How to Recruit Remotely in 2018

There’s a new age of recruitment dawning. An age alive with possibility and new working methods that veer away from the boiler room conditions once attributed to this sector.

It’s an exciting time to be a Recruiter. One Hunted partner sailing into this new dawn is Ernest Hunter Green, who offer 100% remote working.

Having just got back from a month’s remote working I was interested to see how they managed this offering all year round and what effects it has on their business.


Fairly obviously, to work well remotely you have to be self disciplined, hungry and trust yourself. Without a Manager or even other people constantly around, your own desire needs to be your driving force. Planning and forward thinking about your week is much more important.

When you work from home on the odd day, you might be tempted to work in your slippers and PJ’s. This is not a habit to continue if the odd day turns into full time.

Starting your day as if you were about to go to an office is best practice. The benefit being, you don’t have to go into an office – not you don’t have to get dressed.

If you’re not going into an office however, you’ll notice you do have a great chance to do something positive with your commute time. Whether that’s going for a run, going to the gym or prepping for a meeting.

Your morning routine will change. But you should still have a routine.


Work Smart

To succeed over a period of change, it’s advisable to limit the variables on your job and career. Changing too many factors may mean you’ll struggle to continue building and delivering your business.

If you’re smart though, working from home can work just as well as your old life inside the office confines. The first step should be to plan your meetings and days in town. Interviews, client meetings and networking can be arranged for the same day.

It will also mean you can break up your week and have a much needed change of environment. The team at Ernest Hunter Green will often work one day minimum in the office. Whether that’s their HQ or one of the many remote working locations they offer.

In terms of planning, it’s important to fully critique your own diary to fully understand how much work you can do remotely. Children running around the house on half term, is great if you’re off too. It’s more of an issue when you’re in the same room, trying to sell a Retainer.


Setting aside one room, which is dedicated to working is the ideal scenario. Whether you’re there one day a week or full time.

Search online for ‘remote work’ and the images that fly in will be of people in hammocks; sat on their bed or (as the title image for this article suggests) sat on a beach over looking the surf. All pretty dreamy, but none entirely practical.

Ernest Hunter Green has membership at lots of co-working spaces which enables them to utilise thousands of locations across the UK. Handy for interviewing candidates that aren’t comfortable with rolling up their trousers.

Just getting out of the house is important however. Whether you’re walking the dog, running, picking up the kids from school. Whatever you do, just don’t become a hermit or you’ll be longing for the office again. 

Hong Kong beautiful sunset


Technology can make all the difference in your recruitment career. This is especially true if you work remotely.

Our technology series is the first place to look for ideas on how you can hack your job. We provide suggestions on everything from meditation to CRMs to email add-ons.

If a recruitment company is offering you the chance to work remotely, their technology suite is one of the biggest scrutinies you should be making. Succinct and rapid internal communication is a big part of your success. Along with video calling, note taking and having reliable tools to do your job.

Think about the CRM or ATS at your disposal, but also the support your employer offers. Do they have an IT support helpdesk or solid virtual support team for those tech glitches you may have?

Nothing will ruin your day more than single handedly trying to fix something you don’t know how to fix. 


You don’t need people around you in a fast paced sales environment. It can help, but it’s not a necessity. What you do need it a sense of culture. A feeling that you’re part of something. A common goal and one achievement everyone’s working towards.

You’ll naturally find yourself working to a truly consultative and relationship lead approach, if you’re not worried about hitting KPIs. So finding a business that allows genuine remote working is important.

If your current or potential employer is so hung up on you keeping in touch and jumping through hoops when you’re out of site, it’s not going to work out.

Ernest Hunter Green have taken pretty original steps to create this culture. Such as their virtual running club. There’s a community for those who want to use their new found commute time for keeping fit. Alongside planned days in the office, they offer regular events and incentives which are even more important for a remote team.

If you’re already at a company that’s offering remote working, you’ll know the culture and how likely it is to fit. If you’re likely to be cast aside then put a lot of emphasis on asking the pertinent questions at interview.

How do people stay in touch? What facilities are there? What KPIs are expected? What level of infrastructure is available? 

Once you’ve ticked off all of the points in this article, you’ll be able to critically assess whether remote working is truly viable for you.

If you’re on the lookout for a company that offers it, look no further. Recruitment’s a job that can fit around your lifestyle.

Whether that lifestyle is a single parent juggling work and parenthood. A regular traveller who wants to see the world, and still make commission. Or simply, someone who hates their commute.