning to use it’s the real investment.

So, enter Canva. Already at Unicorn status and free to use, this neat little app takes you through the basics in a 2 minute tutorial and has loads of saved features and templates. Meaning you’re about 10 minutes away from sharing slick graphics online to accompany your blogs or videos.

Get started here.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 11.20.11

Osmo Mobile

Have a quick gaze at LinkedIn right now and half your newsfeed’s probably filled with video. Now, some of these videos have been made using a tripod and the person in question’s sat still.

If you plan to remain completely static during any video, you won’t need this tool. But where’s the fun in that?

If you’re going to go down the video route, it pays off being adventurous. Like in photo content, people like excitement. They like spontaneity. They like changing backdrops. Which is why there’s a host of videos of people walking and talking. On the train. In Ubers. At networking events.

So, in the wake of hiring a camera crew, why not stabilise your videos for a slicker production? Buy a gimble, like the Osmo device show, for the low price of £189.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of alternatives too. But if you’re serious about staying in the world of video, getting one of these is imperative.

The video revolution will be televised. So, make it worth watching.

Filmr Screenshot


If you’ve filmed a nice little vid showcasing your new office, or HOT job that’s so much more than a ‘fantastic opportunity’ you’re going to want to edit.

Editing is where rough videos become great. Assuming your content’s already good and you’ve not openly berated your staff in a bid to showcase your motivation techniques, you’re half way there.

Downloading Filmr will mean you don’t have to expense an editing company and remain in control over what you want to show off. There are small fees for removing watermarks and a Pro version which has more bells and whistles. But this app is very easy to use and will always be a cheaper option than a production company.

Edit before you spread it, here.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 11.26.59


Writing can be tough. It takes time to find your voice and even more time to reach a final edit of anything you muse.

The good news is there are countless websites and tools out there to help you on your way. Blogo’s as good as any and helps in a number of ways.

Such as… having a live preview mode to help you ascertain what your published work will actually look like. This will be a helpful tool for anyone writing on an app that changes the formatting any time you press ‘publish’. There aren’t many that don’t, and you don’t realise the frustration until you start.

You can also send yourself ideas from YouTube, Instagram or any other app. Meaning you never run out of ideas when inspiration’s slow. Blogo works offline too. Meaning you can jot down ideas or dive head first into drafts on the tube, or beach or that distant, dark, dusty writing cabin you bought in the Outer Hebrides.

Write right with Blogo.



You’ve written or filmed your blog, edited like mad, deleting sentences and scenes like your reader’s sanity depends on it. Now what?

Some pictures maybe. Even if you go minimalist, you’ll need a snazzy title image to share. And just in case you’re lacking in imagination, here’s a tip: Don’t use a stock image. 

What’s a stock image? It’s a photo of people looking so staged you’re almost better off sharing your company’s logo. Almost, but not. If your title image looks set up, it’s not very good. And will most likely be used by about a thousand others. But there’s good news.

There are plenty of sites out there that can differentiate your work, without much effort. Here’s a list.

My favourite’s Unsplash. It uses real, awe-inspiring photos, by real photographers. And they’re free to use. Often these photos are high quality and large in pixel count. So you may need a nifty resizing tool to share.

Click here for a Hunted approved list.

Rhymezone screenshot


I’d almost guarantee every article you write will have a grammar or spelling mistake that slips through the net. I’m guilty of this and the only reason I can give you is I read what I think I’ve written. The actual words on the screen may be different. But my mind often reads what I think is there.

For spelling and grammar tools, read this article. And don’t be surprised if you notice more errors as soon as you hit ‘publish’.

There’ll be times writing when you need to be a little more whimsical. And for those times, the simplistic website above is your new best friend. It has rhymes, near rhymes, synonyms, phrases and much more.

If you’re writing on a Monday morning, Rhymezone will take your writing tone from slovenly to snazz in a few seconds.

Get creative, here.