How To Break From The Norm

It’s an exciting time to be a Recruitment Consultant. The industry’s never experienced such a period of change.

We’re hacking productivity with the latest tech.

Using it to streamline the candidate journey.

And delivering a better service to clients through optimisation and making smarter business decisions.

But markets have never been tougher either.

And with more brands entering the fray seemingly daily, it’s becoming an increasing challenge to stand out. To offer a fresh take on recruitment. A break from the norm.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the norm. The norm is great.

In fact, it’s made countless careers. And provides a reliable means for a huge number of people to live the lives they’ve always dreamed.

But if you’ve ever thought about breaking from it, the best way to do it’s by joining a business that has “doing things differently” built into their DNA.

Here are 7 companies currently hiring on Hunted that fit the bill, but not the mold.



Introducing a company that’s taken a step back and understood what Consultants really want. Re:Work are 100% remote and operate completely flexible working hours. All while maintaining a solid team feel.

Need to look after the kids for a few hours in the afternoon? Or would your lifestyle benefit from a reduced working week?

Founded by Mark Shortall, a key player in scaling Facebook’s recruitment team from 30 to 150.

Re:Work is the career move for Recruiters experienced in placing HR/Recruitment talent into Tech businesses. They work with fabulous tech start ups to industry heavyweights like Deliveroo and Airbnb.

Current Re:Work employees are based in Amsterdam, London, Dublin, Berlin, and Macedonia. And from the comfort of home they recruit around the globe.

Work anywhere in Europe.



WorksHub combine the newest technology with the latest marketing & analytics trends to offer a unique approach to recruitment.

They believe humans will always have a place in recruitment, but that artificial intelligence should be used to remove the drudgery of labour-intensive, low grade work.

Their ‘hubs’ allow talent to access top companies, share ideas, open-source technical problems and keep up to speed with the latest market trends. Using technology intelligently means their Consultants are free to focus on the human side of recruitment.

They’re constantly asking what can be automated. And actively look for solutions to continuously improve processes.

They’ve offices in Union Square, New York and London’s Shoreditch. And they’re on the hunt for renegades, innovators, and outliers to join their ranks.

Feel like pushing some boundaries?

Hilton Lord

Hilton Lord Associates

You’re essentially running your own business within a business.

You’re managing your own P&L, hiring into your team, making key decisions. But you’re still stuck doing power hours. You can’t be creative in the way you want to run things.

And the decisions you make can easily be overridden by others in the business. You realise you’re running a business within another business’ parameters. But the alternative’s going it alone, and that can be a risk.

But what if you had the best of both worlds?

The backing of an established business with the ability to do things your own way. Hilton Lord Associates are looking for experienced, successful recruiters with the vision to build a leading brand in their industry. Start an empire of your own and enjoy more autonomy, more flexibility, and more profit.

Run your own business.



Founder & Managing Director Alex Odwell helped build Harrington Starr, a traditional Fintech recruiter, into one of the most successful recruiters operating in the City today.

And his vision for Referment goes beyond “traditional”. Referment have created an online platform that allows their ever expanding network of over 10,000 to refer friends for jobs within Financial Services.

Users are then rewarded with goodies and cash. They’re looking for a relationship manager with great knowledge of the financial services space, and someone who values maintaining valuable relationships over hitting KPIs.

So if you’re wanting to move away from old school, traditional recruitment, but remain a stone’s throw from Bank, join a future proof company that’s changing the face of the industry.

Refer yourself for the role, right here.

Hopscotch (1)

Hopscotch is a network for skilled women looking for that perfect work/life balance in the Middle East and Asia. They champion, support and connect the women who help businesses achieve great things.

And they enable women to work for their dream company, connecting with inspirational figures and learning new skills and professional talents.

The business is going from strength to strength with Media & Communications heavyweight Helen McGuire at the helm.

And it’s an exciting time to join a genuinely trailblazing brand making waves addressing diversity through events, consultation and thought leadership.

The company was founded in Dubai in 2016, and opened their Singapore branch last year where they’re looking for TA and BD Consultants to join the team.

Hop, skip and jump into something new.



Jobheron’s a tech platform that gives companies all the tools of a recruiter at a fraction of the cost.

It’s a new way for companies to hire; think Purple Bricks for recruitment.

They understand their business model’s different to what you might be used to, so there’s a robust training program to get you up to speed.

The role itself has more of a business development aspect to it to begin with, although as your client base grows you’ll move into an account management position.

So if you want to scrap the not so great parts of recruitment, like laboriously scrolling through LinkedIn and sifting through CVs, but still want to be client facing, Jobheron’s for you.

And being based across from Borough Market means you’ll have plenty of bars, market stalls and restaurants to celebrate success in.

Work for a company that’s recruiting smarter. 

Hunted (1)


We’re a startup. But then you knew that.

The thing with startups is, you can specialise in an area that makes you *the* person to go to for that particular thing.

But then we’re a team of all-rounders. Which means we get to do loads of cool stuff you just wouldn’t get to do anywhere else. We’ll create adverts together. Construct marketing campaigns.

Brainstorm new growth ideas. Have team meetings in the pub. Run through concepts for articles. Even help Ed Hunter with inspiration when he’s feeling sluggish.

If you like the sound of being creative on a daily basis, there’s probably no better place you could be. Recruitment’s going through an amazing change.

There are more diverse ways of supporting clients and candidates than ever before. There’s more technology impacting the lives of recruiters. But it’s the people who’ll always remain central to the success of hiring companies.

Come and be part of ours.

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