Making a Manager: Boss Recruitment Agencies

What do you expect from your manager?

Some just sit there barking orders. Which may leave you feeling like you’d prefer the opposite. Little to no guidance, and a monthly check-in.

With great power comes great responsibility.

But there’s often a precedence in recruitment to make the best biller, the next manager. And this doesn’t inspire the next generation to pick up their mantle.

Recruitment’s completely meritocratic. It’s one of the reason’s you’re still here, but a bad manager will turn you off any career. And if the path to reach their level’s complicated, difficult or impossible, you might as well give up now.

You wanted to blaze through the ranks and sit on the throne that was rightfully yours.

Maybe you’ve already found yourself managing people? With a company who wants you to lay down the rules, but won’t give you the tools.

Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself to the development you deserve to be the boss you wish you had.

These 5 companies will set you on the right path to leadership:


Quanta Consultancy Services

Quanta have an award winning L&D department.

They can teach you how to work an overseas market, add a further shine to your skillset and help you become a world-class leader.

Their six month Fast Track to Future Leadership programme consists of six modules delivered by two trainers in dedicated day sessions.

The programme is delivered by their two trainers in full-day sessions. Allowing you to focus on your training.

They cover topics such as qualities of a leader, coaching and mentoring, communication and motivation.

And, they tailor each module to YOUR learning style. So you won’t be bombarded with PowerPoints.

Everyone can take advantage of 1-2-1 SMART sessions with trainers to put their training into practice and receive additional support, advice and coaching

So if you want to be at a company where they genuinely invest in helping you progress, then you’ll fit right in at Quanta.

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K2 Partnering Solutions

K2  launched their Leadership programme earlier this year as part of their focus on developing the next generation of leaders.

The success of their L&D program relies on the leaders as replicators of knowledge, leading from the front while expressing their own personalities where a human touch is needed.

In Phase 1 they learn coaching, setting targets/goals and performance management among other fundamental skills for successful managers.

Part of Phase 1 is spending an immersion week in another K2 office, anywhere across the Globe.

Phase 2 focuses on the further development of their senior team leads.

Here, the programme covers emotional intelligence, projecting personal image and understanding their leadership style.

Phase 3 incorporates a blended learning model which includes external tools to increase engagement in the programme.

The Leadership programme is  key not only for  improving the skills of their current teams, but also identifying high-potential individuals that can be developed to fill senior positions within the company.

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Austin Fraser

Take a look at Austin Fraser’s senior management team and you’ll notice that they all started off as recruiters in the business.

This is because the business has an exceptional internal promotion policy right up to the Senior Exec Team.

They have a dedicated internal training team who support staff at every level.

Because even experienced recruiters can do with help every now and again.

Their L&D team come from a range of backgrounds from media to sports and put their focus on developing natural leaders with personal power not just a fancy job title.

Every recruiter in the business is given 360 feedback and the opportunity to focus on the things they’re good at and where they want their career to go.

Their Chief Revenue Officer started out as a Resourcer in the business. Through learning, development and open conversations and feedback he was able to identify where his skills could take him.

If you want to achieve something, they’ll work with you to make it happen.

Whether you’ve joined at trainee level or Team Lead, Austin Fraser will get you to your career destination.

Managing is no easy feat, Austin Fraser are proud owners of the Hunted Hope You’re Well Badge, and will continue to support you throughout your career.

Which is why their consultants and leaders stick around.

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lime talent

Lime Talent

Lime Talent invest hugely into the progression and development of their staff.

Whether you’re starting from the bottom or higher up the pecking order you’ll find yourself well equipped to continue that climb.

Lime Talent utilise the best external agencies to deliver a wide variety of courses.

Trainees entering the business go on a 3 day residential course run by external trainers to supplement their 2 week in–house training when they start.

At Consultant level recruiters at Lime Talent get put on two training courses a year, including candidate acquisition and winning and developing client.

As they progress through the business Senior Consultants generally go on a course called “Winning Edges” which looks at how to make small changes to their activities to increase their billings.

Crucially, those moving into management go on a two day course called “The Billing Manager.

Lime Talent use external trainers to continuously train and develop their recruiters and supplement the mentoring they receive in-house.

Whatever questions you have, Lime Talent have the answers.

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ise partners

ISE Partners Ltd

It can be difficult to progress within a large organisation – lost in a sea of hundreds of recruiters around you.

On the flip, sometimes it can feel like you’re not able to close those behemoth clients in a smaller outfit.

Well, what if you worked for a boutique agency that was part of one of the largest recruitment networks in the country.

Step forward ISE Partners. Part of the Pertemps Network.

Recruiters at ISE Partners enjoy the dynamism and flexibility of working for a boutique brand.

With the added benefits of sharing resources and infrastructure from a large, well resourced national business.

With dedicated Head Office training courses available throughout the year including sales training, management training and accredited learning programmes from Level 3 to MBA Level.

They also have bespoke targets, monthly 1:1s with the Director, and a clear progression plan to Associate Director – everything is set up for rapid development.

From Day 1 you run your desk like a mini business, with sight of personal P&L so you develop into a great leader.  Great for all future bosses.

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