Mindfulness: A Recruiter’s Secret Weapon

Mindfulness is a practice that’s linked inextricably to Yoga, and not something you’ll find too often mentioned as a recruitment aide. But as this new, 5,000 year old craze sweeps through the western world, what place could mindfulness have in the cut-throat world of recruitment?

To find out I caught up with Corrie Buchanan, ex-Recruiter and Founder of BodyMantra. A business teaching the benefits of meditation and mindfulness to people throughout Australia and the UK.


Corrie was a Recruitment Consultant. She loved her job and was doing well. The fast paced life and financial reward was providing her with a frantic but happy existence, alongside triathlon training in Sydney. Out of the blue her flatmate suggested a yoga class. Interested but skeptical she agreed.

After leaving her first meditation session, Corrie describes the feeling as similar to being on a drug. She quickly booked on to a course and went every single day in the first week.

In comparison to recruitment, meditation could seem like an alien concept. Perhaps with the assumption that to do well in recruitment, you need to be a quick-witted, alpha-type that’s fuelled on coffee and isn’t interested in ‘downtime’.

What Corrie learned after her first few classes was that this just isn’t the case. There are huge benefits to be had in learning how to meditate. Especially for your recruitment career.

It’s a lesson she’s now teaching others.

Oh, and just in case you’re still a little skeptical, have a look at this list of billionaires who meditate before I convince you further.

Oprah Meditate

Peace of mind

BodyMantra teaches meditation and Yoga to large groups who are open to exploring an art form with proven results. This means highlighting the many benefits that can be obtained from the activity.

Whether that’s a group of businessmen and women in a hard-nosed, fast-paced industry or a group of 160 school children looking to increase mental capacity alongside their studies.

Mindfulness really is for anyone and everyone.

In a practice which is founded entirely on individual feeling, there’s an intangible aspect to the results side of meditation.

It’s a completely individual journey.

The aim is to instruct mindfulness and most importantly show people how to reconnect back to their bodies. Feeling good in their bodies and making better decisions to live out their life and career is the number one target.

Essentially being the best version of yourself. This obviously has benefits to business.


Corrie quickly found by meditating that not only was her mind clearer, she could make decisions faster and more clearly. Her levels of intuition became stronger. And because she had more energy, she was more productive.

In terms of recruitment, all of this meant she was very engaged while on the phone, interviewing candidates and meeting with clients. Incredibly focused on any task at hand and less likely to be distracted by exterior elements, she became more creative and something in her had clicked.

This is a recurring theme for the clients Corrie instructs and indeed anyone that takes up meditation. There’s a direct correlation between meditation and improved results in the workplace. You can handle stress better. You’ll cope with high pressure situations more competently. Gain higher brain functionality. You’ll be healthier. Sleep better and have a higher attention span.

Sound like something that would be good for a Recruiter?

Who’s it for?

Corrie’s business was initially set up for people in the corporate world. Why? Because coming from a recruitment background and seeing the effects mindfulness had on her business, gave her a unique standpoint.

Being comfortable in your own skin is a big part of being who you are.

When people feel ease with themselves, movement, food, exercise, how they are at work – they become change agents in the world. It’s not about eating less and exercising more to stay in shape. Its’ about knowing how and why you are doing these activities in the first place.

Mindfulness uncovers the feelings you’re chasing for your health and work goals. Once you do this, the pursuit itself becomes clear and flows with ease.

Everyone wants to feel like they have a purpose.

Mindfulness teaches you not to punish yourself. It teaches you who you are, and that you can be whoever you want to be. Whether that’s Top Biller or simply a better version of who you are now.

Woman Yoga Sea

Lessons From Recruitment

In exchange, there’s a lot to be taken from recruitment that can help with being mindful. One of the biggest of these is understanding others.

Dealing with people and real world interaction is absolutely paramount to success in life. That’s no more true than in recruitment. The more you understand the drivers behind your clients’ and candidates’ actions, the more in tune you are to their wishes. And the more deals you’ll do.

A lot like mindfulness, recruitment is not something you pick up and are excellent at right away. A lot of people are on the verge of succeeding and throw in the towel.

The ability to turn up when you don’t want to takes effort and tenacity.

As with everything in life, if you want an excuse not to do something, you’ll find it.


Mindfulness comes in all forms.

Naturally some find it easier than others to pick up. Equally, meditation in it’s classic form is just one method to achieving a zen state. For some it may be surfing. For others it may be playing guitar. It doesn’t matter what the medium is, as long as the end result is there.

This means you don’t have to be sat cross legged next to a lake to meditate. A process where your mind is completely at ease and goes into autopilot imposes a meditative state.

The more you achieve this state, the more you’ll feel in control of your emotions. You’ll also find it easier to reach a zen state once again.

Yoga Lake


There’s one piece of advice that Corrie would pass on to those who may scoff at the suggestion of mindfulness.

“Try it”

You probably think you don’t have time for meditation, but it can be achieved in as little as ten minutes a day. There’s the ever present suggestion that mindfulness is a hippy, Buddhist, spiritual practice… and certainly not easily mixed with a corporate world.

While you won’t suddenly see more money on the sales board after your first attempt, you may very well over time. It’s not a magic solution that will suddenly turn you into a recruitment heavyweight. It takes time, patience and effort. A little like becoming a great Recruiter.

For every person who’s not tried meditation and laughs at the idea, there are more people who’ve tried it and swear by it. Like those billionaires I mentioned before.

Recruitment’s a stressful job. Anything you can do to help ease that stress has to be worth a shot?

It doesn’t matter whether you go to a park, a library, the office boardroom or go full Yogi, standing one legged on a rock, during sunset with the clouds beneath you. Over time, you’ll become more attuned to the world around you, who you are and how to better align yourself with other people.

Which in the world of recruitment is a massive step in the right direction to making more deals and being more successful.

For more information on mindfulness contact Corrie here. For more information on recruitment environments that create less stress look here.